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  Property name Street address Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 Faith Centennial United Church Main Street West Haldimand United Church 1964 Yes No Yes
2 Open Door Christian Fellowship 940 Dundas Street London Evangelical Christian 1895 Yes No No
3 Christ Emmanuel Community Church 2712 Victoria Park Avenue Toronto Evangelical Christian 1969 Yes No No
4 Lansing Gospel Hall 41 Elmhurst Avenue Toronto Non-denominational Christian 1922 Yes No No
5 Gore Bay Gospel Hall 5 Agnes Street Gore Bay Evangelical Christian - Yes No No
6 Grace Bible Church Draper Street East Northeastern Manitoulin and The Islands Evangelical Christian 1965 Yes No No
7 Chinese United Church (former Central Gospel Tabernacle) 600 Bank Street Ottawa United Church 1924 Yes No No
8 Emmanuel United Church 280 Huron Road Perth South United Church 1869 Yes No Yes
9 Kenora Bible Church 1455 Valley Drive Kenora Evangelical Christian 1960 No No No
10 Bethel Gospel Church 1710 O'Brien Street North Bay Evangelical Christian 1964 Yes No No
11 St. Mark's Evangelical Church 45 Draper Street Essex Evangelical Christian 1980 Yes No No

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