Terra Bruce Productions Presents: The Wild Rovers

Elgin & Winter Garden Theatres

Saturday, October 14 to Sunday, November 5, 2023 (various times)

Terra Bruce Productions Presents: The Wild Rovers

Terra Bruce Productions presents this fantastical new musical — a wild adventure with songs you know and love, including The Wild Rover, The Black Velvet Band, Whiskey In the Jar and more. Inspired by the music and magic of the beloved Irish Rovers, The Wild Rovers is a mad-cap adventure that sees the famed band whisked away to a fantastical land of Athunia, not to be confused with their sworn enemy, Ethunia, (and, yes, they are pronounced exactly the same). These fictional countries find themselves on the brink of war and the loveable, hard-working band must help them find a path to peace through song.

There will be puppets, there will be no intermission and there most definitely will be no fourth wall!

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Winter Garden Theatre
189 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario