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You can help preserve Ontario's heritage for all of us to enjoy now and for others to experience in the future by volunteering your time, making a donation, sponsoring a heritage activity, booking a heritage room or touring a heritage site.

For more information about the Ontario Heritage Trust's programs, how to donate, or to be added to our magazine and general mailing list, contact:

Ontario Heritage Trust
10 Adelaide Street East
Toronto, Ontario  M5C 1J3
Telephone: 416-325-5000
TTY: 711-416-325-5000
Fax: 416-325-5071

Board of Directors

c/o Nimet Manji
Executive Assistant
Ontario Heritage Trust
10 Adelaide Street East
Toronto, Ontario  M5C 1J3
Telephone: 416-314-4903

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Board members

Executive Office

  • Beth Hanna, 416-314-4901, Chief Executive Officer
  • Nimet Manji, 416-314-4903, Executive Assistant
  • Vineca Gray, 416-212-1468, Acting Administrative Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer


Heritage Programs and Operations


  • Sean Fraser, 416-325-5010, Director, Heritage Programs and Operations
  • Aya Bara, 416-325-5016, Administrative Assistant
  • Erin Semande, Ontario Heritage Act Registrar, 416-212-1704

Acquisitions and Conservation Services

  • Kathy Hering, Manager, Acquisitions and Conservation Services, 416-325-5019
  • Kiki Aravopoulos, 416-314-1751, Easements Program Coordinator
  • Jeremy Collins, 416-325-5017, Coordinator, Acquisitions and Dispositions
  • Kendrick Doll, 416-314-5988, Natural Heritage Coordinator
  • Dena Doroszenko, 416-325-5038, Senior Archaeologist
  • Tamara Chipperfield, 416-325-5030, Acting Natural Heritage Coordinator
  • Laura Wickett, 416-314-5966, Acting Researcher
  • Thomas Wicks, 416-314-5972, Heritage Planner

Public Education and Community Development

  • Wayne Kelly, 416-314-4913, Manager, Public Education and Community Development
  • Dawson Bridger, 416-314-3586, Community Programs Officer
  • Pamela Peacock, Coordinator, Eastern Ontario Museum Sites, 613-498-3003
  • Steven Cook, 519-683-2804, Site Manager, Uncle Tom's Cabin Historic Site
  • Beth Anne Mendes, 416-212-1366, Coordinator, Plaque Programs
  • Property Administrator, Collections, 416-325-5021
  • Sam Wesley, 416-314-4907, Coordinator, Toronto Region Sites
  • Site Coordinator, 416-327-6997, Enoch Turner Schoolhouse


  • Chris Mahood, Acting Manager of Operations, 416-325-5011
  • Leased Facilities Coordinator, 416-325-5018
  • Romas Bubelis, 416-325-5040, Heritage Architect
  • Michelle Hedges, 416-325-5039, Capital Projects Manager
  • Sandy McCorquodale, 416-325-5022, Property Manager
  • Leroy Shum, 416-325-1355, Capital Projects Manager 
  • Janice Findlay, 416-212-1364, Property Manager
  • Reception, 416-325-5000


Corporate Businesses and Services

Financial Services

  • Trini Mitra, 416-314-4934, Manager, Finance and Information Technology Services
  • Darshak Oza, 416-314-4921, Financial Analyst
  • Isabel Reid, 416-314-4926, Financial Clerk
  • Jane Wang, 416-314-4922, Senior Accountant

Information and Information Technology Services

  • Bryan Babaee, 416-314-4927, Team Leader, Information Technology
  • Trevor DeRocher, 416-314-4928, Network Analyst

Heritage Venues


  • Isla Adelson, 416-325-5025, Manager, Fundraising and Business Development
  • Carole Choucoutou, Acting Corporate and Special Events Coordinator, 416-314-4914
  • Administrative Assistant, 416-314-5971

Marketing and Communications


  • Katherine Low, 416-325-5013, Manager, Marketing and Business Development
  • Kimberly Murphy, 416-325-5074, Acting Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist
  • Paul Arcari, Graphic and Online Communications Specialist, 416 325-2549
  • Gordon Pim, 416-325-1484, Senior Web Communications and Marketing Specialist
  • Oksana Kravets, Acting Marketing and Communications Specialist, 416-325-5032
  • Patricia Njovu, 416-212-0952, Communications and Social Media Intern
  • Administrative Assistant, 416-325-5015


Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre

Visit the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre website ...

189 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario  M5B 1M4
Telephone: 416-314-2901
Fax: 416-314-3583

  • Janet Gates, 416-314-2870, Director and Acting General Manager
  • Derek Dresser, 416-314-2880, Building Operations Manager
  • Ellen Flowers, 416-314-2874, Marketing and Communications Manager
  • Kevin Harris, 416-325-4144, Booking and Events Manager
  • Dana Johnston, 416-314-2896, Production Manager
  • John Kolesnyk, 416-314-2895, Operator
  • Lori MacLean, 416-314-2872, Front of House Manager
  • Sasha Miszczyk, 416-314-2883, Box Office Manager
  • Kelly Mudie, 416-314-2878, House Manager
  • Carolyn Mykytyshyn, 416-212-5565, Production and Operations Assistant
  • Léna Polyvyannya, 416-314-2871, Administrative Assistant
  • Jeff Snow, 416-314-2895, Operator
  • Marc Washington, 416-314-2895, Operator 

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Heritage Matters

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