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  Property name Street address Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 All Saints Anglican Church 5680 Robinson Street Niagara Falls Anglican 1856 Yes Yes No
2 Christ Church 414 Oil Street Petrolia Anglican 1958 Yes Yes No
3 Avondale Zion United Church 60 Harvey Street Tillsonburg United Church 1886 Yes Yes No
4 Westminster Presbyterian Church 11 Church Street West Smiths Falls Presbyterian 1926 Yes No No
5 United Brethren Church 2536 Stevensville Road Fort Erie United Brethren Church in Canada - Yes No No
6 Trinity Anglican Church 73 Main Street West Norfolk Anglican 1909 Yes No No
7 Grace United Church Canborough 15 Darling Street Haldimand United Church 1910 Yes No No
8 St. John the Baptist Anglican Church 360 Church Street Fort Frances Anglican - Yes No No
9 St. Peter's Anglican Church 1745 Dundas Street West Mississauga Anglican 1887 Yes Yes Yes
10 Christ Church Anglican 34 Boucher Street East Meaford Anglican 1876 Yes No No
11 St. Paul's Anglican Church 626 Kitley Line 4 Elizabethtown-Kitley Anglican 1903 Yes No Yes
12 St. Paul's Presbyterian Church 56 Thames Street South Ingersoll Presbyterian 1872 Yes Yes No
13 Former St. Thomas Anglican Church Bay Street Non-religious 1860 Yes No No
14 St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church 36 Henderson Street Centre Wellington Anglican 1875 Yes Yes No
15 Refuge City Pentecostal (Apostolic) 545 Kingston Road Ajax Apostolic Christian 1891 Yes Yes No
16 St. Bartholomew's Anglican Church 509 Dundas Street East Toronto Anglican 1873 Yes No No
17 Cassel Mennonite Church 696556 17th Line East Zorra-Tavistock Mennonite 1901 Yes No No
18 St. Paul's United Church 22125 Communication Road Chatham-Kent United Church 1892 Yes No No
19 St. Luke Price's Corners 9160 Highway 12 West Oro-Medonte Anglican 1855 Yes No No
20 St. James the Apostle Anglican Church 35 Clothier Street West North Grenville Anglican 1878 Yes No Yes
21 St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Church 154 King Street Waterloo Ukrainian Orthodox 1950 Yes No No
22 Bruce Mines United Church 18 William Street Bruce Mines United Church 1905 Yes No No
23 St. Philip's Anglican Church 31 St. Philip's Road Toronto Anglican 1894 Yes Yes No
24 Ste-Anne Roman Catholic Church 241 Second Street Mattawa Roman Catholic 1960 Yes No No
25 St. Matthew's Anglican Cathedral 331 Fifth Avenue Timmins Anglican 1913 Yes No No
26 St. George's Anglican Church 10792 County Road 2 Alnwick/Haldimand Anglican - Yes No No
27 St. Anthony of Padova Croatian Catholic Church 360 River Road Welland Roman Catholic 1952 Yes No No
28 Christ Church Anglican 4750 Zimmerman Avenue Niagara Falls Anglican 1865 Yes No No
29 Chesley Baptist Church 58 First Avenue North Arran-Elderslie Baptist 1914 Yes No No
30 St. Mary's Anglican Church 2574 Sixth Line Road Ottawa Anglican 1909 Yes No No
31 St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church 13091 Riverside Drive South Dundas Lutheran 1958 Yes No No
32 First Baptist Church 465 Albert Street Sault Ste. Marie Baptist 1933 Yes No No
33 Trinity Church Anglican 26 Stavebank Road North Mississauga Anglican 1954 Yes No No
34 Grace United Church (former Bethel United Church) 37 Main Street Whitewater Region United Church 1905 Yes No No
35 The Bruce Mines Museum 9227 Highway 17 Bruce Mines Non-religious 1894 Yes No No
36 St. Margaret's Anglican Church 156 Sixth Street Toronto Anglican 1910 Yes Yes No
37 Former Prestonvale Baptist Church 1890 Drummond Concession 9A Drummond/North Elmsley Non-religious 1891 Yes No No
38 Castlefield Community Church 27 Castlefield Avenue Toronto Apostolic Christian 1938 Yes No No
39 First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto 175 St. Clair Avenue West Toronto Canadian Unitarian Council 1948 No No No
40 St. James Anglican Church 225 Edmund Street Carleton Place Anglican 1882 Yes No No
41 St. Andrew's Anglican Church 28 Prospect Street Chatham-Kent Anglican 1900 Yes Yes No
42 The Church Theatre (former Evangelical Church) 1376 King Street North Woolwich Non-religious 1910 Yes No No
43 St. Andrew's United Church 309 Belanger Street West Nipissing United Church 1906 Yes No No
44 Maranatha Christian Reformed Church 301 Scott Street St. Catharines Christian Reformed Church 1955 Yes No No
45 Our Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic Church 153 Woodroffe Avenue Ottawa Roman Catholic 1957 Yes No No
46 Rosedale United Church 159 Roxborough Drive Toronto United Church 1913 No Yes No
47 St. James Anglican Church 191 Hotchkiss Street Gravenhurst Anglican - Yes No No
48 Waterloo Mennonite Brethren Church 245 Lexington Road Waterloo Mennonite - Yes No No
49 181 County Road 28 (formerly Christ Church Anglican) 181 County Road 28 Cavan-Monaghan Non-religious 1890 Yes No No
50 Newtonbrook United Church 53 Cummer Avenue Toronto United Church 1960 No No No
51 Lynden United Church 3989 Governors Road Hamilton United Church 1870 No Yes No
52 Olivet United Church 40 Empress Avenue Hamilton United Church 1949 Yes No No
53 St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church 941 Dundas Street West Toronto Roman Catholic 1981 Yes No No
54 St. Stephen's Anglican Church 5280 Howard Avenue North Tecumseh Anglican 1913 Yes No No
55 St. Paul's Anglican Church 2869 Upper James Street Hamilton Anglican - Yes Yes No
56 St. Margaret's Anglican Church 206 Montreal Road Ottawa Anglican 1887 Yes No No
57 St. Thomas d'Aquin Roman Catholic Church 1244, place Kilborn Ottawa Roman Catholic - Yes No No
58 Bromley Road Baptist Church 1900 Lauder Drive Ottawa Baptist 1962 Yes No No
59 St. Martin's Anglican Church 2120 Prince Charles Road Ottawa Anglican 1956 Yes No No
60 St. John the Baptist Anglican Church Lakeview Drive South Dundas Anglican 1957 No No No
61 St. George's Anglican Church 2786 Tatlock Road Lanark Highlands Anglican 1901 Yes No No
62 St. Paul's United Church 3760 Carp Road (Highway 5) Ottawa United Church 1965 Yes No No
63 St. Mary's Anglican Church 1171 Smith Road Ottawa Anglican - Yes No No
64 St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church 400 Sparks Street Ottawa Lutheran - Yes No No
65 St. George's Anglican Church 60 Guelph Street Halton Hills Anglican 1879 Yes No No
66 St. James the Apostle Anglican Church 719 James Street Chatham-Kent Anglican 1895 Yes Yes No
67 Christ Church Anglican 154 Kent Street Trent Hills Anglican 1854 Yes No Yes
68 St. Andrew's United Church 2585 County Road 29 (Highway 15) Mississippi Mills United Church 1897 Yes No No
69 Central United Church 30 Delhi Street Port Colborne United Church 1927 Yes No No
70 Knox United Church 34 Market Street Georgina United Church 1957 Yes No No
71 Hanover Baptist Church 381 10th Street Hanover Baptist 1913 Yes No No
72 Zion Evangelical United Church 368 Miller Street Pembroke United Church 1885 Yes No No
73 St. George's Anglican Church 3 Byron Street Wilmot Anglican 1883 Yes Yes No
74 St. Peter's Lutheran Church 200 Erie Street Port Colborne Lutheran 1961 Yes No No
75 St. John's Anglican Church 567 Queenston Road Cambridge Anglican 1952 Yes No No
76 Cayuga United Church 27 Munsee Street South Haldimand United Church 1910 Yes No No
77 St. Paul's Anglican Church 65 Talbot Street East Haldimand Anglican 1897 Yes No No
78 All Saints Anglican Church 58 Main Street North Haldimand Anglican - Yes No No
79 Glenwood Cemetery Chapel 47 Ferguson Street Prince Edward Non-denominational 1901 Yes Yes No
80 St. Jude's Anglican Church 160 William Street Oakville Anglican 1883 Yes No No
81 St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church 54 Benton Street Kitchener Lutheran 1914 Yes Yes No
82 St. Andrew's United Church 40 Joseph Street Laurentian Hills United Church 1962 No No No
83 Grace United Church 120 Pine Street Gananoque United Church 1979 Yes No No
84 St. George's Anglican Church Lowville 7051 Guelph Line Burlington Anglican 1896 Yes No No
85 Pays Plat Roman Catholic Church Highway 17 Roman Catholic 1980 Yes No No
86 St. Paul's United Church 303 Jackson Street Brockton United Church 1880 Yes No No
87 1436 Highway 7A (former St. Paul's Anglican Church) Highway 7A Kawartha Lakes Unknown 1900 Yes No No

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