If a temporary disruption of service takes place within a normal day of operation at an Ontario Heritage Trust site, the site will immediately post a notice on the public entry door(s) to the site and/or any conspicuous place(s). The notice will include the reason for the disruption, the anticipated length of the disruption and, where possible, a description of an alternative facility or service as available.

This notice will be posted in English and French until normal service has been restored.

The Trust will also post a notice of the disruption on the Ontario Heritage Trust website when the disruption is to be longer than twenty-four (24) hours in duration. The notice of the disruption will include particulars of its impact on visiting the site for persons with disabilities and, where possible, a description of alternative services that have been made available. This notice will remain posted on the website until the disruption has been remedied. The Trust is responsible for immediately removing the notice when normal service has resumed.

The Trust will immediately notify all staff working at the site at the time of the disruption. Staff will speak to public visitors and notify them of the temporary disruption and of any alternative facility or service available to the visitors (if feasible).