Discovering and sharing our history – Our story, with presenter Jennifer DeBruin

Wednesday, February 3, 2021 at 7:30 p.m.

Struggling with how to put all your names, dates and data into a story that your family and others can enjoy reading? Join us for this presentation where Jennifer DeBruin will share information on how to do just that.

DeBruin has blended her historical/genealogical research into writing and presentations, sharing our rich North American history. In this presentation she will be covering:

  • Preparing to research: suggested forms, what to look for first, etc.
  • Where to research: types of sources, sites to visit (electronic and physical), etc.
  • Importance of historical context: understanding the times our ancestors lived in, and how it offers clues to further research
  • Ways to share information: ideas on documenting, storing and sharing with family and others
  • Introduction to genealogical DNA: options and uses in research

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For more information:

Contact: Huron County Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society
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