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Evaluating your event

The first step toward building on the success of the Doors Open Ontario program at both the provincial and community level is to evaluate it. Good information on performance is important to any program, particularly those in a niche area – such as heritage tourism. In the Community Resource materials, the Trust provides each participating community with a series of evaluation forms to facilitate analysis of local events. These include:

  • Visitor Survey – an evaluation of a visitor’s Doors Open Ontario experience
  • Site Organizer’s Evaluation Form – an evaluation of a site organizer’s experience of participating in a Doors Open Ontario event
  • Community Organizer’s Evaluation Form – an evaluation of a community organizing committee’s experience of participating in Doors Open Ontario and working with the Ontario Heritage Trust

The Trust provides templates for the evaluation forms as part of the resource materials available to participating communities. Organizing committees are responsible for submitting the Community Organizer’s Evaluation Form to the Trust within one month of the conclusion of their event.