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  Property name Street address Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 Avondale Zion United Church 60 Harvey Street Tillsonburg United Church 1886 Yes Yes No
2 Zion United Church 210-214 Napier Street at 69 Pearl Street North Hamilton United Church 1874 Yes Yes No
3 First Baptist Church Brantford 70 West Street Brantford Baptist 1857 Yes Yes No
4 Central United Church 34 Riddell Street Woodstock United Church 1875 Yes Yes Yes
5 Canadian Reformed Church of Brampton (former Mount Pleasant Church) 10060 Creditview Road Brampton Canadian Reformed Church 1904 Yes Yes No
6 St. Theresa's Roman Catholic Church 1991 Norman Road Windsor Roman Catholic 1948 Yes Yes No
7 Sydenham Street United Church 82 Sydenham Street Kingston United Church 1851 Yes Yes No
8 Westbrook United Church 3526 Princess Street Kingston United Church 1867 Yes Yes No
9 Dublin Street United Church 66 Suffolk Street West Guelph United Church 1874 Yes Yes No
10 First United Church 7 Curtis Street St. Thomas United Church 1950 Yes No No
11 Elora United Church 75 Geddes Street Centre Wellington United Church 1862 Yes No No
12 All Saints Anglican Church 223 Sherbourne Street Toronto Anglican 1874 Yes Yes Yes
13 Wall Street United Church 5 Wall Street Brockville United Church 1830 Yes Yes Yes
14 Chalmers United Church 212 Barrie Street Kingston United Church 1889 Yes Yes No
15 First Baptist Church Brockville 5 Pine Street Brockville Baptist 1878 Yes Yes Yes
16 Christ Church Anglican 30 Church Street Gananoque Anglican 1857 Yes Yes Yes
17 Victoria Street United Church 40 Victoria Street South Goderich United Church 1878 Yes Yes No
18 Christ's Church Cathedral 252 James Street North Hamilton Anglican 1873 Yes Yes Yes
19 Church of the Ascension 64 Forest Avenue Hamilton Anglican 1850 Yes Yes Yes
20 Church of the Good Thief 743 King Street West Kingston Roman Catholic 1892 Yes Yes No
21 All Saints Anglican Church 330 City Hall Square Windsor Anglican 1855 Yes Yes No
22 Dundas Street United Church 285 Dundas Street Woodstock United Church 1890 Yes Yes Yes
23 Cambridge Street United Church 61 Cambridge Street North Kawartha Lakes United Church 1871 Yes No No
24 Christ Church 12 Turner Street Georgina Anglican 1862 Yes No No
25 United Church (former Evangelical Methodist Church) 77 Main Street Rideau Lakes United Church 1894 Yes Yes No
26 St. John the Baptist 225 Brock Street Amherstburg Roman Catholic 1844 Yes Yes No
27 St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church 4673 Victoria Avenue Niagara Falls Roman Catholic 1895 Yes Yes No
28 Victoria Lofts (formerly Victoria-Royce Presbyterian Church) 152 Annette Street Toronto Non-religious 1890 Yes Yes No
29 Bloor Street United Church 300 Bloor Street West Toronto United Church 1889 Yes Yes No
30 Knox United Church 116 Fifth Avenue South Kenora United Church 1898 Yes Yes No
31 Bonar-Parkdale Presbyterian Church 250 Dunn Avenue Toronto Presbyterian 1886 Yes Yes No
32 Corpus Christi Church 1810 Queen Street East Toronto Roman Catholic 1927 Yes Yes No
33 First Christian Reformed Church 513 Talbot Street London Christian Reformed Church 1881 Yes Yes No
34 St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church 210 Wilbrod Street Ottawa Lutheran 1889 Yes Yes Yes
35 Bedford United Church 3340 Sandwich Street Windsor United Church 1906 Yes Yes No
36 St. Paul's Anglican Church 12 Pine Street Brockville Anglican 1840 Yes No No
37 Mount Zion Presbyterian Church 59 Main Street East Chatham-Kent Presbyterian 1879 Yes Yes No
38 St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church 379 Division Street Cobourg Roman Catholic 1895 Yes Yes Yes
39 St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Church 17298 County Road 18 South Stormont Roman Catholic 1860 Yes Yes Yes
40 Knox Presbyterian Church 142 Ontario Street Stratford Presbyterian 1914 Yes Yes Yes
41 St. James' Anglican Church 41 Mornington Street Stratford Anglican 1868 Yes Yes Yes
42 First Baptist Church Thunder Bay 308 Red River Road Thunder Bay Baptist 1907 Yes Yes No
43 Hare Krishna Centre (former Church of the Covenant) 243 Avenue Road Toronto Other 1899 Yes Yes No
44 First Church of Christ Scientist 196 St. George Street Toronto Church of Christ, Scientist 1916 Yes Yes No
45 St. Jude's Anglican Church 81 Peel Street Brantford Anglican 1871 Yes No Yes
46 St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral 261-265 Johnson Street Kingston Roman Catholic 1843 Yes Yes No
47 Newton Robinson United Church Lot 24, Concession 10, Tecumseth Township Bradford West Gwillimbury United Church 1887 Yes Yes No
48 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 82 Kent Street Ottawa Presbyterian 1872 Yes Yes No
49 Metropolitan United Church 56 Queen Street East Toronto United Church 1871 Yes Yes Yes
50 St. John's Polish National Church 180-186 Cowan Avenue Toronto Polish National Catholic 1886 Yes Yes Yes
51 Cecil Street Community Centre (formerly Disciples of Christ Church) 58 Cecil Street Toronto Non-religious 1889 Yes Yes Yes
52 St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church 274 Concord Avenue Toronto Lutheran 1929 Yes Yes No
53 College Street United Church 452 College Street Toronto United Church 1885 Yes Yes No
54 Igreja Presbiteriana de Lingua Portuguesa/Nak-won Presbyterian Church 700 Dovercourt Road Toronto Presbyterian 1905 Yes Yes No
55 St. Helen's Roman Catholic Church 1688 Dundas Street West Toronto Roman Catholic 1908 Yes Yes No
56 St. Thomas Anglican Church 4 Mary Street Bracebridge Anglican 1896 Yes Yes No
57 St. Thomas Anglican Church 305 Colborne Street South Brockton Anglican - Yes Yes No
58 10962 Hill Road (former St. John's Anglican Church) 10962 Hill Road Chatham-Kent Non-religious 1877 Yes Yes No
59 St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church 146 Park Street North Hamilton Roman Catholic 1859 Yes Yes Yes
60 St. Paul's Anglican Church 137 Queen Street Kingston Anglican 1845 Yes Yes No
61 St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church 29 Russell Street East Kawartha Lakes Roman Catholic 1859 Yes Yes Yes
62 St. Paul's Anglican Church 45 Russell Street West Kawartha Lakes Anglican 1885 Yes Yes Yes
63 Church of St. John the Evangelist 280 St. James Street London Anglican 1888 Yes Yes Yes
64 St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church 33645 Roman Line Lucan Biddulph Roman Catholic 1858 Yes Yes Yes
65 George Street United Church 534 George Street North Peterborough United Church 1875 Yes Yes Yes
66 Christ Church 414 Oil Street Petrolia Anglican 1958 Yes Yes No
67 St. Mark the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church 160 Dibble Street West Prescott Roman Catholic 1887 Yes Yes No
68 Precious Blood Cathedral 778 Queen Street East Sault Ste. Marie Roman Catholic 1876 Yes Yes Yes
69 Trinity United Church 30 Algoma Street South Thunder Bay United Church 1904 Yes Yes Yes
70 Church of St. Mary Magdalene 469 Manning Avenue Toronto Anglican 1888 Yes Yes No
71 Christ the Saviour Russian Orthodox Cathedral 823 Manning Avenue Toronto Russian Orthodox 1906 Yes Yes No
72 St. John's Anglican Church 3305 Sandwich Street Windsor Anglican 1818 Yes Yes Yes
73 St. James-the-Less Chapel 635 Parliament Street Toronto Anglican 1860 Yes Yes Yes
74 Our Lady of Lebanon 1515 Queen Street West Toronto Roman Catholic 1910 Yes Yes No
75 St. Leo's Church 277 Royal York Road Toronto Roman Catholic 1953 Yes Yes No
76 St. Aidan's Anglican Church 70 Silver Birch Avenue Toronto Anglican 1910 Yes Yes No
77 St. Clare's Church 1118 St. Clair Avenue West Toronto Roman Catholic 1913 Yes Yes No
78 Holy Family Chaldean Catholic Church 686 Marentette Avenue Windsor Roman Catholic 1904 Yes Yes No
79 Church of the Ascension 1385 University Avenue West Windsor Anglican 1907 Yes Yes No
80 Chalmers United Church 15 Vansittart Avenue Woodstock United Church 1925 Yes Yes No
81 Lincoln Road United Church 659 Lincoln Avenue Windsor Islam 1914 Yes Yes No
82 Dalhousie Church Lofts Inc. (former Calvary Baptist Church) 260 Dalhousie Street Brantford Non-religious 1895 Yes Yes No
83 St. Andrew's United Church 95 Darling Street Brantford United Church 1857 Yes Yes No
84 Trinity Anglican Church 12 Blair Road Cambridge Anglican 1844 Yes Yes No
85 St. Peter's Anglican Church King Street East and College Street Cobourg Anglican 1851 Yes No Yes
86 Northside United Church 54 Goderich Street South Huron East United Church 1877 Yes No No
87 Wesley United Church 69 Superior Street Brantford United Church 1903 Yes Yes No
88 Colborne United Church Church and Percy streets Cramahe United Church 1862 Yes No No
89 Masonic Lodge (former St. Andrews United Church) 619 County Road 8 Elizabethtown-Kitley Non-religious 1875 Yes No Yes
90 St. James Church 22 Victoria Street Huron East Roman Catholic 1869 Yes No No
91 St. Columbanus 77 Kingston Street Rideau Lakes Roman Catholic 1897 Yes No No
92 St. Peter’s Catholic Church 156 North Street Goderich Roman Catholic 1896 Yes Yes No
93 Former St. Mark's Anglican Church 120 Bay Street South Hamilton Non-religious 1878 Yes Yes Yes
94 Stewart Memorial Church 114 John Street North Hamilton Non-denominational 1848 Yes Yes Yes
95 Merrickville United Church 100 St. Lawrence Street Merrickville-Wolford United Church - Yes No No
96 Picton United Church 12 Chapel Street Prince Edward United Church 1898 Yes Yes Yes
97 St. Paul's United Church 62 Peter Street North Orillia United Church 1869 Yes No No
98 St. George Memorial Church 51 Centre Street South Oshawa Anglican 1922 Yes Yes No
99 First Baptist Church Goderich 39 Montreal Street Goderich Baptist 1906 Yes Yes No
100 Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church 131 Thames Street North Ingersoll Roman Catholic 1879 Yes Yes No
101 Trinity United Church 100 King Street West or 118 Church Street Ingersoll United Church - Yes Yes No
102 St. James' Anglican Church 184 Oxford Street Ingersoll Anglican 1868 Yes Yes No
103 Church of the Epiphany 85 Larch Street Greater Sudbury Anglican 1912 Yes Yes No
104 St. Joachim Church 2722 County Road 42 Lakeshore Roman Catholic 1882 Yes No No
105 James Street Baptist Church 96 James Street South Hamilton Baptist 1878 Yes Yes Yes
106 Metropolitan Bible Church 453 Bank Street Ottawa Associated Gospel - Yes No No
107 St. James The Apostle Anglican Church 86 Glasgow Street North Guelph Anglican 1891 Yes Yes No
108 St. Paul's Eastern United Church 473 Cumberland Street Ottawa United Church 1888 Yes Yes No
109 40 Westmoreland Avenue (formerly Church of St. Mary the Virgin and St. Cyprian) 40 Westmoreland Avenue Toronto Non-religious 1913 Yes Yes No
110 Westminster United Church 115 George Street Zorra United Church 1938 Yes Yes No
111 St. John's Anglican Church 220 Dundas Street Zorra Anglican 1862 Yes Yes No
112 St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church 36 Henderson Street Centre Wellington Anglican 1875 Yes Yes No
113 Beth Israel Synagogue/Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough 775 Weller Street Peterborough Judaism - Conservative 1964 Yes No No
114 Lyndhurst United 403 Highway 33 Leeds and the Thousand Islands United Church 1890 Yes No No
115 Trinity United Church 360 Reid Street Peterborough United Church 1914 Yes No No
116 Mark Street United Church 90 Hunter Street East Peterborough United Church 1928 Yes No No
117 Northminster United Church 294 Sunset Blvd. Peterborough United Church 1959 Yes No No
118 St. Andrew's United Church 441 Rubidge Street Peterborough United Church 1885 Yes No No
119 St. James United Church 221 Romaine Street Peterborough United Church 1909 Yes No No
120 St. Alban the Martyr 10419 Loyalist Parkway, RR 1 Greater Napanee Anglican 1884 Yes No Yes
121 Our Lady of the Assumption 103a Lyle Street South Alnwick/Haldimand Roman Catholic - Yes No No
122 Jami Mosque 56 Boustead Avenue Toronto Islam - Sunni 1915 Yes No No
123 Port Hope United Church 34 South Street Port Hope United Church 1875 Yes No No
124 St. John the Divine Russian Orthodox Church 1094 Drouillard Street Windsor Russian Orthodox 1949 Yes Yes No
125 Linh-Son Buddhist Temple 706 Goyeau Street Windsor Buddhism 1950 Yes No No
126 Strathroy United Church 131 Front Street West Strathroy-Caradoc United Church 1879 Yes No No
127 Holy Name of Jesus 146 Talbot Street South Essex Roman Catholic 1975 Yes No No
128 Christ the King Roman Catholic Church 2930 Dominion Blvd. Windsor N/A 1925 Yes No No
129 Robinson Memorial United Church 1061 Richmond Street London United Church 1912 Yes Yes No
130 Calvary United Church 290 Ridout Street South London United Church 1911 Yes No No
131 Trinity United Church 74 Frederick Street Kitchener United Church 1905 Yes No No
132 Parkminster United Church 275 Erb Street East Waterloo United Church 1965 Yes No No
133 St. Paul's United Church 22125 Communication Road Chatham-Kent United Church 1892 Yes No No
134 Cottam United Church 137 County Road 34 West Kingsville United Church 1878 Yes No No
135 Academy of Montessori Brantford (formerly Echo Place United Church) 714 Colborne Street Brantford Non-religious 1955 Yes No No
136 St. Paul's Presbyterian Church 95 Jephson Street Tay Presbyterian 1906 Yes Yes No
137 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 67 Victoria Avenue Belleville Presbyterian 1895 Yes No No
138 Doon Presbyterian Church 35 Roos Drive Kitchener Presbyterian 1853 Yes No No
139 Ebenezer Christian Reformed Church 139 Talbot Street East Haldimand Christian Reformed Church 1975 Yes No No
140 Holy Name of Jesus 950 Old Kingston Mills Road Kingston Roman Catholic 1888 Yes No No
141 Colborne Street United Church 711 Colborne Street London United Church 1889 Yes No No
142 Forest United Church 21 James Street North Lambton Shores United Church 1927 Yes No No
143 St. Thomas' Anglican Church 201 Church Street Belleville Anglican 1879 Yes No No
144 St. Alban the Martyr Church 100-120 Howland Avenue Toronto Anglican 1897 Yes Yes No
145 St. George the Martyr Anglican Church Tower 197 John Street Toronto Anglican 1844 Yes Yes No
146 Saints Cyril and Methody Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Cathedral 237 Sackville Street Toronto Macedono-Bulgarian Orthodox - Yes No No
147 The Glebe Lofts (former Riverdale Presbyterian Church) 662 Pape Avenue Toronto Non-religious 1912 Yes No No
148 St. Anne's Church 20 Morrison Drive St. Thomas Roman Catholic 1969 Yes No No
149 St. Vincent de Paul 263 Roncesvalles Avenue Toronto Roman Catholic 1915 Yes Yes No
150 The Abbey (former Emmanuel Howard Park United Church) 384 Sunnyside Avenue Toronto Non-religious 1910 Yes Yes No
151 St. Barnabas Anglican Church 361 Danforth Avenue Toronto Anglican 1910 Yes No No
152 The Swanwick Historic Loft (formerly Emmanuel Presbyterian Church) 21 Swanwick Avenue Toronto Non-religious 1893 Yes Yes No
153 Park Royal Bible Church 2400 Truscott Drive Mississauga Associated Gospel 1976 Yes No No
154 Immanuel Baptist Church 68 Port Street Brantford Baptist 1893 Yes Yes No
155 St. Rose of Lima Church 891 St. Rose Avenue Windsor Roman Catholic 1924 Yes Yes No
156 Fourth Avenue Baptist Church 109a Fourth Avenue Ottawa Baptist 1904 Yes No No
157 St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church 51 Venison Street West Tillsonburg Roman Catholic 1931 Yes Yes No
158 St Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church 56 Hearn Street Bradford West Gwillimbury Ukrainian Catholic - Yes No No
159 Ste-Anne Roman Catholic Church 12233 Tecumseh Road East Tecumseh Roman Catholic 1871 Yes Yes No
160 Brant Avenue Apartments (former Brant Avenue United Church) 137 Brant Avenue Brantford Non-religious - Yes Yes No
161 St. Paul's Anglican Church Northeast corner of Main Street and Perth Road Rideau Lakes Anglican 1904 Yes No No
162 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 44 Church Street East Brampton Presbyterian 1885 Yes Yes No
163 St. Paul's United Church 30 Main Street South Brampton United Church 1885 Yes Yes Yes
164 St. Teresa Roman Catholic Church 123 Eleventh Street Toronto Roman Catholic 1967 Yes No No
165 St. John's Anglican Church 11 Temperance Street Clarington Anglican 1856 Yes No No
166 St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral 2000 Tecumseh Road East Windsor Ukrainian Orthodox 1963 Yes Yes No
167 St. Volodymyr's Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral 406 Bathurst Street Toronto Ukrainian Catholic 1947 Yes No No
168 St. Francis of Assisi Church 101 Grace Street Toronto Roman Catholic 1914 Yes No No
169 St. Paul's United Church 88 Bidwell Street Tillsonburg United Church 1912 Yes Yes No
170 St. Andrew the Apostle Roman Catholic Church 1 Fallon's Lane London Roman Catholic 1966 Yes No No
171 176 Darling Street (formerly Seventh-Day Adventist Church) 176 Darling Street Brantford Non-religious 1918 Yes Yes No
172 St. Francis of Assisi Church 1701 Turner Road Windsor Roman Catholic 1980 Yes No No
173 St. George's Evangelical Lutheran Church 410 College Street Toronto Lutheran 1872 Yes Yes No
174 St. John 288 Humberside Avenue Toronto Anglican 1923 Yes No No
175 St. Andrews Anglican Church 205 Laurier Drive LaSalle Anglican 1949 Yes No No
176 First Baptist Church 101 Huron Street Toronto Baptist 1955 Yes No No
177 St. Agnes Church 52 Croydon Street Chatham-Kent Roman Catholic 1957 Yes No No
178 St. John de Brebeuf 67 Main Street East Kingsville Roman Catholic - Yes No No
179 St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church 120 Munger Street West Essex Roman Catholic 1957 Yes No No
180 St. Mary's Catholic Church 12048 County Road 34 Tecumseh Roman Catholic 1874 Yes No No
181 Our Lady of Victory 490 St. Clair Street Chatham-Kent Roman Catholic 1957 Yes No No
182 St. Ursula's Church 205 Tweedsmuir Avenue West Chatham-Kent Roman Catholic 1976 Yes No No
183 The Wellington Street Theatre and the Kingston Arts Council (former Congregational church) 126 Wellington Street Kingston Non-religious 1864 Yes Yes No
184 St. François d'Assise Roman Catholic Church 512 Frontenac Street Kingston Roman Catholic 1961 Yes No No
185 St. Joseph's Catholic Church 392 Palace Road Kingston Roman Catholic 1964 Yes No No
186 Our Lady of Lourdes 490 Days Road Kingston Roman Catholic 1970 Yes No No
187 St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church 203 Dundas Street Deseronto Roman Catholic - Yes No No
188 St. Bernard de Clairvaux Roman Catholic Church 1789 Lawrence Avenue West Toronto Roman Catholic 1959 Yes No No
189 St. Joseph’s Catholic Church 84675 Bluewater Highway (Highway 21) Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh Roman Catholic 1903 Yes No No
190 Precious Blood 200 Saunders Street West South Huron Roman Catholic - Yes No No
191 126 Scollard Street (former Olivet Congregational Chapel) 126 Scollard Street Toronto Non-religious 1890 Yes Yes No
192 St. Giles' Anglican Church 95 Cook Street Barrie Anglican 1969 Yes No No
193 St. Teresa of Avila Church 19 Flamingo Drive Woolwich Roman Catholic 1980 Yes No No
194 Calvary Church 746 Pape Avenue Toronto Evangelical 1929 Yes No No
195 St. Paul the Apostle Church 3224 Dundas Street West Toronto Roman Catholic 1956 Yes No No
196 St. David's United Church 190 Springbank Street North Woodstock United Church 1962 Yes No No
197 St. Mary's Presbyterian Church 147 Widder Street East St. Marys Presbyterian 1881 Yes No No
198 Blythwood Road Baptist Church 80 Blythwood Road Toronto Baptist 1955 Yes Yes No
199 St. Charles Borromeo Roman Catholic Church 811 Lawrence Avenue West Toronto Roman Catholic 1960 Yes No No
200 Cedarside Baptist Church 46 Collingwood Street Grey Highlands Baptist 1883 Yes No No

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