Portable genealogy: You can take it with you

Saturday, February 20, 2021 at 1 p.m.

This is a presentation for genealogists who want to take their family history with them when they travel or visit research repositories. Start by synchronizing your files between computers, programs that support Android and iOS devices, and third-party options to use with GEDCOM copies of your file.

Our presenter, Bob Dawes, is a retired technology industry executive who got turned on to genealogy in the early 1990s. He enjoys combining technology and travel to research his family. Dawes and his wife Barbara, also an avid genealogist, have travelled throughout North America and the United Kingdom in pursuit of their ancestors. Their most recent trip was a 35-day trip to Scotland where they filled in for the staff for a week at the Buchan Family History Centre in Peterhead. Dawes is a past chair of the Quinte Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society and has given presentations to many branches and conferences.

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