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  Property name Street address Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 St. Luke's United Church 353-355 Sherbourne Street Toronto United Church 1886 Yes Yes Yes
2 Toronto Chinese Baptist Church 72 Beverley Street Toronto Baptist 1886 Yes Yes No
3 Jarvis Street Baptist Church 130 Gerrard Street East Toronto Baptist 1874 Yes Yes Yes
4 506 College Street (formerly Portuguese Seventh-Day Adventist Church and College Street Baptist Church) 506 College Street Toronto Non-religious 1888 Yes Yes No
5 St. Andrew's Evangelical Lutheran Church 383 Jarvis Street Toronto Lutheran 1878 Yes Yes Yes
6 Trinity-St. Paul's United Church 427 Bloor Street West Toronto United Church 1887 Yes Yes No
7 Walmer Road Baptist Church 38 Walmer Road Toronto Baptist 1892 Yes Yes No
8 St. Peter's Presbyterian Church 115 St. Lawrence Street West Centre Hastings Presbyterian 1874 No Yes No

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