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  Property name Street address Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 Chinese Gospel Church 450 Dundas Street West Toronto Associated Gospel - Yes No No
2 St. Matthew Anglican Church 135 Wilson Road South Oshawa Anglican 1955 No No No
3 Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses 4860 Highway 7 Vaughan Jehovah's Witnesses 1980 Yes No No
4 Ja'ffari Islamic Centre 7340 Bayview Avenue Vaughan Islam - Shi'a 1979 No No No
5 Plains Baptist Church 6071 Fairview Road Central Elgin Baptist 1981 Yes No No
6 Immaculate Heart and St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church 2153 Parkwood Avenue Windsor Roman Catholic - No Yes No
7 Bethel Community Church 128 St. Vincent Street Barrie Congregational Christian Church - Yes No No
8 Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses 9946 Gore Road Southwold Jehovah's Witnesses 1975 Yes No No
9 All Saints Roman Catholic Church 214 Front Street East Strathroy-Caradoc Roman Catholic - Yes No No
10 Central Baptist Church 300 Fairview Drive Brantford Baptist 1972 Yes No No
11 St. Luke's Anglican Church 50 Van Horne Avenue Dryden Anglican - Yes No No
12 First Church of Christ Scientist 196 St. George Street Toronto Church of Christ, Scientist 1916 Yes Yes No
13 Anshei Minsk 10 St. Andrew Street Toronto Judaism - Orthodox 1930 Yes Yes No
14 Crossroads United Church 690 Sir John A. MacDonald Blvd. Kingston United Church 1970 Yes No No
15 St. Anne's Anglican Church 270 Gladstone Avenue Toronto Anglican 1907 Yes Yes Yes
16 Kiever Synagogue (The First Russian Congregation of Rodfei Sholem Anshei Kiev) 28 Denison Square and 25 Bellevue Street Toronto Judaism - Orthodox 1923 Yes Yes No
17 St. Ann's Roman Catholic Church 711 Gerrard Street East Toronto Roman Catholic 1913 Yes Yes No
18 Beach Hebrew Institute (The Beach Synagogue) 109 Kenilworth Avenue Toronto Judaism - Conservative 1895 Yes Yes Yes
19 Knesseth Israel (Junction Shul) 56 Maria Street Toronto Judaism - Orthodox 1911 Yes Yes Yes
20 Corpus Christi Church 1810 Queen Street East Toronto Roman Catholic 1927 Yes Yes No
21 St. Vincent de Paul 263 Roncesvalles Avenue Toronto Roman Catholic 1915 Yes Yes No
22 St. Clare's Church 1118 St. Clair Avenue West Toronto Roman Catholic 1913 Yes Yes No
23 Richview United Church 149 Wellesworth Drive Toronto United Church 1961 Yes Yes No
24 Shaar Hashomayim Synagogue 115 Giles Blvd. East Windsor Judaism - Orthodox 1929 Yes Yes No
25 Central United Church 628-638 Ouellette Avenue Windsor United Church 1906 Yes Yes No
26 Knox Presbyterian Church 11 Aberdeen Avenue Brantford Presbyterian 1910 Yes Yes No
27 St. Martin's Anglican Church 1201 St. Martin's Drive Pickering Anglican 1981 Yes No No
28 Plattsville Evangelical Missionary Church 15 Albert Street East Blandford-Blenheim Evangelical Missionary Church 1885 Yes Yes No
29 Metropolitan Bible Church 453 Bank Street Ottawa Associated Gospel - Yes No No
30 Beth Israel Synagogue/Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough 775 Weller Street Peterborough Judaism - Conservative 1964 Yes No No
31 Windsor (Dominion) Mosque 1320 Northwood Street Windsor Islam 1969 Yes Yes No
32 St-Jérôme 3739 Ypres Ave Windsor Roman Catholic 1960 Yes No No
33 Mary Immaculate Roman Catholic Church 1980 Trafalgar Street London Roman Catholic 1966 Yes No No
34 St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church 7830 Edgar Street Windsor Roman Catholic 1967 Yes No No
35 St. Joseph's Catholic Church 392 Palace Road Kingston Roman Catholic 1964 Yes No No
36 Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Church (former St. William) 1203 Church Street Lakeshore Roman Catholic 1980 Yes No No
37 Blessed Sacrament Church 325 Toll Gate Road East Cornwall Roman Catholic 1965 Yes No No
38 Beth David B'nai Israel Beth Am 55 Yeomans Road Toronto Judaism - Conservative 1959 Yes No No
39 St. Giles' Anglican Church 95 Cook Street Barrie Anglican 1969 Yes No No
40 St. Bernard of Clairvaux Roman Catholic Church 165 Thompson Road West Norfolk Roman Catholic 1965 Yes No No
41 St. Anne's Church 20 Morrison Drive St. Thomas Roman Catholic 1969 Yes No No
42 St. Matthew the Apostle – Oriele Anglican Church 80 George Henry Blvd. Toronto Anglican 1969 Yes No No
43 St. Denis the Areopagite 3 George Street North Athens Roman Catholic 1970 Yes No No
44 St. Aloysius Roman Catholic Church 41 John Street Kawartha Lakes Roman Catholic 1890 Yes No No
45 St. Mary of the Assumption 12 Centre Street North Huntsville Roman Catholic 1970 Yes No No
46 Westmount Park Church 1483 Royal York Road Toronto Associated Gospel 1963 Yes No No
47 First United Church 230 Eighth Avenue Timmins United Church 1970 No No No
48 St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church 31 Meikle Street South Dundas Roman Catholic 1975 Yes No No
49 Dufferin Street Baptist Church 1219 Dufferin Street Toronto Baptist 1905 Yes Yes No
50 St. Charles Borromeo Roman Catholic Church 811 Lawrence Avenue West Toronto Roman Catholic 1960 Yes No No
51 Garside Bible Church 47 Garside Avenue North Hamilton Associated Gospel 1950 Yes No No
52 St. Matthew Lutheran Church 382 Britannia Street Stratford Lutheran 1960 Yes No No
53 Sons of Jacob Synagogue 211 Victoria Street Belleville Judaism 1955 Yes No No
54 Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist 41 Chatsworth Drive Toronto Church of Christ, Scientist 1955 Yes No No
55 Solel Congregation 2399 Folkway Drive Mississauga Judaism - Reform 1978 Yes No No
56 Grace Mennonite Church 677 Niagara Street St. Catharines Mennonite 1957 Yes No No
57 Beth Jacob Synagogue 147 Overbrook Place Toronto Judaism - Orthodox - Yes No No
58 Christ Church Anglican 254 Sunset Blvd. Whitchurch-Stouffville Anglican 1962 Yes No No
59 First Christian Reformed Church 25 Tweedsmuir Avenue Chatham-Kent Christian Reformed Church - Yes No No
60 All People's United Church 109 Chaffey Street Welland United Church 1977 Yes No No
61 Beth Joseph Anshei New York Congregation 44 Edinburgh Drive Toronto Judaism - Orthodox - Yes No No
62 Church of the Croatian Martyrs 4605 Mississauga Road Mississauga Roman Catholic 1979 Yes No No
63 St. James Presbyterian Church 310 McNaughton Avenue Chatham-Kent Presbyterian 1960 Yes No No
64 Glebe Community Centre (former St. Paul Methodist Church) 175 Third Avenue Ottawa Non-religious 1914 Yes No No
65 Green Door Bed and Breakfast (former Brockville Pentecostal Tabernacle) 61 Buell Street Brockville Non-religious 1928 Yes No No
66 Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda 100 Elder Street Toronto Judaism - Conservative 1959 Yes No No
67 Meadowvale West Church Centre 6945 Meadowvale Town Centre Circle Mississauga Non-denominational Christian 1979 Yes No No
68 Parkdale Baptist Church 514 Sidney Street Belleville Baptist 1960 Yes No No
69 Knox Presbyterian Church 55 Hincks Street St. Thomas Presbyterian 1883 Yes No No
70 St. Bernard de Clairvaux Roman Catholic Church 1789 Lawrence Avenue West Toronto Roman Catholic 1959 Yes No No
71 St. Matthew's Anglican Church 1600 Norfolk Street Windsor Anglican - No No No
72 Community of Christ 105 Fairview Avenue St. Thomas Community of Christ 1970 Yes No No
73 Petawawa Presbyterian Church 24 Ethel Street Petawawa Presbyterian 1984 Yes No No
74 Faith Evangelical Missionary Church 3849 King Street East Kitchener Evangelical Missionary Church 1973 Yes No No
75 St. Agnes Roman Catholic Church 1019 Brown Street Thunder Bay Roman Catholic 1981 Yes No No
76 Westminster Presbyterian Church 170 Steel Street Barrie Presbyterian - No No No
77 Eastminster United Church 432 Bridge Street East Belleville United Church 1956 Yes No No
78 Highland Baptist Church 135 Highland Road West Kitchener Baptist 1958 Yes No No
79 Bridlewood Presbyterian Church 2501 Warden Avenue Toronto Presbyterian 1973 Yes No No
80 8 Elm Street (former United Missionary Church) 8 Elm Street Aylmer Non-religious 1955 Yes No No
81 Grace Baptist Church 3150 Tecumseh Road East Windsor Baptist 1951 Yes No No
82 Peace Lutheran Church 1971 Rossini Blvd. Windsor Lutheran 1957 Yes No No
83 New Gate Presbyterian Church 240 The Westway Toronto Presbyterian 1960 Yes No No
84 Bai't-Un-Nur 2301 King Street East Hamilton Islam - Yes No No
85 Westminster United Church 1199 Wallbridge-Loyalist Road Belleville United Church 1969 No No No
86 Adath Israel 37 Southbourne Avenue Toronto Judaism - Conservative 1957 Yes No No
87 Quinte Alliance Church 373 Bridge Street West Belleville Christian and Missionary Alliance 1982 Yes No No
88 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 436 Elm Street St. Thomas Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) 1960 Yes No No
89 First Baptist Church Timmins 100 Second Avenue Timmins Baptist - Yes No No
90 Westfort Baptist Church 1219 Ford Street Thunder Bay Baptist 1910 Yes No No
91 Beth Shalom 1445 Eglinton Avenue West Toronto Judaism - Conservative 1950 Yes No No
92 King City United Church 50 Elizabeth Grove King United Church 1963 Yes No No
93 First-Pilgrim United Church 200 Main Street East Hamilton United Church 1912 Yes No No
94 Congregation B'nai Torah 465 Patricia Avenue Toronto Judaism - Orthodox 1970 Yes No No
95 Holy Spirit Church 15 St. Olga Street Hamilton Ukrainian Catholic 1965 Yes No No
96 Malvern-Emmanuel United Church 25 Sewells Road Toronto United Church 1982 Yes No No
97 Congregation B'nai Israel 190 Church Street St. Catharines Judaism - Conservative 1923 Yes No No
98 Hamilton Korean Presbyterian Church 200 Sanford Avenue North Hamilton Presbyterian 1927 Yes Yes No
99 St. Philip's Evangelical Lutheran Church 236 Woodhaven Road Kitchener Lutheran 1958 No No No
100 Church of the Pentecost 1355 Warden Avenue Toronto Full Gospel 1959 Yes No No
101 Kinmount Baptist Church 4937 March Road Kawartha Lakes Baptist 1959 Yes No No
102 Fenelon Falls Salvation Army Citadel 42 Bond Street West Kawartha Lakes Salvation Army 1962 Yes No No
103 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 10 Lorraine Avenue Kitchener Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) 1964 Yes No No
104 Church of St. Luke 3200 Bayview Avenue Toronto Lutheran 1959 Yes No No
105 Brooke Avenue Baptist Church 156 Falkirk Avenue Toronto Baptist 1951 Yes No No
106 Baha'i Centre 288 Bloor Street West Toronto Baha'i - Yes No No
107 Kensington Gallery 235 Kensington Avenue Hamilton Non-religious 1912 Yes No No
108 Laidlaw Memorial United Church 155 Ottawa Street North Hamilton United Church 1915 Yes No No
109 Calvary Church 89 Scott Street St. Catharines Associated Gospel - Yes No No
110 Darchei Noam Synagogue 864 Sheppard Avenue West Toronto Judaism - Reform 1968 Yes No No
111 Our Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic Church 3170 St. Clair Avenue East Toronto Roman Catholic 1951 No No No
112 St. Maurice Roman Catholic Church 4 Perry Street Ottawa Roman Catholic 1964 Yes No No
113 Parkdale United Church 171 Dunn Avenue Toronto United Church 1976 No No No
114 Central Christadelphian Church 728 Church Street Toronto Christadelphian 1949 Yes No No
115 Runnymede United Church 432 Runnymede Road Toronto United Church 1927 Yes No No
116 Sfanta Maria Romanian Orthodox Church 94 Eighth Avenue Timmins Romanian Orthodox - Yes No No
117 Cornerstone Christian Fellowship 4 McFarlane Street Stratford Non-denominational Christian 1970 Yes No No
118 St. Monica's Roman Catholic Church 2080 Merivale Road Ottawa Roman Catholic - Yes No No
119 Redeemer Lutheran Church 271 Elm Street St. Thomas Lutheran 1975 Yes No No
120 Highland Road United Church 214 Highland Road East Kitchener United Church 1949 Yes No No
121 Shaarey Zedek 610 Giles Blvd. East Windsor Judaism 1958 No Yes No
122 Village Green Community Church 505 Village Green Avenue London Non-denominational Christian 1975 Yes No No
123 West London Alliance Church 750 Wonderland Road North London Christian and Missionary Alliance 1968 Yes No No
124 St. Luke's Anglican Church 904 Coxwell Avenue Toronto Anglican 1970 No No No
125 St. Ninian Anglican Church 930 Bellamy Road North Toronto Anglican 1970 Yes No No
126 St. Gabriel's Passionist Roman Catholic Church 670 Sheppard Avenue Toronto Roman Catholic 1951 Yes No No
127 Ottawa Chinese Catholic Centre 1247 Kilborn Place Ottawa Roman Catholic 1960 No No No
128 Epiphany Anglican Church 700 Kennedy Road Toronto Anglican 1955 Yes No No
129 Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Church 20 Grant Street Ottawa Roman Catholic 1947 No No No
130 St. Ignatius Martyr Roman Catholic Church 518 Donald Street Ottawa Roman Catholic 1959 Yes No No
131 Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church 2610 Birchmount Road Toronto Baptist 1973 Yes No No
132 Riverside Missionary Church 456 King Street East Toronto Missionary Church 1902 No No No
133 Madina Masjid 1015 Danforth Avenue Toronto Islam - Sunni 1984 Yes No No
134 St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church 49 Queen Street North Kitchener Lutheran 1960 Yes No No
135 Epiphany Evangelical Lutheran Church 20 Old Kingston Road Toronto Lutheran - Yes No No
136 Stashover-Slipia Synagogue – Beth Knesset Anshei Stashover-Slipia 11 Sultana Avenue Toronto Judaism - Orthodox 1964 Yes No No
137 The Pride of Israel Synagogue 59 Lissom Crescent Toronto Judaism - Conservative 1969 Yes No No
138 The Gathering Place 164 Eighth Avenue Kitchener Church of God 1975 Yes No No
139 Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses 701 Ellesmere Road Toronto Jehovah's Witnesses 1960 Yes No No
140 Nativity of the Mother of God Ukrainian Catholic Church 257 Shaw Street Toronto Ukrainian Catholic 1921 Yes No No
141 Trinity Full Gospel Church 6645 Highway 35 Kawartha Lakes Pentecostal 1900 Yes No No
142 Morningstar Christian Fellowship 7601 Sheppard Avenue East Toronto Baptist 1978 Yes No No
143 Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses 5 Maple Leaf Drive Toronto Jehovah's Witnesses 1970 Yes No No
144 Wesley Chapel Free Methodist Church 2385 Warden Avenue Toronto Methodist 1978 Yes No No
145 St. Irene Chrysovalantou Greek Orthodox Church 66 Gough Avenue Toronto Greek Orthodox 1974 Yes No No
146 Adas Israel Synagogue 125 Cline Avenue South Hamilton Judaism - Orthodox 1961 Yes No No
147 Toronto Mandarin Chinese Community Church 2230 Birchmount Road Toronto Unknown 1981 Yes No No
148 Templo Nueva Vida Church (New Life Temple Church) 279 Grosvenor Avenue North Hamilton Pentecostal 1906 Yes No No
149 Kielcer Congregation 2941 Bathurst Street Toronto Judaism - Orthodox 1970 Yes No No
150 Quaker Meeting House 7 Butty Place Hamilton Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) 1971 Yes No No
151 St. Boniface Church 420 Aberdeen Avenue Hamilton Roman Catholic - Yes No No
152 Transfiguration Evangelical Lutheran Church 232 Fennell Avenue East Hamilton Lutheran - Yes No No
153 St. Mark's United Church 1 Lynndale Drive Hamilton United Church 1961 Yes Yes No
154 Regina Mundi Church 631 Mohawk Road West Hamilton Roman Catholic 1976 Yes No No
155 St. Anthony of Padua Church 165 Prospect Street North Hamilton Roman Catholic - Yes No No
156 Pilgrim Lutheran Church 1054 Upper Sherman Avenue Hamilton Lutheran - Yes No No
157 Temple Emanu-El (Synagogue) 120 Old Colony Road Toronto Judaism - Reform 1960 No No No
158 Westside Baptist Church 261 Whitney Avenue Hamilton Baptist 1964 Yes No No
159 St. Mark's Syrian Orthodox Church 1202 Dunsmure Road Hamilton Syrian Orthodox 1959 Yes No No
160 Sheppard Gospel Hall 720 Sheppard Avenue West Toronto Church of God 1980 Yes No No
161 Salvation Army – Dovercourt Citadel 789 Dovercourt Road Toronto Salvation Army 1910 Yes No No
162 Our Lady of the Highways Croatian Catholic Church 466 2nd Line East Sault Ste. Marie Roman Catholic 1981 Yes No No
163 St. Gerard Majella Roman Catholic Church 211 Pentagon Blvd. Sault Ste. Marie Roman Catholic 1967 Yes No No
164 St. Jerome's Roman Catholic Church 26 Carmel Road Sault Ste. Marie Roman Catholic 1960 Yes No No
165 Corpus Christi Church 1694 Upper James Street Hamilton Roman Catholic 1962 No Yes No
166 St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church 304 Highway 8 Hamilton Roman Catholic 1958 Yes Yes No
167 St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church 203 River Street Toronto Serbian Orthodox 1953 No No No
168 St. James United Church 400 Burnhamthorpe Road Toronto United Church 1954 No No No
169 London Muslim Mosque 51 Summit Avenue London Islam - Sunni 1964 Yes No Yes
170 Mount Hamilton United Church 31 Summit Avenue Hamilton United Church 1955 Yes No No
171 United Baptist Church 41 Malabar Drive Sault Ste. Marie Baptist 1975 Yes No No
172 Christ Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church 18 Victoria Avenue South Hamilton Lutheran - Yes No No
173 Bethel Pentecostal Church 2988 Ontario Street Stratford Pentecostal 1975 No No No
174 Stanley Avenue Baptist Church 115 Stanley Avenue Hamilton Baptist 1924 Yes No No
175 Belarusan Autocephalous Orthodox Church 524 St. Clarens Avenue Toronto Other 1922 Yes No No
176 Wesleyan Community Church 507 Pitt Street Cornwall Wesleyan Church - Yes No No
177 Christ Church Anglican 231 Sixth Avenue Greater Sudbury Anglican 1953 Yes No No
178 Holy Korean Martyrs Roman Catholic Church (former Église Christ Roi) 254 Argyle Avenue Ottawa Roman Catholic 1930 Yes No No
179 City Church 221 Baribeau Street Ottawa Pentecostal 1957 Yes No No
180 Cannington Baptist Church 60 Cameron Street West Brock Baptist 1887 Yes No No
181 Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie (formerly Salvation Army Citadel) 304 Parliament Street Toronto Non-religious 1912 Yes No No
182 Sudbury Salvation Army Community Church 107 Lorne Avenue Greater Sudbury Salvation Army 1963 Yes No No
183 At Thy Word Ministries Church 3120 Duval Avenue Cornwall Non-denominational Christian 1965 Yes No No
184 St. Anthony Church 19 Mary Street Greater Sudbury Roman Catholic - No No No
185 Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Second Avenue Roman Catholic - No No No
186 St. Stephen's-on-the-Hill United Church 1248 Lauzon Avenue Greater Sudbury United Church 1951 No No No
187 Notre Dame du Rosaire 2758 Main Street Greater Sudbury Roman Catholic - No No No
188 L'Annonciation Church 1168 Northway Avenue Greater Sudbury Roman Catholic - No No No
189 St. Andrew the Apostle Church 1250 Barrydowne Road Greater Sudbury Roman Catholic 1955 No No No
190 St. Casimir Church 210 Paris Street Greater Sudbury Roman Catholic - No No No
191 St. Peter's United Church 203 York Steet Greater Sudbury United Church 1973 No No No
192 Redeemer Lutheran Church 1199 Lansing Avenue Greater Sudbury Lutheran - No No No
193 Parkview Church 89 Speedvale Avenue East Guelph Pentecostal 1976 Yes No No
194 St. Hugh and St. Edmund Anglican Church 7314 Goreway Drive Mississauga Anglican 1970 Yes No No
195 New Hope Christian Centre 176 Highway 8 Hamilton Non-denominational Christian 1950 No Yes No
196 Living Hope Christian Assembly 1045 Garth Street Hamilton Non-denominational - Yes No No
197 West Guilford Gospel Chapel 1019 Kennisis Lake Road Dysart, Dudley, Harcourt, Guilford, Harburn, Bruton, Havelock, Eyre and Clyde Unknown - Yes No No
198 Harcourt Community Chapel 1054 Harcourt Road Dysart, Dudley, Harcourt, Guilford, Harburn, Bruton, Havelock, Eyre and Clyde Non-denominational Christian - Yes No No
199 St-Claude Roman Catholic Church 2599, chemin Innes Ottawa Roman Catholic 1985 Yes No No
200 Salvation Army, Brockville Citadel 175 First Avenue Brockville Salvation Army - Yes No No

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