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Architectural style

  • 1 Indian Revival

    In Ontario, this style is a reinterpretation of Indian architecture, primarily Moghul and late Hindu. In its earliest instances in Ontario, it was tied to the picturesque movement and often intermingled with exotic pavilions during the Regency and into the Victorian era. Today, the term Indian Revival is more likely to be used to describe modern architecture that references architecture of India. The style is often found in community centres and places of worship for Indian-Canadian communities. The application of architectural details and traditional Indian building practices range a great deal from building to building. Some buildings duplicate ancient building practices, while others superficially apply Indian architectural details to conventional North American building systems. With regard to Ontario’s places of worship, the latter understanding of the term Indian Revival is more common, since during the Regency and Victorian eras, Indian architectural motifs were not typically applied to religious buildings. Since the 1960s, there have been a growing number of Indian Revival style places of worship in Ontario, many of which are found in suburban locations surrounding Ontario's major cities.

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