Esencia Flamenca

Elgin & Winter Garden Theatres

Thursday, November 7, 2024, at 7:30 p.m.

Esencia Flamenca

Esencia Flamenca, as its name suggests, was created to express the essence of this magnificent centuries-old art form. A deep passion for flamenco passed through generations of the Castro Romero family is what is behind its unforgettable music, ardent choreography and vibrant cante.

Castro Romero's siblings' names are among Spain’s most celebrated flamenco artists. Incredibly popular at home, they also received international recognition performing on the world’s top stages such as The American Ballet, Paris Opera and The Royal Ballet.

The siblings' journey into the world of professional flamenco performers started under the tutelage of their renowned mother, Rosario Romero, owner and founder of Flamenco Academy. It is with her inspiration and tireless instruction that they learned the best-kept secrets of the flamenco tradition and found their unique voice and expression that distinguish them from other modern-day performers.

Early in their performing careers, they caught the eye of Carlos Saura and Antonio Gades and were cast to film in El Amor Brujo. Their performance left a mark in the famous Corral de la Morería in Madrid, sealing their reputation as outstanding flamenco performers, bringing invariably excellent reviews both by seasoned flamenco and music critics.

In 1994, Rosario, Ricardo and Jose Romero launched their own dance company, Flamenco Suite Española, which has been a guest of honour at festivals around the world, including Mexico’s Cervantino Festival, Finland’s Mikkeli Festival, Greece’s Aegean Festival, Ukraine’s Amalá Festival and the Czech Republic’s Khamoro Festival.

In 2008, the Castro Romero brothers were honoured with Spain’s National Prize for Dance as Living Cultural Treasures. In 2024, the Castro Romero siblings brought Esencia Flamenco on a grand Canadian tour visiting Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec and Vancouver. We are thrilled to have them return to the Elgin Theatre!

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