Walper Hotel, 20 Queen Street South

Year built: 1893

Builder: Abel Walper

Original purpose: The Walper Hotel hosted many notable guests in its heyday, but fell into disrepair by the late 20th century. After being designated a historical landmark under the Ontario Heritage Act in 1983, conservation and restoration work began in 2016 to bring it back to its former splendour.

Adaptive reuse: Restored as a landmark hotel in downtown Kitchener, The Walper Hotel saw extensive exterior and interior restoration, with many esthetic upgrades. The hotel reopened in 2018 and is a key element in the revitalization of Kitchener’s downtown. Today, as part of the Hyatt chain, it is a major local cultural and entertainment site.

Adapted by: Zehr Group, Perimeter Development Corporation, David Struke and CK Atlantis Ltd.

Awards: 2019 Lieutenant Governor’s Ontario Heritage Award for Excellence in Conservation


The Walper Hotel (Photo: Michael Muraz)
The Walper Hotel (Photo: Michael Muraz)