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  • 1 William G. Storm

    William George Storm was born in England and emigrated to York (Toronto), Upper Canada (Ontario) in 1830. His early years in Canada are poorly documented, but he seems to have worked as a contractor. He was a pupil of William Thomas (c. 1799-1860) and he made several study trips to Europe. Storm was planning to move to California until he received an offer of employment in 1852 from the office of Frederick Cumberland (1820-81). This partnership lasted until 1863, when Storm began practising on his own. He designed several churches in Toronto, including: the Chapel of St. James-the-less (Toronto, 1858); Carlton Street Methodist Church (Toronto, 1874, demolished); and St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church (Toronto, 1874-76). He also designed the Ontario County Courthouse (Cumberland and Storm, Whitby, 1853) and Sackville Street Public School (Toronto, 1887). Storm was also the first president of the Ontario Association of Architects and a member of the Royal Canadian Academy.

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