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Nomination form - Lieutenant Governor's Ontario Heritage Award

Nominee information
Nominator information
Description of achievements

Please provide a concise description of the group project or the nominee's achievements (max. 150 words). To qualify for the Lieutenant Governor's Ontario Heritage Award, please provide a description of how the nominee's achievements demonstrate excellence in the following areas (max. 150 words per description).

(a) shows bold initiative; (b) inspires others; (c) embodies a conservation ethic; (d) makes conservation a high priority

(a) demonstrates an investment of time and resources; (b) shows perseverance and dedication; (c) fits within a breadth and range of heritage interests and activities

Finds the best conservation solution using ingenuity, including: (a) innovative approaches; (b) vision; (c) communications; (d) political acuity; (e) new technology

(a) makes a difference in the community, region or province; (b) benefits the broader public good; (c) has a demonstrated value

(a) demonstrates a high calibre, standard and value of conservation practice


Supporting materials and the completed endorsement form must also be provided and can be sent separately. Please indicate how they will be submitted (note: all materials should clearly indicate the name of the nominee).

Supporting materials can also be submitted via website (e.g., Dropbox). Please indicate the URL here.

Personal information on this form is collected under the authority of the Ontario Heritage Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. 18., sec.7, and will be used to determine eligibility of the nominees and notify the nominators and recipients of the Young Heritage Leaders award and the Lieutenant Governor's Ontario Heritage Awards. For further information, please contact the Executive Assistant, Ontario Heritage Trust, 10 Adelaide Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M5C 1J3, 416-314-4903.