Long Point Settlement, The

Long Point was known to traders and travellers before the area was purchased from the Mississauga Indians in 1784. In this unsurveyed area twenty to thirty "squatters" had settled by 1791, some of whom were allowed to remain following surveys and Governor Simcoe's visit in 1795. Further land grants were made to approved applicants, including many Loyalists. During the War of 1812 General Brock raised militia volunteers here for the attack on Detroit. The settlement's farms and mills, until ravaged in 1814 by U.S. troops, helped supply the armed forces. By 1825 the "Long Point Settlement" was prospering again and in 1837 the seven townships became part of the new Talbot District.


Within the area of the original settlement, on the grounds of the OPP office, Highway 59, north of Long Point and south of Walsingham

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Norfolk (District)

Municipality: County of Norfolk