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  Property name Street address Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 Trinity Anglican Church 79 Victoria Street Aurora Anglican 1884 Yes Yes No
2 Consecon Branch Library (former Holy Trinity Anglican Church) 211 Mill Street (County Road 29) Prince Edward Non-religious 1847 Yes Yes No
3 The Blue Church Highway 2 (3 km west of Prescott) Prescott Anglican 1845 Yes No Yes
4 St. Paul's Anglican Church Spragge Street Assiginack Anglican 1845 Yes No Yes
5 St. George's Anglican Church 77 Randall Drive Ajax Anglican 1856 Yes Yes Yes
6 Christ Church 317 Ramsay Street Amherstburg Anglican 1818 Yes Yes Yes
7 St. Thomas Anglican Church 130 Lakeview Avenue Kingston Anglican 1959 Yes No No
8 St. Thomas' Anglican Church 201 Church Street Belleville Anglican 1879 Yes No No
9 St. Paul's Mission 39 St. Paul Street Belleville Anglican 1875 Yes No No
10 St. John's Anglican Church 212 Church Street Loyalist Anglican 1925 Yes Yes Yes
11 Trinity Anglican Church 25 Pitt Street Bayham Anglican 1836 Yes No Yes
12 St. Thomas Anglican Church 4 Mary Street Bracebridge Anglican 1896 Yes Yes No
13 Mohawk Chapel, St. Paul's, Her Majesty's Chapel Royal of the Mohawk 301 Mohawk Street Brantford Anglican 1785 Yes No Yes
14 St. Jude's Anglican Church 81 Peel Street Brantford Anglican 1871 Yes No Yes
15 St. James, West Brock Church Part Lot 2, Concession 4, Brock Township, King Street East Brock Anglican 1865 No No No
16 St. Thomas Anglican Church 305 Colborne Street South Brockton Anglican - Yes Yes No
17 Rockingham Church 519 Rockingham Road Brudenell, Lyndoch and Raglan Non-religious 1875 Yes Yes Yes
18 The Pier Christian Church 137 George Street Brockville Non-denominational Christian 1877 Yes No Yes
19 St. Paul's Anglican Church 12 Pine Street Brockville Anglican 1840 Yes No No
20 St. Matthew's Anglican Cathedral 18 Harvey Street Cambridge Non-religious 1893 Yes Yes No
21 St. Francis of Assisi Anglican Church 6201 Highway 542 Central Manitoulin Anglican 1932 Yes Yes No
22 St. Thomas Anglican Church 16 Centre Street Cavan-Monaghan Anglican 1885 No Yes No
23 Christ Anglican Church 62 Water Street Cavan-Monaghan Anglican - No Yes No
24 10962 Hill Road (former St. John's Anglican Church) 10962 Hill Road Chatham-Kent Non-religious 1877 Yes Yes No
25 St. Saviour's Anglican Church 23 Mill Street North Clarington Anglican 1869 No Yes No
26 Christ Church Anglican 30 Church Street Gananoque Anglican 1857 Yes Yes Yes
27 St. George's Anglican Church 408 Hedge Road Georgina Anglican 1877 Yes Yes Yes
28 St. James The Apostle Anglican Church 86 Glasgow Street North Guelph Anglican 1891 Yes Yes No
29 Christ's Church Cathedral 252 James Street North Hamilton Anglican 1873 Yes Yes Yes
30 St. Thomas Anglican Church 5 John Street Huron East Anglican 1863 Yes Yes No
31 St. Alban the Martyr 758 Old Highway 8 Hamilton Anglican 1869 Yes Yes Yes
32 Church of the Ascension 64 Forest Avenue Hamilton Anglican 1850 Yes Yes Yes
33 St. George's Cathedral 270 King Street East Kingston Anglican 1825 Yes Yes Yes
34 St. Paul's Anglican Church 137 Queen Street Kingston Anglican 1845 Yes Yes No
35 St. John's Anglican Church 3694 McKenzie Drive Lincoln Anglican 1841 Yes Yes Yes
36 St. Paul's Anglican Church 45 Russell Street West Kawartha Lakes Anglican 1885 Yes Yes Yes
37 Church of St. John the Evangelist 280 St. James Street London Anglican 1888 Yes Yes Yes
38 St. Paul's Anglican Church 70 Clyde Street Mississippi Mills Anglican 1864 Yes Yes No
39 St. Paul's Anglican Church 19 Invergordon Avenue Minden Hills Anglican 1868 Yes No Yes
40 St. Mark's Anglican Church 41 Byron Street Niagara-on-the-Lake Anglican 1805 Yes Yes No
41 Holy Trinity Church 7820 Portage Road Niagara Falls Anglican 1841 Yes Yes Yes
42 All Saints Anglican Church 5680 Robinson Street Niagara Falls Anglican 1856 Yes Yes No
43 St. James Anglican Church 58 Peter Street North Orillia Anglican 1891 Yes Yes Yes
44 St. Alban the Martyr Anglican Church 454 King Edward Avenue Ottawa Anglican 1867 Yes Yes Yes
45 St. Bartholomew's Anglican Church 125 MacKay Street Ottawa Anglican 1868 Yes Yes Yes
46 St. Luke's Anglican Church 760 Somerset Street West Ottawa Anglican 1922 Yes Yes Yes
47 Christ Church Cathedral 439 Queen Street Ottawa Anglican 1872 Yes Yes No
48 St. James-on-the-Lines Church 215 Church Street Penetanguishene Anglican 1836 Yes Yes Yes
49 St. James the Apostle Anglican Church 12 Harvey Street Perth Anglican 1856 No Yes No
50 Heritage Mennonite Church 6995 William Street Perth East Mennonite 1905 No Yes No
51 St. John the Evangelist 118 Hunter Street West Peterborough Anglican 1834 Yes Yes Yes
52 Christ Church 414 Oil Street Petrolia Anglican 1958 Yes Yes No
53 Prince Edward County Museum (former St. Mary Magdalene) Church and Union streets Prince Edward Non-religious 1823 Yes Yes No
54 St. Mark's Anglican Church 51 King Street Port Hope Anglican 1822 Yes Yes Yes
55 St. Paul's Anglican Church 77 King Street Rideau Lakes Anglican 1811 Yes Yes Yes
56 St. Peter's Anglican Church 3600 Newboyne Road Rideau Lakes Anglican 1873 Yes Yes No
57 St. Thomas Anglican Church 99 Ontario Street St. Catharines Anglican 1877 Yes Yes No
58 St. James' Anglican Church 41 Mornington Street Stratford Anglican 1868 Yes Yes Yes
59 Old St. Thomas Anglican Church 55 Walnut Street St. Thomas Anglican 1824 Yes Yes Yes
60 St. Matthew Anglican Church 135 Wilson Road South Oshawa Anglican 1955 No No No
61 St. Jude's Church 1745 Victoria Park Avenue Toronto Anglican 1848 Yes Yes Yes
62 St. Margaret’s-in-the-Pines 4130 Lawrence Avenue East Toronto Anglican 1905 Yes Yes Yes
63 Waubaushene Memorial Church 22 Hazel Street Tay Non-denominational 1881 No Yes No
64 St. George the Martyr Anglican Church Tower 197 John Street Toronto Anglican 1844 Yes Yes No
65 Christ Church 3 Dundas Street Southwest Middlesex Anglican 1863 Yes No Yes
66 St. Stephen's Anglican Church 7325 Arkona Road Lambton Shores Anglican 1907 Yes No No
67 St. Paul's Anglican Church 49 Ontario Street Central Huron Anglican 1865 Yes No No
68 St. James Anglican Church Unknown Sables-Spanish Rivers Anglican 1900 Yes No No
69 Good Shepherd Anglican Church 219 Scott Street Clearview Anglican 1870 No No No
70 St. James Anglican Church 2897 Concession Road Clearview Anglican - No No No
71 St. Luke's Anglican Church 10 Caroline Street Clearview Anglican - No No No
72 St. Paul's Anglican Church 5 Noraline Avenue Springwater Anglican 1883 No No No
73 St. Paul's Anglican Church 1005 Highway 24 Clearview Anglican - No No No
74 Christ Church Anglican 251 Batteaux Road Collingwood Anglican 1870 No No No
75 All Saints Anglican Church 1100 Dennison Street Markham Anglican - No No No
76 St. James Anglican Church Unknown North Middlesex Anglican 1874 Yes No Yes
77 St. John the Divine Anglican Church 21557 Richmond Street Middlesex Centre Anglican 1875 Yes No Yes
78 Grace Anglican Church 13301 Ilderton Road Middlesex Centre Anglican 1892 Yes No No
79 St. Alban the Martyr Anglican Church 19 Talbot Road Norfolk Anglican 1878 Yes No No
80 All Saints Anglican Church 149 South Mill Street Fort Erie Anglican 1958 Yes No No
81 St. John's Anglican Church 2251 Ridgemount Road Fort Erie Anglican 1840 Yes No No
82 St. Paul's Anglican Church 32 Idlewylde Street Fort Erie Anglican 1893 Yes No No
83 St. Peter's Anglican Church 2412 Ronald Road Springwater Anglican 1885 Yes No No
84 St. David's Anglican Church 6095 County Road Adjala-Tosorontio Anglican - No No No
85 St. James Anglican Church 994205 Mono-Adjala Town Line Mono Anglican 1891 No No No
86 St. George's Anglican Church 12656 Thirteen Mile Road Middlesex Centre Anglican - Yes No No
87 Trinity Chapel 158 Church Street North Middlesex Non-denominational 1870 Yes No No
88 Christ Church St. Judes Anglican 7330 Ninth Line Essa Anglican 1862 Yes No No
89 St. Paul's Anglican Church 302 St. George Street Norfolk Anglican 1870 Yes No No
90 Grace Anglican Church 19 Parkway Avenue Markham Anglican 1971 Yes No No
91 Trinity Anglican Church 73 Main Street West Norfolk Anglican 1909 Yes No No
92 St. Mark's by-the-Lake Anglican Church 150 St. Mark's Road Tecumseh Anglican 1954 Yes No No
93 St. Stephen's Anglican Church 143 London Road Chatham-Kent Anglican 1871 Yes No No
94 St. Luke's Anglican Church 50 Van Horne Avenue Dryden Anglican - Yes No No
95 St. John the Baptist Anglican Church 360 Church Street Fort Frances Anglican - Yes No No
96 St. Paul's Anglican Church The Queensway South (267 Hollywood Drive) Georgina Anglican 1875 Yes No No
97 St. Thomas Anglican Church 383-385 Huron Street Toronto Anglican 1893 Yes Yes Yes
98 St. Stephen-in-the-Fields Anglican Church 103 Bellevue Avenue Toronto Anglican 1858 Yes Yes Yes
99 Church of the Messiah 240 Avenue Road Toronto Anglican 1891 No Yes No
100 Holy Trinity Anglican Church 19 Trinity Square Toronto Anglican 1847 Yes Yes Yes
101 All Saints Anglican Church 223 Sherbourne Street Toronto Anglican 1874 Yes Yes Yes
102 St. George’s Anglican Church 87 North Street Goderich Anglican 1880 Yes Yes No
103 St. John's Anglican Church 51 Church Street Kingston Anglican 1849 No Yes No
104 Church of the Redeemer 162 Bloor Street West Toronto Anglican 1879 Yes Yes Yes
105 St. Peter's Anglican Church 188 Carlton Street Toronto Anglican 1865 Yes Yes Yes
106 St. Andrew by the Lake Anglican Church 1 Centre Island Park Toronto Anglican 1885 Yes Yes No
107 St. Paul's Anglican Church 227 Bloor Street East Toronto Anglican 1910 Yes Yes Yes
108 St. James Anglican Cathedral 106 King Street East Toronto Anglican 1850 Yes Yes Yes
109 St. Anne's Anglican Church 270 Gladstone Avenue Toronto Anglican 1907 Yes Yes Yes
110 St. John's Anglican Church 19 Don Ridge Drive Toronto Anglican 1843 Yes Yes Yes
111 St. George's Church On-the-Hill 4600 Dundas Street West Toronto Anglican 1844 Yes Yes Yes
112 St. Matthew's Anglican Church 135 First Avenue Toronto Anglican 1889 Yes Yes Yes
113 St. Simon the Apostle Anglican Church 40 Howard Street Toronto Anglican 1888 Yes Yes Yes
114 St. Alban the Martyr Church 100-120 Howland Avenue Toronto Anglican 1897 Yes Yes No
115 Little Trinity Church 425 King Street East Toronto Anglican 1843 Yes Yes Yes
116 Church of St. Mary Magdalene 469 Manning Avenue Toronto Anglican 1888 Yes Yes No
117 Christ the Saviour Russian Orthodox Cathedral 823 Manning Avenue Toronto Russian Orthodox 1906 Yes Yes No
118 St. James Anglican Church 194 Park Lawn Road Toronto Anglican 1952 Yes Yes No
119 St. James-the-Less Chapel 635 Parliament Street Toronto Anglican 1860 Yes Yes Yes
120 Christadelphians Chapel 691 Scarlett Road Toronto Christadelphian 1895 Yes Yes No
121 St. Aidan's Anglican Church 70 Silver Birch Avenue Toronto Anglican 1910 Yes Yes No
122 40 Westmoreland Avenue (formerly Church of St. Mary the Virgin and St. Cyprian) 40 Westmoreland Avenue Toronto Non-religious 1913 Yes Yes No
123 Christ Church Royal Chapel South Church Road Tyendinaga Anglican 1843 Yes Yes Yes
124 Pentecostal Praise Centre (former St. Stephen's Anglican Church) 10101 Keele Steet Vaughan Pentecostal 1895 Yes Yes Yes
125 Holy Trinity Anglican Church 140 Brooke Street Vaughan Anglican 1830 Yes Yes Yes
126 St. Mary's Anglican Church 1983 St. Mary's Gate Windsor Anglican 1904 Yes Yes No
127 All Saints Anglican Church 330 City Hall Square Windsor Anglican 1855 Yes Yes No
128 St. John's Anglican Church 3305 Sandwich Street Windsor Anglican 1818 Yes Yes Yes
129 Old St. Paul's Anglican Church 723 Dundas Street Woodstock Anglican 1834 Yes Yes Yes
130 Church of the Redeemer 2 Front Street Leeds and the Thousand Islands Anglican - Yes No No
131 St. John's Anglican Church 150 Victoria Street East Whitby Anglican 1845 Yes Yes No
132 St. Mark's Anglican Church 268 Main Street Kingston Anglican 1843 Yes Yes Yes
133 100 Huxley Street (former St. Augustine's Church) 100 Huxley Street Ottawa Non-religious 1901 Yes Yes No
134 All Saints Anglican Church 1017 South Bush Road North Frontenac Anglican 1892 Yes No No
135 Church of the Ascension 1385 University Avenue West Windsor Anglican 1907 Yes Yes No
136 Former Church of the Good Shepherd 506 1st Street East Cornwall Non-religious 1893 No Yes No
137 Grace Anglican Church 15 Albion Street Brantford Anglican 1856 Yes Yes No
138 St. Timothy's Agincourt 4125 Sheppard Avenue East Toronto Anglican 1919 Yes No No
139 St. Luke the Evangelist 130 Elgin Street Brantford Anglican 1907 Yes Yes No
140 Hamilton Christian Fellowship (former St. George's Anglican Church) 137 Strathcona Avenue North Hamilton Non-denominational Christian 1890 Yes Yes No
141 St. Peter's Anglican Church 1745 Dundas Street West Mississauga Anglican 1887 Yes Yes Yes
142 St. James and Brendan Anglican Church 55 Charlotte Street Port Colborne Anglican 1865 Yes No No
143 All Saints' Anglican Church 300 Dundas Street West Whitby Anglican 1865 Yes Yes No
144 Trinity Anglican Church 12 Blair Road Cambridge Anglican 1844 Yes Yes No
145 Christ Church Anglican 34 Boucher Street East Meaford Anglican 1876 Yes No No
146 St. Paul's Anglican Cathedral 472 Richmond Street London Anglican 1846 Yes Yes Yes
147 St. Mary's Church Melwood Drive, west of County Road 6, east of Napier Road Strathroy-Caradoc Anglican 1843 No No Yes
148 St. James Anglican Church 20 Church Street Augusta Anglican 1826 No No Yes
149 St. Andrew's Anglican Church 7 St. Andrew's Avenue Grimsby Anglican 1819 Yes No Yes
150 St. Peter's Anglican Church King Street East and College Street Cobourg Anglican 1851 Yes No Yes
151 St. Thomas' Church Line 2 South and Church Street, 1 block south of County Road 20 Oro-Medonte Anglican 1838 Yes No Yes
152 Church of St. Augustine of Canterbury 1847 Bayview Avenue Toronto Anglican 1955 Yes No No
153 Bishop Fauquier Memorial Chapel 1540 Queen Street East Sault Ste. Marie Anglican 1881 Yes Yes No
154 Christ Church Anglican 80 Wellington Street West Chatham-Kent Anglican 1861 Yes Yes Yes
155 St. John's Anglican Church Lot 4, Concession 9, 9595 Queen Street Hamilton Anglican 1876 No Yes No
156 St. George's Anglican Church 8661 Church Hill Road Hamilton Anglican 1847 Yes Yes No
157 Christ Church Anglican 136 Rainham Road Haldimand Anglican 1886 No Yes No
158 Golden Horseshoe Antique Society (former St. John's Anglican Church) 3 Front Street South Haldimand Non-religious 1845 Yes Yes Yes
159 Christ Church Roches Point 12 Turner Street Georgina Anglican 1862 No No No
160 Trinity Anglican Church 70 King Street East Cramahe Anglican 1846 Yes No No
161 St. John the Baptist Anglican Church 37 Main Street Elizabethtown-Kitley Anglican 1858 Yes No No
162 St. Thomas Anglican Church 7 James Street Elizabethtown-Kitley Anglican 1859 Yes No Yes
163 St. Paul's Anglican Church 626 Kitley Line 4 Elizabethtown-Kitley Anglican 1903 Yes No Yes
164 St. John the Evangelist New Dublin Road Elizabethtown-Kitley Anglican 1893 No No Yes
165 St. John's Anglican Church 23 Dover Street Norwich Anglican 1925 Yes No No
166 St. Martin's Anglican Church 1201 St. Martin's Drive Pickering Anglican 1981 Yes No No
167 St. George Memorial Church 51 Centre Street South Oshawa Anglican 1922 Yes Yes No
168 Emmanuel Anglican Church 2767 Highway 15 Rideau Lakes Anglican 1862 Yes Yes Yes
169 St. Mary's Brock and Carleton streets Rideau Lakes Anglican 1850 Yes No No
170 St. Paul's Anglican Church Northeast corner of Main Street and Perth Road Rideau Lakes Anglican 1904 Yes No No
171 St. John's Anglican Church 242 Darby Road Tay Anglican 1896 Yes No No
172 Maurice Cody Memorial Hall (Old St. Paul's Anglican Church) 227 Bloor Street East Toronto Anglican 1860 Yes Yes Yes
173 St. George's Anglican Church 99 Woolwich Street Guelph Anglican 1873 Yes Yes No
174 Christ Church Anglican Lamport Street Norfolk Anglican 1844 Yes Yes No
175 St. James Anglican Church 65 Church Street St. Marys Anglican 1855 Yes No No
176 Christ Church Anglican 4419 Donnelly Drive (County Road 2) Ottawa Anglican 1831 Yes No Yes
177 Holy Trinity 105 Church Street Merrickville-Wolford Anglican 1908 Yes Yes No
178 St. Paul 3034 John Street Edwardsburgh/Cardinal Anglican 1828 Yes No Yes
179 Church of the Epiphany 85 Larch Street Greater Sudbury Anglican 1912 Yes Yes No
180 Christ Church 39 Everett Street Belleville Anglican 1881 Yes No No
181 Bishop Cronyn Memorial Church 442 William Street London Anglican 1873 Yes Yes No
182 Chapel at Ridley College 2 Ridley Road St. Catharines Anglican 1921 Yes No No
183 Christ Church Anglican 50 Manley Street North Dumfries Anglican 1913 Yes No No
184 Christ Church Anglican 3008 Carp Road Ottawa Anglican 1838 Yes No Yes
185 St. John's Church 67 Fowler Street Ottawa Anglican 1859 Yes No Yes
186 St. John's Anglican Church 272 Wilson Street East Hamilton Anglican 1868 Yes Yes Yes
187 Former St. Mark's Anglican Church 120 Bay Street South Hamilton Non-religious 1878 Yes Yes Yes
188 Carisma Pentecostal Church (former Church of St. Thomas) 16 West Avenue South Hamilton Pentecostal 1869 Yes Yes No
189 St. Paul's Anglican Church 4 Elgin Street East Blandford-Blenheim Anglican 1867 Yes Yes No
190 Trinity Anglican Church 596682 Highway 59 East Zorra-Tavistock Anglican 1861 Yes Yes No
191 St. James' Anglican Church 184 Oxford Street Ingersoll Anglican 1868 Yes Yes No
192 St. John's Anglican Church 220 Dundas Street Zorra Anglican 1862 Yes Yes No
193 St. John's Anglican Church 46 Ridout Street Tillsonburg Anglican 1899 Yes Yes No
194 St. Paul's Anglican Church 65 Toronto Street South Uxbridge Anglican 1887 Yes No No
195 Former St. Thomas Anglican Church Bay Street Non-religious 1860 Yes No No
196 Christ Church 43 Sherwood Street Kawartha Lakes Anglican 1871 No No No
197 St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church 36 Henderson Street Centre Wellington Anglican 1875 Yes Yes No
198 St Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church 56 Hearn Street Bradford West Gwillimbury Ukrainian Catholic - Yes No No
199 St. John the Baptist 12125 Yonge Street Richmond Hill Anglican 1848 Yes No No
200 St. Luke's Church 566 Armour Road Peterborough Anglican 1960 Yes No No

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