Our vision - Ontario Heritage Trust


Our vision

An Ontario where the places, landscapes, traditions and stories that embody our heritage are reflected, valued and conserved for future generations.

Our mission

  • To be the centre for heritage information, knowledge and expertise;
  • To lead by demonstrating excellence in cultural and natural conservation;
  • To foster an understanding and appreciation of our past through our programming and events; and
  • To give voice to the diversity of Ontario’s people and places.

Our values

  • Inclusive, multifaceted representations of the province’s heritage that reflect our diversity and complexity;
  • Integrated and collaborative conservation of natural, cultural, tangible and intangible heritage;
  • Archaeology, landscapes of memory, storytelling, tradition and Indigenous language as irreplaceable heritage resources of cultural significance;
  • Holistic, sustainable community planning that serves the public good and establishes a sense of place, civic identity and permanence through the integration of old and new;
  • The discovery, knowledge and insight, generated by cultural heritage, which fosters cultural affiliation and reconciliation, and enables us to better understand ourselves;
  • The centrality of heritage conservation in the effective stewardship of the environment and in the creation of sustainable and resilient communities; and
  • The potential of heritage to inspire, to stimulate creativity, and to motivate us to bequeath knowledge, narratives and histories, and a diverse and authentic cultural environment to future generations.