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  Property name Street address Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 Salvation Army Citadel 219 Simcoe Street Peterborough Salvation Army - No No No
2 St. Crispin's Anglican Church 77 Craiglee Drive Toronto Anglican 1921 Yes No No
3 Beaches Presbyterian Church 65 Glen Manor Drive Toronto Presbyterian 1926 Yes No No
4 Castlefield Community Church 27 Castlefield Avenue Toronto Apostolic Christian 1938 Yes No No
5 Celestial Church of Christ 1322 Jane Street Toronto Church of Christ 1932 Yes No No
6 Hamilton Vietnamese Alliance Church 79 South Bend Road East Hamilton Non-denominational Christian - Yes No No
7 Kensington Gospel Hall 162 1/2 Kensington Avenue North Hamilton Non-denominational Christian 1920 Yes No No
8 St. Mark's United Church 237 Cannifton Road Belleville United Church 1852 Yes No No
9 Cannington Baptist Church 60 Cameron Street West Brock Baptist 1887 Yes No No
10 Christ Church Anglican 585 Allen's Side Road Sault Ste. Marie Anglican 1932 Yes No No
11 Osgoode Bible Chapel 3250 Old George Street Ottawa Other 1900 Yes No No
12 Old Full Gospel Country Church 196 and 292 Maple Leaf West Sault Ste. Marie Full Gospel - Yes No No
13 Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Church 285 Ted Commanda Drive (Garden Village) Roman Catholic - No No No
14 St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church 9 Miller Avenue Cobalt Roman Catholic 1925 Yes Yes No
15 Trinity Reformed Episcopal Church North Quarry Road and Highway 11 North Harley Reformed Episcopal Church - Yes No No

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