Frederick House

A Hudson's Bay Company post named after a son of George III, Frederick House was established in 1785 to prevent Canadian fur traders in the Abitibi region from intercepting the passage of furs to Moose Fort (Moose Factory) on James Bay. Throughout its operation, it encountered intense, occasionally violent competition, particularly from a rival concern on nearby Devil's Island. As a result, it never flourished. After its manager, two labourers and a number of native people were murdered during the winter of 1812-13, Frederick House declined further and was no longer permanently staffed. The post was finally abandoned in 1821 when the merger of the Hudson's Bay and North West companies effectively ended the struggle for control of trade in the area.


Near the site of the former post, Local Road 610 at Barbers Bay, near Connaught, east of Timmins

Region: Northern Ontario

County/District: District of Cochrane

Municipality: City of Timmins