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Heritage Matters Live with Edward Burtynsky

Join us for a free virtual talk and Q-and-A with award-winning Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky

The Ontario Heritage Trust presents Heritage Matters Live with Edward Burtynsky – a free virtual talk featuring the renowned Canadian photographer and filmmaker, whose stunning photos explore large-scale social, political and economic issues affecting our planet.

In this eye-opening talk, drawn from all he has witnessed during his 40 years bearing witness to the planet’s changing landscapes, Burtynsky discusses – and demonstrates in his incredible, large-scale photographs – that we’ve reached an unprecedented moment in history. Join Burtynsky as he asks us to consider what drives us as a species and about our planet’s future. The talk is followed by a question-and-answer session hosted by Nahlah Ayed (CBC’s Ideas).

Heritage Matters Live with Edward Burtynsky will be available online for streaming any time from November 9 to December 9.

About Edward Burtynsky

Edward Burtynsky is regarded as one of the world’s most accomplished contemporary photographers. His remarkable depictions of global industrial landscapes represent more than 40 years of his dedication to bearing witness to the impact of human beings on our planet. Burtynsky’s works are included in the collections of more than 60 major museums around the world. Learn more

What is the Anthropocene Epoch?

The term Anthropocene – from “anthropos” for human and “cene” for recent – is a term that describes the most recent period in Earth’s history when human activity started to have a significant impact on the planet’s climate and ecosystems. Learn more

Anthropocene Education Program

Are you an educator? Augment your classroom’s viewing experience with free online resources and educational toolkits from The Anthropocene Project’s Education Program, a collaboration with Canadian Geographic Education and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. Learn more

Our commitment to natural heritage

The Ontario Heritage Trust is committed to the conservation of the natural environment, and works with partners from across the province to ensure that wetlands, woodlands, grasslands and geological land formations are protected in perpetuity.

This year, the Trust is exploring the importance of the environment, both in terms of the context of our history as Ontarians (including that of the Indigenous peoples) and in terms of the biophysical features and natural heritage that give Ontario its unique attributes (like the Niagara Escarpment), and provide us with such rich resources like clean water and fertile soils. Learn more

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