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  Property name Street address Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 St. Francis of Assisi Church 1701 Turner Road Windsor Roman Catholic 1980 Yes No No
2 Parkminster United Church 275 Erb Street East Waterloo United Church 1965 Yes No No
3 St. Andrew the Apostle Roman Catholic Church 1 Fallon's Lane London Roman Catholic 1966 Yes No No
4 St. Maria Goretti Roman Catholic Church 717 Kennedy Road Toronto Roman Catholic 1970 Yes No No
5 Petah Tikvah Anshe Castilla Congregation 20 Danby Avenue Toronto Judaism – Sephardic 1974 Yes No No
6 St. Demetrius the Great Martyr Ukrainian Catholic Church 135 La Rose Avenue Toronto Ukrainian Catholic 1963 Yes No No
7 Grandview Baptist Church 250 Old Chicopee Drive Kitchener Baptist 1973 Yes No No
8 Rehab Plus 181 Dale Avenue Timmins Non-religious - Yes No No
9 St. Basil's Roman Catholic Church 940 Rex Avenue Ottawa Roman Catholic 1960 Yes No No
10 Hilltop Bible Chapel 243 La Rose Avenue Toronto Non-denominational Christian 1962 Yes No No
11 St. Margaret Mary Roman Catholic Church 20 Idlewood Avenue Hamilton Roman Catholic 1969 Yes No No
12 St. Michael's Anglican Church 1188 Fennell Avenue East Hamilton Anglican 1970 Yes No No
13 Niagara Community Church 9527 McLeod Road Niagara Falls Evangelical - Yes No No
14 Ste-Thérèse-de-L'enfant-Jésus Roman Catholic Church 25 Ferland Road Cobalt Roman Catholic 1965 Yes No No

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