Application requirements

Applications must be submitted using the form found on the SlideRoom online portal. Step-by-step application instructions are available on the portal.

To be deemed a complete application, the following components must be submitted on or before the application deadline by each applicant:

1. Application form

2. Curriculum vitae

3. Portfolio

Portfolio components

Each application must be supported by documentation that is sufficiently representative of the applicable artistic discipline and the artist’s body of work. The portfolio should:

  • illustrate past work as an independent professional artist and provide a resumé and samples of their work (i.e., the applicant works full-time as an artist and has been trained in his/her art form)
  • demonstrate recognition by peers and the artist’s community
  • explain how the residency will expand and develop his/her work as an artist and contribute to the creative process, building on past work

The application deadline is September 30.

Please provide up to four items – images (up to 5 MB each), video (up to 250 MB each), audio (up to 30 MB each) and/or PDFs (up to 10 MB each). You may also link to media from YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud.

Decisions will be made in November each year. Only complete and fully eligible applications will be processed. Successful candidates will be notified in December.

If candidates have questions about eligibility, the application/assessment process or the residency program in general, they are encouraged to contact the Trust at 437-246-7652 or by email at prior to the annual application deadline.