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  Property name Street address Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 Calvary Church 746 Pape Avenue Toronto Evangelical 1929 Yes No No
2 Former Toronto Brock Avenue Gospel Hall 311 Brock Avenue Toronto Evangelical 1930 Yes No No
3 Korean Bethel Evangelical Church 1155 College Street Toronto Evangelical 1887 Yes No No
4 Niagara Community Church 9527 McLeod Road Niagara Falls Evangelical - Yes No No
5 The Church Theatre (former Evangelical Church) 1376 King Street North Woolwich Non-religious 1910 Yes No No
6 Former Evangelical Church Queens Line West Elgin Non-religious 1898 Yes No No
7 Highlands Christian Ministries 113 West Gore Street Stratford Evangelical 1900 Yes No No
8 Calvary Memorial United Church 91 Gruhn Street Kitchener United Church 1921 Yes No No
9 Cree Gospel Chapel Unknown Evangelical - Yes No No
10 Grace United Church 116 Woodstock Street South East Zorra-Tavistock United Church 1904 Yes Yes No
11 Former Lingelbach United Church 1802 Highway 7 Perth East Non-religious 1883 Yes No No
12 Emmanuel United Church 28 Mill Street Bluewater United Church 1874 Yes No No
13 Zephyr Evangelical Missionary Church 14209 Concession 3 Uxbridge Evangelical 1889 Yes No No
14 Graphite Bible Chapel 702A Graphite Road Hastings Highlands Evangelical 1970 Yes No No
15 Arnprior Wesleyan Church 192 Harrington Street Arnprior Wesleyan Church 1908 Yes No No
16 Brampton Evangelical Missionary 48 McLaughlin Road South Brampton Evangelical 1960 Yes No No
17 Calvary Bible Church 395 Nelson Street Kingston Evangelical 1965 Yes No No
18 Ebenezer Free Presbyterian Church 40 4th Street Arran-Elderslie Presbyterian 1889 Yes No No
19 Steinberg Organ Company (former Salem Evangelical Church) 13173 Ort Road Fort Erie Non-religious 1883 Yes No No
20 Brethren in Christ Church 5340 Sherkston Road Fort Erie Evangelical 1958 Yes No No
21 Port Elgin Missionary Church 659 Gustavus Street Saugeen Shores Evangelical 1875 Yes No No
22 Hanover Missionary Church 628 11th Steet Hanover Evangelical 1980 Yes No No
23 Zion Evangelical United Church 368 Miller Street Pembroke United Church 1885 Yes No No
24 Maberly Gospel Hall 382 Maberly-Elphin Road Tay Valley Evangelical - Yes No No
25 Evangelical Fellowship Chapel 778 Ossington Avenue Toronto Evangelical - Yes No No
26 Gospel Fellowship Chapel 180 Chestnut Street St. Thomas Evangelical 1985 Yes No No
27 Mount Carmel-Zion United Church 22 Victoria Street Puslinch United Church 1856 No No No

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