Application deadline: September 1

The Trust encourages applications for plaques from the Ontario public. It also develops potential plaque topics on its own initiative in order to fulfil its conservation priorities and promote knowledge of Ontario's heritage. Both types of proposals are considered by the Board of Directors during an annual adjudication process. Individuals or organizations may apply for a provincial plaque. Individuals who apply are encouraged to demonstrate community support by securing endorsements and funding from local government, heritage groups or other community associations. You are encouraged to discuss your proposal with Trust staff before applying. Applications should include the following:

  • an application form, completed in full and submitted by regular mail with:
    • an original background paper (1,000 words) that substantiates the importance of the proposed subject in the heritage of the province with reference to authoritative sources
    • if applicable, a letter to the Chair or CEO of the Trust requesting a plaque with a text in an additional language (all plaques are produced with English and French texts)


Before sending us your application for a provincial plaque, feel free to use this handy checklist to make sure you have everything you need for your completed application to be considered.


  • have read and understand the program criteria and guidelines
  • have contacted the Plaque Program Coordinator to discuss the possible project
  • have a potential location and/or optional locations in mind for the plaque
  • have discussed possible plaque location(s) with property owner(s)
  • have completed the application form
  • have prepared an original 1,000-word essay to support the provincial importance of the plaque subject
  • have indicated the funding commitment on the application form
  • are prepared to assist with the coordination and planning, at the local level, for a public unveiling event
  • understand that the Ontario Heritage Trust is the final arbiter of the plaque text, historical background paper, any third-language use and plaque location

With these items checked off, you are ready to submit your application for a provincial plaque. Thank you.

More information

For information on existing plaques, visit our Plaque database. For background papers on existing plaques or any other information about the Provincial Plaque Program, please contact plaque program staff:

Plaque Program Coordinator
Ontario Heritage Trust
10 Adelaide Street East
Toronto, Ontario M5C 1J3
Telephone: 416-212-1366
Fax: 416-325-5071