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  Property name Street address Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 St. Paul's United Church 4169 Petrolia Street Petrolia United Church 1899 Yes Yes No
2 St. Thomas Anglican Church 99 Ontario Street St. Catharines Anglican 1877 Yes Yes No
3 Trinity-St. Paul's United Church 427 Bloor Street West Toronto United Church 1887 Yes Yes No
4 Cecil Street Community Centre (formerly Disciples of Christ Church) 58 Cecil Street Toronto Non-religious 1889 Yes Yes Yes
5 126 Scollard Street (former Olivet Congregational Chapel) 126 Scollard Street Toronto Non-religious 1890 Yes Yes No
6 North Street United Church 56 North Street Goderich United Church 1905 Yes Yes No
7 United Church (former Evangelical Methodist Church) 77 Main Street Rideau Lakes United Church 1894 Yes Yes No
8 St. Luke's United Church 353-355 Sherbourne Street Toronto United Church 1886 Yes Yes Yes
9 Paris Presbyterian Church 164 Grand River Street North Brant Presbyterian 1893 Yes No Yes
10 Knox Presbyterian Church 59 Riddell Street Woodstock Presbyterian 1896 Yes Yes No
11 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 425 Centre Street Prescott Presbyterian 1894 Yes No Yes
12 Trinity United Church 21886 Wheatley Road Chatham-Kent United Church 1904 Yes No No
13 St. Paul's Presbyterian Church 10150 Pine Valley Drive Vaughan Presbyterian 1888 Yes Yes No
14 St. John's Presbyterian Church 28 Second Street East Cornwall Presbyterian 1888 Yes No Yes
15 First Presbyterian Church 60 Fifth Street South Chatham-Kent Presbyterian 1892 Yes No Yes
16 Zion-Memorial United Church 37 Franklin Street Carleton Place United Church 1888 Yes No No
17 Valetta Presbyterian Church 4319 Middle Line Chatham-Kent Presbyterian 1903 Yes No No
18 Oshawa Community Church 71 Simcoe Street South Oshawa Non-denominational 1899 Yes Yes No
19 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 1 High Street Huntsville Presbyterian 1896 No Yes No
20 Scotland Baptist Church 74 Simcoe Street North Brant Baptist 1894 Yes No No
21 St. Andrew's United Church 10 Church Street Brock United Church 1907 Yes No No
22 St. Peter's Anglican Church Adelaide Street and Main Street Leeds and the Thousand Islands Anglican 1890 Yes No No
23 St. Paul's Presbyterian Church 517 Main Street West North Dundas Presbyterian 1895 Yes No No

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