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Purpose of the Register

Precious Blood Cathedral, Sault Ste. Marie
Precious Blood Cathedral, Sault Ste. Marie.

The Ontario Heritage Act Register serves many purposes, most important of which is to provide a central, public database of all heritage properties designated under the Ontario Heritage Act. Other purposes include:

  • to provide a public research tool
  • to offer backup records for municipal clerks/staff, local heritage committees, councillors and other government officials
  • to provide municipalities, the Trust and the Province with comparables for heritage identification and evaluation
  • to help guide the development of heritage policy and promote best practices and programs to support community conservation (i.e., tax incentives, Doors Open Ontario and Heritage Week activities)

What types of records form the Register?

  • council decisions respecting alterations, heritage grants, demolitions and removals, etc. of properties designated under either Part IV or V of the Ontario Heritage Act
  • heritage permits
  • heritage designation bylaws with schedules and attachments
  • bylaws to repeal heritage designation bylaws
  • bylaws to amend heritage designation bylaws
  • notice of intention to amend designation bylaws
  • notices of intention to designate
  • notices of intention to repeal designation bylaws
  • notices of objection to designation
  • notices of the passing of designation bylaws
  • notices of the withdrawal of intention to designate
  • designation – Part V – area studies
  • designation – Part V – district plans
  • designation – Part V – notices of the passing of bylaws designating study areas
  • documents on heritage conservation easements
  • Ontario Municipal Board decisions and notices
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