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Welcome to the new Heritage Matters!

The story of Ontario is the story of the interaction of people with each other and with the land for over 10,000 years. The Trust’s new version of Heritage Matters shares and explores our efforts to conserve and protect these stories of the people, places and events that have shaped our province.

Most of our back issues of the magazine are now on our new website, but some archives remain below for now.

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Finding our place in Ontario’s history

Feature story: Heritage starts here: A brief history of identification | Maintaining a national treasure | What’s under the veil | Tracking Olmsted in Ontario | Self-identifying | What a difference a day makes | Cataloguing a community | Leading by example | Designations in bulk | What’s on the shelf | What’s on the web | In the coming months

Exploring Ontario's southern peninsula, February 2010

Feature story: Exploring Ontario’s southern peninsula | Board appointments | The history of Chatham-Kent | Bkejwanong: Sustaining a 6,000-year-old conservation legacy | Seeing better days | The archaeology of southwestern Ontario | Walkerville: The heritage of a company town | What's on the shelf | In the coming months


Special Edition, Celebrating Ontario's places of worship, September 2009

Feature story – Ontario's rich religious heritage | Launching the Places of Worship inventory | Christ Church and the Queen Anne Silver | Churches of "New Ontario" | Religious freedom in the promised land | Toronto's synagogues: Keeping collective memories alive | A legacy of support: Faith-based community outreach in Ontario | Places of worship in Ontario's rural cultural landscapes | Enduring stewardship preserves a treasured heritage church | The changing face of worship | Form and function: The impact of liturgy, symbolism and use on design | Art in the church and the church in art: Work of the Group of Seven | The music of worship | Gothic traditions in Ontario churches | Ontario's postwar places of worship: Modernist designs evoke traditional styles | The challenges of ownership | The challenge of change in the Catholic Diocese of Pembroke | Adventures in light and colour | Sacred landscapes in Ontario's communities | From Hamilton, a municipal perspective | Adapting today's places of worship | Places of Worship resources

Heritage in the new economy: Making sense of sustainability, May/June 2009

Feature story: Subsidizing demolition | Communities leading conservation | Working for change | The sustainability of place | Heritage in harmony: The integration of natural and cultural landscapes | Subsidizing demolition | Rebirth of the Wychwood Barns | Discarding the past | 100-mile conservation | What's on the shelf | In the coming months

Ontario's eastern treasures, February 2009

Feature story: Ontario's eastern treasures | Honouring Ontario's premiers | Protecting Ottawa's Carp Hills | Heritage off the 401 | The Rockwood story | From mill to museum | The new St. Brigid's | Building on the past • What's on the shelf • In the coming months


Adapt/Reuse, September 2008

Feature story – The heritage of faith: Ontario's places of worship | Understanding adaptive reuse | Alma College remembered | Kingston: Time and again | Celebrating Ontario's trails | Second chances for Peterborough's priceless heritage | The character of adaptive reuse | What's on the shelf | In the coming months

Looking north, June 2008

Feature story – A renaissance of northern heritage | Along the Arctic watershed | The Cobalt historic mining district – A community resource | Northern icons | Opening doors to the north | A season of unveilings | Ontario Heritage Trust celebrates Heritage Week 2008 | From the Mather-Walls collection | Our francophone heritage | Adventurous workers wanted for remote locations – housing provided | Routes through the wilderness: The development of a transportation network in northern Ontario | What's on the shelf | What's on at the museum | Guest columnist – Northern Ontario: An authentic heritage

Engaging citizens in community conservation, February 2008

Feature story – The past empowered | Making a difference | Friends of the Trust | Counting our blessings | An evening with Stephen Lewis | Ontario's black heritage network | Opening doors of opportunity | Province welcomes new Culture Minister | Enoch Turner Schoolhouse – a citizen's legacy | Oil on canvas | Have you seen this building? | Raising the curtain: How the Winter Garden Theatre was rediscovered | Grassroots conservation | What's on the shelf | Guest columnist – Community conservation: Ingredients for success


Fact or fiction: Demystifying the myths around going green, November 2007

Feature story – Fact of fiction: Demystifying the myths around going green – Moving toward a more sustainable architecture | Discovering the City Beautiful | Evergreen Brick Works: Rethinking space | Inside Sheppard's Bush | Gala evening launches Lincoln M. Alexander Legacy Fund | Exploring the Beaver River Wetland | Why nature counts | Heritage Matters goes online! | Conference and Reception Centres refreshed | Sustaining species at risk | The guiding principles of sustainable architecture | Building assets | In praise of older windows | What's on the shelf | What's on the web | Guest columnist – Sustainability for old buildings: A developer's perspective

Special edition: From slavery to freedom: Commemorating the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade, August 2007

Feature story - Slavery in Ontario | Timeline to freedom | Featured organizations | Ontario's Black heritage network | Researching Ontario's Black heritage | Chloe Cooley and the limitation of slavery in Ontario | Black heritage in blue and gold | Black heritage resources

Building vibrant communities, May 2007

Feature story – The R's of conservation | The story of Barnum House | Honours and accolades | Building on our successes | Opening the doors to Ontario's past | New Board appointment | Provincial plaque unveilings in 2007 | Welcome to Trails Open Ontario! | Species at risk: The monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) | Leading the way in municipal heritage planning | Doors Open 101 | Tools through time: Protecting the past for the future | What's on the shelf | What's on at the museum | Guest columnist – Battlefield House Museum and Park – A pioneer in the history of preservation

Celebrating 40 years of conservation, February 2007

Celebrating 40 years of conservation: The future of heritage | Celebrating our first Lieutenant-Governor | Along the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail | Exploring Country Heritage Park | Making the grade | New Board appointments | Doors Open Ontario continues to grow | Join Ontario's annual Heritage Week celebration | Honouring a heritage ambassador | Underground discoveries | Heritage by numbers | Heritage conservation at our front door | Carving out a place in our history | What's on the shelf | Guest columnist – In the beginning: The first provincial plaque


Your history, our heritage, September 2006

Feature story: The biography of a house | Literary giants | From person to plaque | Rush and remembrance | Protecting our natural heritage | New Board appointment | "I'll use my freedom well" | The past unveiled | Our porcelain past | Digging in the archives | Keeping a paper trail | Uncovering family history | What's on the shelf | What's on at the gallery | Guest columnist – Saving the Spencerville Mill

The green issue, May/June 2006

Feature story: It's not easy staying green | Giant meteorite slams Algonquin Park | Working together to save our natural heritage | Giving back to nature | Minister of Culture announcement | New Board appointment | It's plaque season! | The Trust gets a new look | Heritage Week highlights | The wedding run | Our provincial tree: The eastern white pine | The anatomy of an easement | Gardening for biodiversity | Making tracks | What's on the shelf | Guest columnist – Remarkable trees: Heritage tree preservation in Ontario

Our cultural heritage places, February 2006

Feature story: Our cultural heritage places | Historic scenery makes second debut | ICOMOS Canada 2005 | Winning the battle | A chat with TVOntario | Behind the scenes: Nearly 20 years with volunteers | Protecting natural spaces in Southern Ontario | Doors Open: Ontario's living heritage exhibition | Appointment to the Board | Working with the Historic Places Initiative | Digging up yesterday | Breaking news: Saving our First Parliament | Small-town museums key to small-town success | Historic wallpaper: Finding what's beneath | Snapshots of the past | What's on the shelf | What's on at the gallery | Guest columnist: The birth of Black History Month


The new Ontario Heritage Act: The evolution of heritage conservation, September 2005

Feature story: The evolution of heritage conservation: The new Ontario Heritage Act | Celebrating Emancipation Day: The greatest freedom show on earth | Steward House commemorated | Preserving our industrial past | Getting the royal treatment | Honouring those who preserve | Young heritage champions | New natural heritage easement properties | The healthy roof: Staying on top of heritage preservation | Unearthing the past: Discoveries at Macdonell-Williamson House | What's on the shelf | What's on at the gallery | Guest columnist: Moving forward with heritage conservation

The changing face of heritage, May 2005

Feature story: The changing face of heritage – The International Style: Toronto's Toronto-Dominion Centre | Visiting the Cheltenham Badlands | Interns help heritage happen | Uncle Tom's Cabin Historic Site has new owners | Doors Open Ontario: A million visits and counting | Foundation awarded for public archaeology program at Spadina House | Grants help preserve heritage along The Bruce Trail | Upcoming plaques: A season of unveilings | Leidra Lodge: A new conservation easement | Donor testimonial: Clay Benson | Working with super structures: The framework for Ontario's heritage buildings | The Homewood collection | What's on the shelf | What's on at the museum | Guest columnist: Trent University under the modernist microscope

Inside Uncle Tom's Cabin, February 2005

Feature story: Inside Uncle Tom's Cabin | Hurricane Hazel: 50 years later | New Foundation Board members | Olmsted gardens celebrated | It's plaque season! | Adventures in archaeology | Doors Open Ontario: A cultural phenomenon | Starting from the ground up: Foundations and building systems | Gifts of nature: Donations preserve our natural heritage | What's on the shelf | What's on the silver screen | What's on the web | Guest columnist: The Sharon Temple and the heritage of faith