5 properties found that match your criteria.


  Property name Street address Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 840 Esdras Avenue (former Riverside Presbyterian Church) 840 Esdras Avenue Windsor Non-religious 1929 Yes Yes No
2 Hogarth Hermiston Severs, Barristers and Solicitors (former First Christian Science Church) 114 Giles Blvd. West Windsor Non-religious 1920 Yes Yes No
3 First Lutheran Church 160 Giles Blvd. West/1176 Victoria Avenue Windsor Lutheran 1928 Yes Yes No
4 Linh-Son Buddhist Temple 706 Goyeau Street Windsor Buddhism 1950 Yes No No
5 St. Theresa's Roman Catholic Church 1991 Norman Road Windsor Roman Catholic 1948 Yes Yes No

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