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  Property name Street address Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 Eagle Place Christian Fellowship 13 Edward Street Brantford Pentecostal 1911 Yes Yes No
2 Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie (formerly Salvation Army Citadel) 304 Parliament Street Toronto Non-religious 1912 Yes No No
3 Ukrainian Full Gospel Church 557 Bathurst Street Toronto Full Gospel 1900 Yes No No
4 Stanley Avenue Baptist Church 115 Stanley Avenue Hamilton Baptist 1924 Yes No No
5 First Baptist Church Chatham 135 King Street East Chatham-Kent Baptist 1935 Yes No Yes
6 Arkona Baptist Church 13 Church Street Lambton Shores Baptist 1858 Yes No No
7 Lighthouse Community Church (formerly Parker Street United Church) 152 Parker Street Sarnia Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada 1927 Yes No No
8 Covenant Reformed Baptist Church 64 Coldwater Street East Orillia Baptist 1915 Yes No No
9 Salvation Army – Dovercourt Citadel 789 Dovercourt Road Toronto Salvation Army 1910 Yes No No
10 Chinese Christian Church of Ottawa 116 Empress Avenue Ottawa Non-denominational Christian 1922 Yes No No
11 Rustic Urban Living (formerly First Baptist Church) 15 Main Street West Huntsville Non-religious - Yes No No
12 Slavic Pentecostal Church of London 70 Tecumseh Avenue East London Pentecostal - No No No

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