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  Property name Street address Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 First Presbyterian Church 10 Church Street Brockville Presbyterian 1879 Yes Yes Yes
2 Holy Trinity Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church 105 First Street Welland Greek Orthodox 1969 Yes No No
3 Trinity United Church 41 Market Street North Smiths Falls United Church 1885 Yes No No
4 Niagara United Mennonite Church 1775 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake Mennonite - Yes No No
5 St. Paul's Presbyterian Church 85 Lot Street Norfolk Presbyterian 1884 No No No
6 Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church 520 Sherbourne Street Toronto Roman Catholic 1884 Yes Yes Yes
7 Toronto Chinese Baptist Church 72 Beverley Street Toronto Baptist 1886 Yes Yes No
8 St. Luke's United Church 353-355 Sherbourne Street Toronto United Church 1886 Yes Yes Yes
9 Sts. Cyril and Methodius Church 14 Rolls Avenue St. Catharines Ukrainian Catholic 1944 Yes Yes Yes
10 St. Volodymyr's Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral 406 Bathurst Street Toronto Ukrainian Catholic 1947 Yes No No
11 St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church 38 Wilson Street East Perth Roman Catholic 1847 No Yes No
12 Metropolitan United Church 468 Wellington Street London United Church 1895 Yes Yes Yes
13 Knox Presbyterian Church 59 Riddell Street Woodstock Presbyterian 1896 Yes Yes No
14 Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Holy Protection 30 Leeds Street Toronto Ukrainian Catholic 1964 Yes No No
15 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 73 Simcoe Street Toronto Presbyterian 1874 Yes Yes Yes
16 St. Vladimir Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral 855 Barton Street East Hamilton Ukrainian Orthodox 1948 Yes No No
17 Durham Baptist Church 106 Elgin Street West Grey Baptist 1902 Yes No No
18 St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church 9116 Bayview Avenue Richmond Hill Antiochian Orthodox 1951 Yes No No
19 St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Orthodox Church 190 Baker Street Greater Sudbury Ukrainian Orthodox 1950 Yes No No
20 Church of the Resurrection 278 MacNab Street North Hamilton Romanian Orthodox 1959 Yes No No
21 Cathedral of the Transfiguration 10350 Woodbine Avenue Markham Byzantine Rite Catholic 1980 Yes No No
22 St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church 40 Notre Dame Avenue Greater Sudbury Ukrainian Catholic 1969 Yes No No
23 St. Anne Ukrainian Catholic Church 525 Morrish Road Toronto Ukrainian Catholic 1960 Yes No No
24 Saint George Romanian Orthodox Church 247 Rosethorn Avenue Toronto Romanian Orthodox - Yes No No
25 St. Alphonsus Roman Catholic Church 540 St. Clair Avenue West Toronto Roman Catholic 1911 Yes Yes No
26 St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church 419 Pearl Street Burlington Ukrainian Catholic 1973 Yes No No
27 St. Demetrius Ukrainian Orthodox Church 3338 Lakeshore Blvd. West Toronto Ukrainian Orthodox 1954 Yes No No
28 Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church 1490 Markham Road Toronto Ukrainian Catholic 1979 Yes No No
29 Danforth Baptist Church 60 Bowden Street Toronto Baptist 1911 Yes No No
30 St. Mary Dormition Church 276 Bathurst Street Toronto Ukrainian Catholic 1924 Yes No No
31 St. George's Ukrainian Orthodox Church 8 Augusta Avenue St. Catharines Ukrainian Orthodox 1960 Yes No No
32 St. Nikolas Serbian Orthodox Church 1415 Barton Street East Hamilton Serbian Orthodox 1974 Yes No No
33 761 Community Development Corporation/Inspirations Studio 761 Queen Street West Toronto Non-religious 1920 Yes No No
34 Trinity United Church Water Street North Dundas United Church 1907 Yes No No
35 Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral 1000 Byron Avenue Ottawa Ukrainian Orthodox 1977 Yes No No
36 Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary 716 Pacific Avenue Thunder Bay Ukrainian Orthodox 1911 Yes Yes No
37 Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ Ukrainian Catholic Church 629 McIntosh Street Thunder Bay Ukrainian Catholic 1916 Yes Yes No
38 Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Ascension 1609 Mountdale Avenue Thunder Bay Ukrainian Catholic 1916 No No No
39 Knox Presbyterian Church 251 Duncan Street Chatham-Kent Presbyterian 1899 Yes Yes No
40 St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church 1025 8th Street North Kenora Ukrainian Orthodox 1959 Yes No No
41 Oshawa Community Church 71 Simcoe Street South Oshawa Non-denominational 1899 Yes Yes No
42 St. Nikolas Serbian Orthodox Cathedral 153 Nash Road South Hamilton Serbian Orthodox - No No No
43 Grace Church 289 Court Street North Thunder Bay Evangelical Free Church of Canada - No No No
44 St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church 430 Fourth Street North Kenora Ukrainian Catholic 1955 Yes Yes No
45 St. George the Great Martyr Ukrainian Catholic Church 597 Albert Street Oshawa Ukrainian Catholic 1955 Yes Yes No
46 Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church 1244 Exmouth Street Sarnia Ukrainian Orthodox 1969 Yes No No
47 Descent of the Holy Ghost Romanian Orthodox Church 2895 Seminole Street Windsor Romanian Orthodox 1934 Yes Yes Yes
48 St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Orthodox Church 31 Bloor Street East Oshawa Ukrainian Orthodox 1949 Yes Yes No
49 Nativity of St. Mary Greek Orthodox Church 261 Bloor Street East Oshawa Greek Orthodox - No No No
50 Cornerstone United Reformed Church 180 Waterloo Street London United Reformed Church 1890 Yes Yes No
51 Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church 151 King Edward Avenue London Ukrainian Orthodox 1963 Yes No No
52 St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Shrine 952 Green Valley Crescent Ottawa Ukrainian Catholic 1984 Yes No Yes
53 St. Nicholas Macedonian Orthodox Church 5225 Howard Avenue LaSalle Macedono-Bulgarian Orthodox 1981 Yes No No
54 Former St. Mary’s Dormition Ukrainian Catholic Church 103 Mountain Road Grimsby Non-religious 1935 Yes No No
55 Sts. Peter and Paul Melkite Catholic Church 1161 North River Road Ottawa Melkite Greek Catholic 1978 Yes No Yes
56 Holy Protection of the Mother of God Ukrainian Catholic Church 115 York Road Guelph Unknown 1954 No Yes No
57 Annunciation of the Virgin Mary and Sts. Nektarios and Gerasimos 261 Bloor Street East Oshawa Greek Orthodox - Yes No No

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