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  Property name Street address Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 Yonge Mills Stone Church 25 Yonge Mills Road Front of Yonge Unknown 1837 Yes Yes No
2 The Auld Kirk Concession Road 8 Mississippi Mills United Church 1836 Yes Yes Yes
3 Ellis Chapel Old Accomodation Road between the 2nd and 3rd concession roads Puslinch Non-denominational 1861 No No No
4 Kirk Hill United Church 20915 Loggan Glenelg Road North Glengarry United Church 1849 Yes No No
5 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 1325 Kilmaurs Sideroad Ottawa Presbyterian 1886 Yes Yes Yes
6 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church (The Old Stone Kirk) Church Street at Calvin Street South Glengarry Presbyterian 1855 Yes Yes No

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