Managed Forest Conservation Easement Agreements


Landowners interested in the long-term conservation and protection of their forest properties from future clear-cutting or “high-grading” have the opportunity to partner with the Ontario Heritage Trust through a Managed Forest Conservation Easement Agreement (MFCEA). The Trust can accommodate a conservation interest or intent to steward a property in a particular manner beyond a property owner’s life or beyond a particular period of ownership. A conservation easement agreement can provide, in perpetuity, protection of forest lands (e.g., Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program or MFTIP), managed in accordance with an approved managed forest plan or certification process. Not every managed forest would be a candidate. Only those whose owners who have expressed an interest in long-term conservation of the natural core forest and who wish to enhance biodiversity by continuing plantation conversion by non-commercial harvesting in accordance with sustainable forestry practices are candidates for an Ontario Heritage Trust Managed Forest Conservation Easement Agreement.

Scope of the MFCEA

Consideration for a MFCEA will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The focus will be on those property owners who are enrolled in sustainable forest programs, who have property with core natural heritage values, and who share the objectives of ecosystem protection and forest biodiversity enhancement.

For further information, please contact the Trust.

Cora Munn property
Cora Munn property