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  Property name Street address Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 Sts. Vladimir and Olga Ukrainian Catholic Church 1493 Langlois Avenue Windsor Ukrainian Catholic 1932 Yes Yes No
2 Saints Cyril and Methody Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Cathedral 237 Sackville Street Toronto Macedono-Bulgarian Orthodox - Yes No No
3 St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Church 154 King Street Waterloo Ukrainian Orthodox 1950 Yes No No
4 Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Holy Protection 30 Leeds Street Toronto Ukrainian Catholic 1964 Yes No No
5 St. Archangel Michael Serbian Orthodox Church 212 Delaware Avenue Toronto Serbian Orthodox - Yes No No
6 St. George Ukrainian Orthodox 804 McKenzie Avenue Fort Frances Ukrainian Orthodox 1946 Yes No No
7 St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Orthodox Church 190 Baker Street Greater Sudbury Ukrainian Orthodox 1950 Yes No No
8 St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church 39 McNaughton Avenue Chatham-Kent Ukrainian Catholic 1962 Yes No No
9 Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Transfiguration 131 Victoria Street South Kitchener Ukrainian Catholic 1926 Yes Yes No
10 St. Anne Ukrainian Catholic Church 525 Morrish Road Toronto Ukrainian Catholic 1960 Yes No No
11 St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Catholic Church 39 Second Street Kirkland Lake Ukrainian Catholic 1933 Yes No No
12 St. Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Catholic Church 422 David Street Welland Ukrainian Catholic 1954 Yes No No
13 Melissa Kelly Dance Academy 222 Cedar Street South Timmins Non-religious 1956 Yes No No
14 St. Demetrius Ukrainian Orthodox Church 3338 Lakeshore Blvd. West Toronto Ukrainian Orthodox 1954 Yes No No
15 Mother of God of Prousa Greek Orthodox Church 461 Richmond Street East Toronto Greek Orthodox - Yes No No
16 Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. Andrew 1630 Dupont Street Toronto Ukrainian Orthodox 1945 No No No
17 St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church 203 River Street Toronto Serbian Orthodox 1953 No No No
18 St. Nikolas Serbian Orthodox Church 1415 Barton Street East Hamilton Serbian Orthodox 1974 Yes No No
19 St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church 1025 8th Street North Kenora Ukrainian Orthodox 1959 Yes No No
20 Nativity of the Mother of God/St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church 6248 Main Street Niagara Falls Ukrainian Catholic - Yes No No
21 St. George Serbian Orthodox Church 665 King Street North Waterloo Serbian Orthodox - Yes No No
22 Protection of the Mother of God 464 Ritson Road South Oshawa Slovak Greek Catholic Church 1955 Yes No No
23 Russian Orthodox Church of Christ the Saviour 140 Fairview Avenue London Russian Orthodox 1959 No No No
24 Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church 1244 Exmouth Street Sarnia Ukrainian Orthodox 1969 Yes No No
25 St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Orthodox Church 31 Bloor Street East Oshawa Ukrainian Orthodox 1949 Yes Yes No
26 Nativity of St. Mary Greek Orthodox Church 261 Bloor Street East Oshawa Greek Orthodox - No No No
27 Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church 151 King Edward Avenue London Ukrainian Orthodox 1963 Yes No No
28 St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Shrine 952 Green Valley Crescent Ottawa Ukrainian Catholic 1984 Yes No Yes
29 Annunciation of the Virgin Mary and Sts. Nektarios and Gerasimos 261 Bloor Street East Oshawa Greek Orthodox - Yes No No

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