Other services


Catering services are provided by our approved caterers who rank among the finest in the Greater Toronto Area. These dedicated professionals can coordinate many aspects of your functions – including food, rentals, staffing, music and décor. The caterer's proposal for the event, as submitted to the licensee, must be approved in advance by the Theatre Centre. The catering costs will include a service fee, which is remitted to the Theatre Centre. The Theatre Centre is unable to provide any tables, chairs, cutlery, utensils, trays, etc. These must be provided through the caterer.


The Theatre Centre is licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and would be pleased to supply your beverage requirements on a Host or Cash Bar basis. Cash Bar prices include staff charges, service fees and applicable taxes. Host Bar prices do not include HST or the 15 per cent service charge. Beverages must be supplied through the Centre, and we will do our best to accommodate individual requests (if we are given the information two weeks in advance of the event).

Ushers and elevator operators

The House Manager will arrange for the appropriate number of attendants from the Centre's staff to greet and guide your guests and provide any assistance required. As the elevators are restored heritage cage elevators, they require an operator at all times when in use. Any access to the Theatres and Lobbies requires the presence of Centre staff. All staff hired specifically for an event must be paid for a minimum of four hours. There is a minimum staffing requirement for all events depending on the location of the function and the number of guests. Should your event require our staff to be present prior to 8 a.m. or remain in the Centre beyond midnight, charges will be passed on to the licensee. A House Manager or programming representative is in attendance at all events, to coordinate staff, caterers and your special requirements. Only the House Manager may direct the activities of the staff.

Elevator Operator Photo Bob Thacker
Credit: Bob Thacker

Security services

Patrons or guests will not be permitted in the lobby until the agreed starting time of the event. A limited number of organizers may be given earlier access, if arranged with the House Manager. The client will be responsible for any loss, theft or damage caused from neglect or irresponsibility of the guests or patrons. Any repairs or replacement will be charged at cost.


The Centre is a non-smoking facility, in accordance with the City of Toronto Bylaws. No decoration may deface the licensed premises. The use of tape, tacks, pins, staples or other fasteners is expressly forbidden, in order to preserve the heritage features of the building. Placement of any easels or displays must be approved by the House Manager in order to comply with Fire Safety requirements. The use of any recording devices in the Theatres or any media coverage of your event must be approved, in writing, by the Centre. For a reception being held in conjunction with a theatre evening, House policy is that once the performance is in progress, latecomers are admitted at the House Manager's discretion.