September 2016 - Resources - Ontario Heritage Trust


September 2016 - Resources

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Williams, Ron. Landscape Architecture in Canada. McGill University Press. Kingston/Montreal, 2014.

International documents and studies

UNESCO Definitions

Handbook on the conservation and management of cultural landscapes

The Challenge of Conservation (article), World Heritage, 2002

International Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes (ISCCL)

ICOMOS Canada – National Conversation on Cultural Landscape (NCCL) Initiative

The European Council developed a landscape convention in Florence, Italy in February 2000

The Government of Australia’s work on protecting Aboriginal landscapes, traditions and artifacts is of particular note. This background paper provides an excellent overview.

ICOMOS Australia

Forestry and our Cultural Heritage. Proceedings of the Seminar 13-15 June 2005, Sunne Sweden. Joint FAO/FCE/ILO Experts Network to Implement Sustainable Forest Management. Swedish Forest Agency/Ministerial Conference on Forests Europe, Warsaw 2006.

United States National Park Service

George Wright Forum

Brown, J., Mitchell, N., and Beresford, M. (eds.), The Protected Landscape Approach: Linking Nature, Culture and Community. IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas, IUCN: Gland, Switzerland and Cambridge 2005.

Association for Preservation Technology International Bulletin, Volume XLVII, No. 2-3, Special issue on cultural landscapes: A tribute to Susan Buggey, 2016.

Canadian documents

The Canadian Register of Historic Places

Parks Canada – Definition of Aboriginal Cultural Landscape

The Canadian National Capital Commission Policy document on cultural landscapes provides a system for evaluation

Ontario Heritage Trust Cultural Heritage Landscapes information sheet

Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals Forum Newsletter on Cultural Landscapes, Summer Issue 2015, volumes I and II:

Municipal studies/documents

The Town of Caledon cultural landscape study has been well received and has influenced work done by other rural communities in southern Ontario.

Cultural Heritage Landscapes Strategy – Town of Oakville

Regional Implementation Guide for Cultural Heritage Landscape Conservation – Region of Waterloo

Cultural Heritage Landscape Resource document – Region of Waterloo 2004