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  Property name Street address Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 Masonic Temple (former Methodist chapel) 45 Port Street West Mississauga Non-religious 1845 Yes Yes No
2 Watabeag Church Lot 11, North Part Concession 2 Black River-Matheson Unknown - No Yes No
3 St. James, West Brock Church Part Lot 2, Concession 4, Brock Township, King Street East Brock Anglican 1865 No No No
4 Mount Carmel Methodist Episcopal Church Part Lot 15, Concession 12, Region Road 7 Warwick Unknown 1862 No Yes No
5 St. Thomas Anglican Church 16 Centre Street Cavan-Monaghan Anglican 1885 No Yes No
6 Christ Anglican Church 62 Water Street Cavan-Monaghan Anglican - No Yes No
7 St. Peter's River Road Chatham-Kent Roman Catholic 1896 No No Yes
8 Bethel United Church 11052 River Road Chatham-Kent United Church 1867 No Yes No
9 Enfield United Church 1640 Concession Road 9, Enfield, Darlington Township (Part Lot 31) Clarington United Church 1877 No Yes No
10 Kirby United Church 6966 Highway 35/115 Clarington United Church 1880 No Yes No
11 Salem United Church 13875 Highway 2 Cramahe United Church 1861 Yes Yes No
12 Our Lady of Sorrows Roman Catholic Church Mission Road Unknown Roman Catholic - No No No
13 St. Paul's Presbyterian Church 14 Caintown Road Front of Yonge Presbyterian 1876 No Yes No
14 Ukrainian Church 521 First Street East Greenstone Ukrainian Catholic - No Yes No
15 Former St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Broomfield Road (Lot 11, Concession 3) Alnwick/Haldimand Non-religious 1861 No Yes No
16 Manilla United Church Part Lot 15, Part Lot 42, Church Street Kawartha Lakes United Church 1869 No Yes No
17 The Salem Church (former Wesleyan Methodist Church) Part Lot 6, Concession 6 Kawartha Lakes United Church 1870 No Yes No
18 Union United Church 548 Union Road Leeds and the Thousand Islands United Church 1871 No Yes No
19 Curries United Church Lot 18, Concession 5, Norwich Township Norwich United Church 1891 No Yes No
20 The Spa Ottawa (former Drummond Presbyterian Church) 27 Robertson Road Ottawa Non-religious 1898 Yes Yes No
21 Heritage Mennonite Church 6995 William Street Perth East Mennonite 1905 No Yes No
22 Knox North Easthope Presbyterian Church 4500 Perth Road Perth East Presbyterian 1892 No Yes No
23 St. Peter's Anglican Church 3600 Newboyne Road Rideau Lakes Anglican 1873 Yes Yes No
24 St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church St. Mary Street and South Branch Road South Glengarry Roman Catholic 1846 Yes Yes No
25 Sturgeon Point Union Church 119 Irene Avenue Kawartha Lakes Non-denominational 1915 No Yes No
26 St. Theresa's Roman Catholic Church Second Street Sioux Lookout Roman Catholic - No Yes No
27 Waubaushene Memorial Church 22 Hazel Street Tay Non-denominational 1881 No Yes No
28 St. George the Martyr Anglican Church Tower 197 John Street Toronto Anglican 1844 Yes Yes No
29 Greenway United Church 35976 Greenway Drive North Middlesex United Church 1897 No No No
30 St. James Presbyterian Church 44936 Ferguson Line Central Elgin Presbyterian 1892 No No No
31 Holmesville United Church 500 Holmesville Central Huron United Church - No No No
32 St. Luke's Anglican Church 10 Caroline Street Clearview Anglican - No No No
33 St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church Unknown Renfrew Roman Catholic - No No No
34 Notre Dame de la Paix Roman Catholic Church Crystal Falls West Nipissing Roman Catholic - No No No
35 All Saints Anglican Church 1100 Dennison Street Markham Anglican - No No No
36 St. Ambrose Roman Catholic Church 290 Water Street Thessalon Roman Catholic 1936 No No No
37 Ashfield Presbyterian Church 86252 Kintail Lane Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh Presbyterian - No No No
38 Erie View United Mennonite Church West Quarter Line Road Norfolk Mennonite 1940 No No No
39 Ste-Marie Roman Catholic Church 130 Hillside Drive North Elliot Lake Roman Catholic - No No No
40 St. Andrews Presbyterian Church 35 Church Street North Ajax Presbyterian 1949 No No No
41 College Street United Church 452 College Street Toronto United Church 1885 Yes Yes No
42 Saint-Joseph Hall (former Saint-Joseph Chapel) Corner of Maple and Beech Street South Glengarry Roman Catholic 1904 No No No
43 English Martyrs Mission Isabella Street Bluewater Roman Catholic - No No No
44 Hogarth Hermiston Severs, Barristers and Solicitors (former First Christian Science Church) 114 Giles Blvd. West Windsor Non-religious 1920 Yes Yes No
45 Former Church of the Good Shepherd 506 1st Street East Cornwall Non-religious 1893 No Yes No
46 The Church of Jesus Christ 144 Albion Street Brantford Unknown 1923 No Yes No
47 Balfour Street United Church 62 Balfour Street Brantford United Church 1896 No Yes No
48 Calvary Gospel Church 735 South Pelham Road Welland Associated Gospel - No No No
49 Riverdale Baptist Church 203 Grand River Avenue Brantford Baptist 1890 No Yes No
50 Messiah Church 35 Wellington Street Brantford Unknown 1869 No Yes No
51 10 Lincoln Avenue (former First Presbyterian Church) 10 Lincoln Avenue Cambridge Non-religious 1850 No Yes No
52 Church of Blair 12 Old Mill Road Cambridge Unknown 1853 No Yes No
53 The Bible Christian Church Courtice Road and Bloor Street Clarington Unknown - No No Yes
54 St. Mary's Church Melwood Drive, west of County Road 6, east of Napier Road Strathroy-Caradoc Anglican 1843 No No Yes
55 Old St. Andrew's Church 45 King Street East Cramahe Presbyterian 1830 Yes No Yes
56 St. Matthew Presbyterian Church Unknown Huron East Presbyterian 1875 No No No
57 Plainville United Church Lot 19, Concession 7, 8372 Cavan Road Hamilton United Church - No Yes No
58 9606 Queen Street (former Sacred Heart Church) Lot 4, Concession 9, 9606 Queen Street Hamilton Non-religious 1884 No No No
59 St. John's Anglican Church Lot 4, Concession 9, 9595 Queen Street Hamilton Anglican 1876 No Yes No
60 St. George's Anglican Church 8661 Church Hill Road Hamilton Anglican 1847 Yes Yes No
61 Christ Church Anglican 136 Rainham Road Haldimand Anglican 1886 No Yes No
62 Eden United Church 13784 County Road 21 Cramahe United Church 1876 No No No
63 St. Paul's United Church Corner of George Street and Dibble Street West Prescott United Church 1855 Yes No No
64 Light of Messiah Congregation 98 Finch Avenue West Toronto Associated Gospel - No No No
65 Roseville United Brethren in Christ Church 2729 Fisher-Hallman Road North Dumfries United Church - Yes No No
66 13546 County Road 24 (former Methodist Church) 13546 County Road 24 Trent Hills Non-religious - No No No
67 St. John's Lutheran Church 4260 Hessen Strasse Wellesley Lutheran - No Yes No
68 Kapuskasing United Church 24 King Street Kapuskasing United Church 1928 Yes No No
69 Strabane United Church 1831 Brock Road Hamilton United Church 1877 No Yes No
70 Old Lynden United Church 3989 Governors Road Hamilton United Church - No Yes No
71 St. James Chapel/Christ the King 279 Johnson Street Kingston Roman Catholic 1890 No Yes No
72 Richwood United Church 767417 Township Road 5 Blandford-Blenheim United Church 1861 No Yes No
73 Bright United Church 31 John Street West Blandford-Blenheim United Church 1892 No Yes No
74 Chesterfield United Church 816661 Oxford Road 22 Blandford-Blenheim United Church 1854 No Yes No
75 Windfall United Church 806484 Oxford Road 29 Blandford-Blenheim United Church 1899 No Yes No
76 Brownsville United Church 292262 Culloden Line South-West Oxford United Church 1866 No No No
77 Delmer United Church 312281 Dereham Line South-West Oxford United Church 1905 No No No
78 Brown's United Church 136545 and 136548 13th Line Zorra United Church - Yes Yes No
79 Oxford Early Years Centre (former Calvary Pentecostal Church) 24 Light Street Woodstock Non-religious 1885 No Yes No
80 Woodland United Church Woodland Springs Road, east of Mount Forest and north of Highway 89 Wellington North United Church 1880 No No No
81 Hiawatha United Church North shore of Rice Lake Otonabee-South Monaghan United Church 1870 No No No
82 Knights of Columbus Hall (former St. Mary's Church) 19 John Street Brampton Non-religious - No Yes No
83 Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church 65 Ellis Street East Windsor Greek Orthodox 1972 No Yes No
84 St. Columba Mission Unknown North Middlesex Roman Catholic - No No No
85 Linh-Son Buddhist Temple 706 Goyeau Street Windsor Buddhism 1950 Yes No No
86 St. John Sweet's Corners Road Leeds and the Thousand Islands Anglican - No No No
87 New St. Paul's Anglican Church 19 Wellington Street South Woodstock Anglican - No No No
88 Former British Methodist Episcopalian Church 259 Park Row Woodstock Non-religious 1888 No No No
89 Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church 28 Highway 551 Roman Catholic 1972 Yes No No
90 Calvary Anglican Church North Shore Road at Victoria Road Pelee Anglican 1898 No No No
91 Our Lady Star of the Sea Church/Mary, Star of the Sea Church East West Road, west of Stewart Road Pelee Roman Catholic 1887 No No No
92 St. Margaret's Chapel The East Road Northern Bruce Peninsula Non-denominational 1925 No Yes No
93 St. John's Anglican Church Unknown Minden Hills Anglican 1887 No No No
94 St. Phillip's Church Unknown Gillies Roman Catholic - No No No
95 (Nobel) Ebenezer United Church 145 Hammel Avenue Carling United Church 1890 No No No
96 Relessey United Church 5th Line and 20 Sideroad Mono United Church 1870 No Yes No
97 Knox Presbyterian Church 170 Main Street East Milton Presbyterian 1890 Yes No No
98 Former Quaker Meeting House 998 Sydenham Road Kingston Unknown - Yes Yes No
99 United Church 1216 Unity Road Kingston United Church - Yes Yes No
100 3702 Highway 38 3702 Highway 38 Kingston Non-religious - No Yes No
101 Kingston Seed Fellowship 716 King Street West Kingston Non-denominational - No Yes No
102 St. John's Presbyterian Church 2332 Middle Road Kingston Presbyterian - No Yes No
103 Christ Church/St Gregory of NYSSA Orthodox Christian Church 974 Sydenham Road Kingston Anglican - Yes Yes No
104 2586 Kepler Street 2586 Kepler Street Kingston Unknown - Yes Yes No
105 Ontario Church of God in Christ 810 Mercer Street Windsor Pentecostal - No No No
106 The Glebe Lofts (former Riverdale Presbyterian Church) 662 Pape Avenue Toronto Non-religious 1912 Yes No No
107 Dublin Street United Church 66 Suffolk Street West Guelph United Church 1874 Yes Yes No
108 St. John's United Church 179 Nancy Street Dutton/Dunwich United Church 1890 No No No
109 Hope United Alviston Church 3219 Elgin Street Brooke-Alvinston United Church - No Yes No
110 Alma United Church 7 Rebecca Street West Mapleton United Church - No No No
111 Goldstone United Church Drayton Road West Mapleton United Church 1903 No No No
112 Palmerston United Church 215 James Street Minto United Church 1887 No No No
113 Maranatha Fellowship Church of the Deaf 1307 Bloor Street West Toronto Associated Gospel - No No No
114 St. Gregory the Great Church 13789 St. Gregory Road Tecumseh Roman Catholic - No No No
115 St. Mary of Perpetual Help RR 4 North Perth Roman Catholic - No No No
116 St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church 29 Nelson Street West Perth Roman Catholic - No No No
117 Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship 1307 Bloor Street West Toronto Non-denominational - No No No
118 St. Paul 4336 Mill Street South Frontenac Anglican 1837 No No No
119 St-Martin-de-Tours Glen Robertson Road North Glengarry Roman Catholic 1955 Yes No No
120 St-Laurent/St. Lawrence Unknown South Glengarry Roman Catholic 1967 No No No
121 St. Finnan's Cathedral Unknown North Glengarry Roman Catholic 1885 No No No
122 Precious Blood/Précieux-Sang RR 1 South Glengarry Roman Catholic 1956 No No No
123 Saint Peter 2900 Second Street East Cornwall Roman Catholic 1982 No No No
124 Our Lady of Grace 8 College Street South Stormont Roman Catholic 1954 No No No
125 Our Lady of Mount Carmel RR 8 North Middlesex Roman Catholic - No No No
126 St. John Brebeuf and Companions 110 Adams Avenue Norfolk Roman Catholic - No No No
127 St. Paul 3294 St. Paul's Crescent Innisfil Anglican - No No No
128 St. Peter 6254 Yonge Street Innisfil Anglican 1883 No No No
129 Riverdale Presbyterian Church 662 Pape Avenue Toronto Presbyterian 1912 Yes No No
130 Calvin Presbyterian Church 248 Westmount Road East Kitchener Presbyterian 1975 No No No
131 Our Lady of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church 86 Lacroix Bay Road Whitewater Region Roman Catholic 1887 No No No
132 Our Lady of Grace Mission Church 2149 Westmeath Road Whitewater Region Roman Catholic - No No No
133 Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church 1883 King Street East Hamilton Roman Catholic 1969 Yes No No
134 St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church Nelson Street Kawartha Lakes Roman Catholic 1888 No No No
135 St. John's Lutheran Church 799 Silver Lake Road Bonnechere Valley Lutheran - No No No
136 Northminster United Church 255 Finch Avenue West Toronto United Church 1956 No No No
137 Maranatha Christian Reformed Church 577 Norwich Avenue Woodstock Christian Reformed Church - No No No
138 Kimbourne Park United Church 200 Wolverleigh Blvd. Toronto United Church 1929 No No No
139 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 992 Portage Road Kawartha Lakes Presbyterian 1905 No No No
140 Grace Lutheran Church 108 Graham Street West Elgin Lutheran - No No No
141 Janetville United Church 712 Janetville Road Kawartha Lakes United Church 1896 No No No
142 Windsor Devonwood Church of the Nazarene 3407 Woodward Blvd. Windsor Church of the Nazarene - No No No
143 Bright United Church 31 John Street St. Clair United Church 1892 No No No
144 Eglinton St. George United Church 35 Lytton Blvd. Toronto United Church 1924 No No No
145 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 54 Bolsover Road Kawartha Lakes Presbyterian - No No No
146 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 94 James Street St. Clair Presbyterian 1890 No No No
147 Lighthouse Community Centre 1008 Bathurst Street Toronto Christian Reformed Church 1968 No No No
148 1825 Blackwell Road (former Blackwell United Church) 1825 Blackwell Road Sarnia United Church 1880 Yes Yes Yes
149 Chedoke Presbyterian Church 865 Mohawk Road West Hamilton Presbyterian 1984 Yes No No
150 Millbank United Church 6988 Church Street Perth East United Church 1860 No No No
151 137 Wilson Street West (former Calvary Pentecostal Tabernacle) 137 Wilson Street West Hamilton Non-religious 1967 No Yes No
152 Bethel-Maidstone United Church 924 Talbot Road Tecumseh United Church - No No No
153 Valens Community Church 1774 Valens Road Hamilton Non-denominational 1956 No Yes No
154 St. John the Evangelist Church 255 Church Street Greater Sudbury Roman Catholic - No No No
155 St. Bartholomew Church 30 Church Street Greater Sudbury Roman Catholic 1953 No No No
156 Glad Tidings Tabernacle 1101 Regent Street South Greater Sudbury Pentecostal - No No No
157 All Nations Church 885 Prete Street Greater Sudbury Baptist - No No No
158 St. Peter's Anglican Church Unknown Anglican 1897 No No No
159 Church of the Ascension 36 Mill Street Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards Unknown 1905 No No No
160 St. Patrick's Anglican Church 2787 Micksburg Road Laurentian Valley Anglican 1894 No No No
161 St. Thomas Anglican Church 38338 Highway 41 Laurentian Valley Anglican 1922 No No No
162 Hoards United Church 22 Hoards Church Road Trent Hills United Church - No No No
163 St. Augustine's Anglican Church 47200 Highway 17 Head, Clara and Maria Anglican - No No No
164 Stanwood United Church 13th Line East and Crowe River Road Trent Hills United Church - No No No
165 Tabernacle United Church English Line (County Road 8) Trent Hills United Church - No No No
166 Ste-Angèle-de-Mérici Roman Catholic Church Unknown Cochrane Roman Catholic - No No No
167 Sts-Martyrs-Canadiens Roman Catholic Church Highway 583 South Cochrane Roman Catholic - No No No
168 Former St. John the Evangelist 99 Maplewood Avenue North Grenville Non-religious 1869 No Yes Yes
169 St. Theresa's Roman Catholic Church 2nd Avenue Northwest Greenstone Roman Catholic - No No No
170 Hunta Mennonite Church Unknown Cochrane Mennonite 1974 No No No
171 Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin 659 Church Street Stone Mills Roman Catholic 1937 No No No
172 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Kincardine Street West Grey Presbyterian 1933 No No No
173 West Plains United Church 549 Plains Road West Burlington United Church 1929 No No No
174 Our Lady of the Scapular Roman Catholic Church 6557 Thorold Stone Road Niagara Falls Roman Catholic 1960 Yes No No
175 Holy Family Catholic Church 200 Weller Street Kingston Roman Catholic 1960 Yes No No
176 Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Church 21 Queen Street South Thorold Roman Catholic - Yes No No
177 Avonton Presbyterian Church 3401 Perth Road 130 Perth South Presbyterian 1893 No No No
178 St. Paul's Presbyterian Church 827502 Grey Road the Blue Mountains Presbyterian 1880 No No No
179 Grace United Church 4295 Stage Coach Road South Frontenac United Church 1861 No No No
180 Lakeview Gospel Assembly 6829 Highway 38 South Frontenac Pentecostal 1955 No No No
181 Duff Presbyterian Church Largie Road and Duff Line Dutton/Dunwich Presbyterian 1895 No No No
182 Sand Hill Presbyterian Church 3293 Sand Hill Road Kingston Presbyterian 1911 No Yes No
183 St. Charles Garnier Roman Catholic Church 129 Hughson Street South Hamilton Roman Catholic 1965 Yes No No
184 St. Paul's Anglican Church Unknown Addington Highlands Anglican 1874 No No No
185 Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix Roman Catholic Church 150 Brunetville Road Kapuskasing Roman Catholic 1954 No No No
186 Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Roman Catholic Church 6 Brunelle Road South Kapuskasing Roman Catholic 1955 No No No
187 Burnbrae Presbyterian Church Burnbrae Road Trent Hills Presbyterian - No No No
188 Snow Road Presbyterian Church 14060 Highway 509 Lanark Highlands Presbyterian 1885 Yes No No
189 St. David's Presbyterian Church 1012 Cherish Creek Lane Bracebridge Presbyterian - No No No
190 St. Peter's Evanglical Lutheran Church 10 Dirstein Street South Brockton Lutheran - No No No
191 Clyde Forks United Church Clyde Forks Road Lanark Highlands United Church 1885 No No No
192 St. Carthagh Roman Catholic Church 154 Hungerford Road Tweed Roman Catholic - No No No
193 Christian Life Assembly 165 King Street West Hamilton Pentecostal 1837 No Yes No
194 Alderville United Church Unknown Alnwick/Haldimand United Church - No No No
195 153 Blandford Street (formerly Innerkip Presbyterian Church) 153 Blandford Street East Zorra-Tavistock Non-religious 1881 No Yes No
196 Zion United Church 5165 Enfield Road Clarington Unknown 1849 No No No
197 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 26007 Napier Road Adelaide-Metcalfe Presbyterian 1888 No No No
198 St. John's Anglican Church Unknown Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards Anglican 1905 No No No
199 Church of the Nazarene 334 Mill Bridge Road Grey Highlands Church of the Nazarene 1924 No No No
200 Private residence (former Secessionist Presbyterian Church) 12868 Weston Road King Non-religious 1858 Yes No No

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