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Uncle Tom's Cabin book cover
Uncle Tom's Cabin book cover

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B001 – Uncle Tom's Cabin (softcover edition)
Author: Harriet Beecher Stowe
662 pages
Unit price: $8.95

B002 – Uncle Tom's Cabin (hard cover edition)
Author: Harriet Beecher Stowe
494 pages
Unit price: $26

B003 – The Life of Josiah Henson: Formerly a Slave (published 1849)
Author: Josiah Henson
71 pages
Unit price: $7.99

B004 – Get On Board: The Story of the Underground Railroad
Author: Jim Haskins
152 pages
Unit price: $5.99

B005 – Underground Railroad Booklet: Official Handbook
87 pages
Unit price: $10

B006 – The Underground Railroad: Official Map and Guide
Unit price: $3.50

B007 – A Visitor's Guide to Ontario's Underground Railroad
Unit price: $2

B008 – Working for Freedom: The Story of Josiah Henson
Author: Rona Arato
71 pages
Unit price: $18.95

B009 – A Shadow on the Household
Author: Bryan Prince
280 pages
Unit price: $32.99

B010 – I Came As A Stranger
Author: Bryan Prince
160 pages
Unit price: $23

B011 – Season of Rage: Hugh Burnett and the Struggle for Civil Rights
Author: John Cooper
71 pages
Unit price: $14.99

B012 – The Refugee: Narratives of Fugitive Slaves in Canada
Author: Benjamin Drew
351 pages
Unit price: $29.99

B013 – The Underground Railroad: Next Stop, Toronto!
Authors: Karolyn Smardz-Frost, Adrienne Shadd and Afua Cooper
92 pages
Unit price: $14.95

B014 – Go To School, You're a Little Black Boy – The Honourable Lincoln M. Alexander, A Memoir
Author: Lincoln M. Alexander with Herb Shoveller
250 pages
Unit price: $30

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Slavery to freedom
Slavery to freedom
During the 19th century, thousands of enslaved and many free African-Americans fled the United States and made their way to freedom in Canada. Ontario was one of their primary destinations.
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