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  Property name Street address Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 Former Nazrey African Methodist Episcopal Church 277 King Street Amherstburg Non-religious 1848 Yes Yes Yes
2 Norval Johnson Heritage Centre (former R. Nathaniel Dett Chapel) 5674 Peer Street Niagara Falls Non-religious 1836 Yes Yes Yes
3 Salem Chapel British Methodist Episcopal Church 92 Geneva Street St. Catharines British Methodist Episcopal Church 1855 Yes Yes Yes
4 Sandwich First Baptist Church 3652 Peter Street Windsor Baptist 1851 Yes Yes Yes
5 Pioneer Church 29251 Uncle Tom's Road Chatham-Kent Non-religious 1850 Yes Yes Yes
6 St. Andrew's United Church 6641 Middle Line Chatham-Kent United Church 1858 Yes No Yes
7 Beth Emmanuel British Methodist Episcopal Church 430 Grey Street London British Methodist Episcopal Church 1868 Yes Yes Yes

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