Marshall Pynkoski (Co-Artistic Director of Opera Atelier)

Art in the face of adversity

Opera Atelier’s 30th anniversary in 2016 was a watershed season for the company. It marked our return to the Royal Opera House at Versailles and our arrival in France on November 13 – the day of the terrorist attacks. Opera Atelier’s production of Lully’s Armide reopened the Royal Opera House one week after the Paris attacks and, in the words of Laurent Brunner (Directeur, Château de Versailles Spectacles), it was seen as “an extraordinary act of solidarity of support on behalf of Opera Atelier and of Canada.”

For all of us, it was the most profound use to which we had ever put our art. What could possibly be more inspiring than seeing 80 of Canada’s finest artists onstage in this historic theatre – refusing to be terrified by terror? This event could never have been realized without the generous support of Canada’s federal and provincial governments, and our loyal corporate and private sponsors.

Photos courtesy of Opera Atelier (Credit: Bruce Zinger)

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