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  Property name Street address Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 17621 St. Andrew's Road Caledon Presbyterian 1853 No Yes No
2 The Auld Kirk Concession Road 8 Mississippi Mills United Church 1836 Yes Yes Yes
3 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Scarborough 115 St. Andrew's Road Toronto Presbyterian 1849 Yes Yes Yes
4 Old St. Andrew's Church 45 King Street East Cramahe Presbyterian 1830 Yes No Yes
5 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 325 St. George Street West Centre Wellington Presbyterian 1862 Yes Yes Yes
6 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 73 Simcoe Street Toronto Presbyterian 1874 Yes Yes Yes
7 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 9860 Keele Street Vaughan Presbyterian 1862 Yes Yes Yes
8 St. Andrew's United Church 137 Old Danforth Road Alnwick/Haldimand United Church 1844 Yes Yes No
9 3318 Dundas Street (formerly St. Paul's Presbyterian Church) 3318 Dundas Street Burlington N/A 1867 Yes Yes No
10 St. Andrew's United Church 523 Simcoe Street Brock United Church 1880 Yes No No

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