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  Nom du bien Adresse municipale Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 21 Main Street North Glengarry Presbyterian 1890 Oui Non Non
2 Rosedale Presbyterian Church 129 Mount Pleasant Drive Toronto Presbyterian 1909 Oui Oui Non
3 Former Knox Presbyterian Church 50 Erb Street West Waterloo N/A 1957 Non Non Non
4 Dixie Presbyterian Church 3065 Cawthra Road Mississauga Presbyterian 1910 Oui Oui Non
5 St. Andrew's Memorial Presbyterian Church 24 Stavebank Road North Mississauga Presbyterian 1927 Oui Non Non
6 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 211 Brodie Street South Thunder Bay Presbyterian 1908 Oui Oui Oui
7 St. Thomas à Becket Anglican Church/Glenbrook Presbyterian Church 3535 South Common Court Mississauga Non-denominational Christian 1971 Oui Non Non
8 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 13190 Keele Street King Presbyterian 1873 Oui Non Non
9 Knox Presbyterian Church 51 Church Street St. Catharines Presbyterian 1860 Oui Oui Non
10 Former St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 372 Merritt Street St. Catharines Non-religious 1876 Oui Non Non
11 Westminster Presbyterian Church 470 Roosevelt Avenue Ottawa Presbyterian 1931 Oui Non Non
12 Knox Presbyterian Church 5664 McDonald's Corners Road Lanark Highlands Presbyterian 1906 Oui Non Non
13 Alberton Presbyterian Church 527 Alberton Road North Hamilton Presbyterian 1878 Non Oui Non
14 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 3256 Main Street North Stormont Presbyterian 1945 Oui Non Non
15 Rockwood Presbyterian 255 Main Street Guelph/Eramosa Presbyterian 1853 Oui Non Non
16 Former Dunbar Presbyterian Church County Road 7 North Dundas Non-religious 1873 Oui Non Non
17 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 10855 Highway 62 Centre Hastings Presbyterian - Oui Oui Non
18 St. Giles Presbyterian Church 174 First Avenue Ottawa Presbyterian 1928 Oui Non Non
19 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 3529 McBean Street Ottawa Presbyterian 1884 Oui Non Non
20 Peace Tower Church (former Erskine Presbyterian Church) 343 Bronson Avenue Ottawa Pentecostal - Oui Non Non
21 Knox Presbyterian Church 5533 Dickinson Street Ottawa Presbyterian 1926 Oui Non Non
22 First Presbyterian Church 639 Grey Street Thunder Bay Presbyterian 1961 Oui Non Non
23 Private residence (former St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church) 3760 Battersea Road South Frontenac Non-religious 1852 Non Non Non
24 Union Presbyterian Church 16789 22nd Sideroad Halton Hills Presbyterian 1884 Non Non Non
25 St. Paul's Presbyterian Church 166 John Street Hawkesbury Presbyterian 1870 Oui Non Non
26 Tolmie Memorial Presbyterian Church 699 Goderich Street Saugeen Shores Presbyterian 1926 Oui Non Non

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