Doors Open Ontario - Ontario Heritage Trust


Discover the story behind every door

Come on in! The Ontario Heritage Trust has invited communities across the province to open the doors, gates and courtyards of their unique and most fascinating cultural sites so we can see inside.

From April to October, explore Ontario’s heritage treasures at free public events across the province. Satisfy your curiosity and get behind normally closed doors to experience intriguing interiors, where you will be inspired by rare and exceptional materials, craftsmanship and design. From historical houses to modern marvels of construction, Doors Open Ontario has something for everyone!

In 2019, the Ontario Heritage Trust will explore the theme of communication by examining how verbal and written language, the preservation of language, technological innovation, communications systems and cross-cultural exchange have influenced Ontario’s cultural heritage.

Communication connects us – over space and time. It allows people to share ideas, knowledge, tradition and creativity from the past. Communication forges community and builds understanding. This year, we hope that you will join the Trust – through the provincewide Doors Open Ontario program – in exploring Ontario’s history of communication.