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  Property name Street address Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 Erie Street United Church 38 Erie Street South Chatham-Kent N/A 1875 Yes Yes No
2 Former Lodge Hall (formerly Mount Olivet Methodist Church) 6512 Main Street Lakeshore N/A 1888 Yes Yes No
3 Chapel of Hope (at the former London Psychiatric Hospital) 850 Highbury Avenue London N/A 1884 Yes Yes Yes
4 Former St. Andrew's United Church 1008 King Street Champlain N/A 1832 Yes Yes Yes
5 Detweiler Mennonite Meeting House 3445 Roseville Road North Dumfries N/A 1855 Yes Yes No
6 Christ the King Roman Catholic Church 2930 Dominion Blvd. Windsor N/A 1925 Yes No No
7 Former St. Brigid's Roman Catholic Church Highway 23 West Perth N/A 1899 Yes No No
8 1135 March Road (former St. Isidore Roman Catholic Church) 1135 March Road Ottawa N/A 1886 Yes No No
9 Former St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church 1493 Parent Avenue Windsor N/A 1931 Yes No No
10 Former Knox Presbyterian Church 50 Erb Street West Waterloo N/A 1957 No No No
11 108 Holland Park Avenue (former Mount Zion Apostolic Church) 108 Holland Park Avenue Toronto N/A 1930 Yes No No
12 Picton Main Street Market (former Methodist Episcopal church) 106 Main Street Prince Edward N/A 1875 Yes No No
13 Former Memorial United Church 105 Maple Street St. Catharines N/A 1943 Yes No No
14 Former Glebe Presbyterian Church 124 Belsize Drive Toronto N/A 1914 Yes No No
15 Willowdale Christian Assembly 448 Kenneth Avenue Toronto N/A 1970 Yes No No
16 135 Barrette Street (formerly St-Charles-Borromée Roman Catholic Church) 135 Barrette Street Ottawa N/A 1907 Yes Yes No
17 108 Second Street East (former Knox-St. Paul's United Church) 108 Second Street East Cornwall N/A 1884 Yes No No
18 Former Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church 107 South Street North Thorold N/A 1871 Yes No No
19 St. Patrick's Anglican Church Mount Carmel Drive (between Saintsbury Line and Coursey Line) Lucan Biddulph N/A 1893 No No No
20 Former St. Mark's Anglican Church 3rd Avenue Louth and 7th Street Louth Lincoln N/A 1912 Yes No No
21 652 Lakeshore Road (former Our Lady of Sorrows Church) 652 Lakeshore Road Sarnia N/A 1960 Yes No No
22 559 Huron Street (former Holy Rosary Church) 559 Huron Street Plympton-Wyoming N/A 1880 Yes No No
23 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 90 Main Street Brighton N/A 1877 Yes No Yes
24 3318 Dundas Street (formerly St. Paul's Presbyterian Church) 3318 Dundas Street Burlington N/A 1867 Yes Yes No
25 Former Mount Elgin United Church 324105 Mount Elgin Road South-West Oxford N/A 1900 Yes No No
26 102 College Avenue South 102 College Avenue South Sarnia N/A - Yes No No
27 Ambassador Baptist Church 360 Adelaide Street North London N/A 1884 Yes Yes No
28 Duart Presbyterian Church 15236 Thomson Line Chatham-Kent N/A 1890 No No No

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