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  Property name Street address Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 St. Timothy Roman Catholic Church 42 Dawson Road Orangeville Roman Catholic 1969 Yes No No
2 Christ Church Anglican 30 Church Street Gananoque Anglican 1857 Yes Yes Yes
3 St. George's Cathedral 270 King Street East Kingston Anglican 1825 Yes Yes Yes
4 Knox United Church 116 Fifth Avenue South Kenora United Church 1898 Yes Yes No
5 Korean Community Church (formerly Bell Street United Church) 384 Arlington Avenue Ottawa United Church 1910 Yes No No
6 First United Church 151 Lakeshore Road West Mississauga United Church 1894 Yes Yes Yes
7 St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church 93 Picton Street Niagara-on-the-Lake Roman Catholic 1835 Yes Yes Yes
8 Christian Science Society 900 1st Avenue West Owen Sound Church of Christ, Scientist 1856 No Yes Yes
9 St. Paul's Eastern United Church 473 Cumberland Street Ottawa United Church 1888 Yes Yes No
10 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 1 Drummond Street West Perth Presbyterian 1923 No Yes No
11 St. Mark the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church 160 Dibble Street West Prescott Roman Catholic 1887 Yes Yes No
12 Greenbank Community Church 51 Greenbank Road Ottawa Baptist - Yes No No
13 United Church Downtown Mission of Windsor (former Temple Baptist Church) 664 Victoria Avenue Windsor Non-religious 1924 Yes Yes No
14 First Baptist Church Thunder Bay 308 Red River Road Thunder Bay Baptist 1907 Yes Yes No
15 Wesley United Church 244 First Avenue North Welland United Church 1970 Yes No No
16 First Christian Reformed Church 9 Cooper Road (off Highway 130) Thunder Bay Christian Reformed Church 1970 No No No
17 Clinton United Church (former Ontario Street United Church) 105 Ontario Street Central Huron United Church 1887 Yes No No
18 High Park Baptist Church 9 Hewitt Avenue Toronto Baptist 1909 Yes No No
19 St. Patrick 39 Walford Road Greater Sudbury Roman Catholic 1953 No No No
20 Thorncliffe Park United Church/St. Edith Stein Catholic Church 16 Thorncliffe Park Drive Toronto Roman Catholic 1986 Yes No No
21 St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church 331 Plaunt Street South Renfrew Roman Catholic 1960 Yes No No
22 Saint-Dominique-du-Rosaire 365 Norman Road Timmins Roman Catholic - No No No
23 St. Cecilia's Roman Catholic Church 17 Lynn Park Avenue Norfolk Roman Catholic 1976 Yes No No
24 Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church 57 Brant Avenue Brantford Lutheran 1925 Yes No No
25 Thamesville Baptist Church 123 London Street Chatham-Kent Baptist 1913 Yes No No
26 Evangel Pentecostal Church 30 Fairview Drive Brantford Pentecostal 1966 Yes No No
27 Calvary Pentecostal Church 509 Ireland Road Norfolk Pentecostal 1981 Yes No No
28 Bethel Baptist Church 4059 Highway 3 East Norfolk Baptist 1980 Yes No No
29 Simcoe Gospel Chapel 4152 Highway 3 East Norfolk Full Gospel 1974 Yes No No
30 St. George's Roman Catholic Church 56 Ridgeway Road Fort Erie Roman Catholic 1984 Yes No No
31 Grace Anglican Church 19 Parkway Avenue Markham Anglican 1971 Yes No No
32 8151 Canborough Road (former Baptist church) 8151 Canborough Road (Highway 3) Haldimand Non-religious 1895 Yes No No
33 St. Timothy's Presbyterian Church 97 Burcher Road Ajax Presbyterian 1963 No No No
34 St. Thomas Anglican Church 383-385 Huron Street Toronto Anglican 1893 Yes Yes Yes
35 Holy Blossom Temple 1950 Bathurst Street Toronto Judaism - Reform 1937 Yes Yes Yes
36 Bloor Street United Church 300 Bloor Street West Toronto United Church 1889 Yes Yes No
37 Cecil Street Community Centre (formerly Disciples of Christ Church) 58 Cecil Street Toronto Non-religious 1889 Yes Yes Yes
38 St. Simon the Apostle Anglican Church 40 Howard Street Toronto Anglican 1888 Yes Yes Yes
39 Wesley Mimico United Church 2 Station Road Toronto United Church 1923 Yes Yes No
40 Park Royal Bible Church 2400 Truscott Drive Mississauga Associated Gospel 1976 Yes No No
41 Dalhousie Church Lofts Inc. (former Calvary Baptist Church) 260 Dalhousie Street Brantford Non-religious 1895 Yes Yes No
42 Victoria Park Lofts (formerly Brant Community Church) 65 George Street Brantford Non-religious 1881 Yes Yes Yes
43 St. Paul's United Church 62 Peter Street North Orillia United Church 1869 Yes No No
44 Timothy Eaton Memorial Church 230 St. Clair Avenue West Toronto United Church 1909 Yes Yes No
45 Bethel Missionary Church 70 William Street South Kawartha Lakes Missionary Church 1935 Yes No No
46 Dundas Street Centre United Church 482 Dundas Street London United Church 1895 Yes Yes No
47 James Street Baptist Church 96 James Street South Hamilton Baptist 1878 Yes Yes Yes
48 St. Paul's United Church 88 Bidwell Street Tillsonburg United Church 1912 Yes Yes No
49 Christ Church 43 Sherwood Street Kawartha Lakes Anglican 1871 No No No
50 Bethel Pentecostal Church 77 Herman Street Quinte West Pentecostal 1958 Yes No No
51 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 47 Temperance Street Clarington Presbyterian 1892 Yes No Yes
52 Grace Church-on-the-Hill 300 Lonsdale Road Toronto Anglican 1912 Yes Yes No
53 St. Clement's Church 59 Briar Hill Avenue Toronto Anglican 1925 Yes No No
54 St. Luke's United Church 7753 Fifteenth Line Chatham-Kent United Church 1901 Yes No No
55 Essex United Church 53 Talbot Street South Essex United Church 1908 Yes No No
56 Central United Church 135 Wellington Street St. Thomas United Church 1897 Yes No No
57 St. Agnes Church 52 Croydon Street Chatham-Kent Roman Catholic 1957 Yes No No
58 Holy Name of Jesus 146 Talbot Street South Essex Roman Catholic 1975 Yes No No
59 St. John Vianney 385 Dieppe Street Windsor Roman Catholic 1965 Yes No No
60 St. Ursula's Church 205 Tweedsmuir Avenue West Chatham-Kent Roman Catholic 1976 Yes No No
61 St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church 1259 Ferguson Falls Road (County Road 15) Lanark Highlands Roman Catholic 1858 Yes No No
62 Our Lady of Lourdes 490 Days Road Kingston Roman Catholic 1970 Yes No No
63 Evangel Community Church 76 Sandys Street Chatham-Kent Pentecostal - Yes No No
64 St. Mary of the Assumption (Ste-Marie-de-l'Assomption) Highway 34 South Glengarry Roman Catholic 1956 Yes No No
65 Wesminster St. Paul's Presbyterian Church 206 Victoria Road North Guelph Presbyterian 1959 Yes Yes No
66 Precious Blood 200 Saunders Street West South Huron Roman Catholic - Yes No No
67 All Saints Anglican Church 32 Elgin Street Collingwood Anglican 1858 Yes Yes Yes
68 Sacred Heart Church 128 King Street Sioux Lookout Roman Catholic 1968 Yes No No
69 Trinity-St. Andrew's United Church 291 Plaunt Street South Renfrew United Church - Yes No No
70 Our Lady of Fatima 100 Lisgar Avenue West Renfrew Roman Catholic 1966 Yes No No
71 St. Teresa of Avila Church 19 Flamingo Drive Woolwich Roman Catholic 1980 Yes No No
72 Calvary Church 746 Pape Avenue Toronto Evangelical 1929 Yes No No
73 St. John the Baptist Norway 470 Woodbine Avenue Toronto Anglican 1892 Yes Yes Yes
74 St. Leonard's Church 25 Wanless Avenue Toronto Anglican 1952 Yes No No
75 Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption Roman Catholic Cathedral 815 Kitchener Street Hearst Roman Catholic 1968 Yes No No
76 Our Lady of Grace Shrine 13760 Keele Street King Roman Catholic 1964 Yes No Yes
77 St. Joseph's Church 200 Morrish Road Toronto Roman Catholic 1964 Yes No Yes
78 Bloordale United Church 4528 Bloor Street West Toronto United Church - Yes No No
79 Santa Cruz Roman Catholic Church 140 Argyle Street Toronto Roman Catholic 1887 Yes No No
80 St. Giles Presbyterian Church 146 Ballantyne Avenue Cambridge Presbyterian 1958 Yes No No
81 1 Reid Street 1 Reid Street Athens Non-religious - Yes No No
82 All Saints Roman Catholic Church 1415 Royal York Road Toronto Roman Catholic 1964 Yes No No
83 Wexford Presbyterian Church 7 Elinor Avenue Toronto Presbyterian 1962 Yes No No
84 St. Jane Frances Roman Catholic Church 2747 Jane Street Toronto Roman Catholic 1965 No No No
85 St. Martin de Porres Roman Catholic Church 4179 Lawrence Avenue East Toronto Roman Catholic 1968 Yes No No
86 Beverly Hills United Church 65 Mayall Avenue Toronto United Church 1956 Yes No No
87 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 851 Ossington Avenue Toronto Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) 1938 Yes No No
88 College Hill United Church 16 North Park Street Belleville United Church 1926 Yes No Yes
89 Beth Tzedec 1700 Bathurst Street Toronto Judaism - Conservative 1955 Yes No No
90 St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church 903 Gifford Street Whitby Roman Catholic 1957 Yes No Yes
91 St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church 921 Flagship Drive Mississauga Roman Catholic 1971 Yes No Yes
92 Beaches Presbyterian Church 65 Glen Manor Drive Toronto Presbyterian 1926 Yes No No
93 St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church 1407 King Street North Woolwich Lutheran 1961 Yes No No
94 Most Precious Blood Roman Catholic Church 1947 Meldrum Road Windsor Roman Catholic 1980 Yes No No
95 West Hill United Church 62 Orchard Park Drive Toronto United Church 1962 Yes No No
96 St. Michael and All Angels Anglican Church 675 Red River Road Thunder Bay Anglican 1958 Yes No No
97 Paulin Memorial Presbyterian Church 3200 Woodland Avenue Windsor Presbyterian 1963 Yes Yes No
98 St. Catherine of Siena Roman Catholic Church 1099 Danforth Avenue Toronto Roman Catholic 1970 Yes No No
99 Our Lady of the Airways Roman Catholic Church 7407 Darcel Avenue Mississauga Roman Catholic 1950 Yes No No
100 St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church 65 Amelia Street Barrie Roman Catholic 1969 Yes No Yes
101 St. John Vianney Roman Catholic Church 13 Baldwin Street Barrie Roman Catholic 1970 Yes No No
102 St. Martin of Tours Roman Catholic Church 1290 McBride Avenue Mississauga Roman Catholic 1970 Yes No No
103 Erindale Bible Chapel 1400 Dundas Crescent Mississauga Non-denominational 1966 Yes No No
104 Asbury and West United Church 3180 Bathurst Street Toronto United Church 1899 Yes Yes No
105 Sharei Tefillah 3600 Bathurst Street Toronto Judaism - Orthodox 1963 Yes No No
106 Saints Martha and Mary Roman Catholic Church 1870 Burnhamthorp Road East Mississauga Roman Catholic 1983 Yes No No
107 Mississauga Community of Christ 1261 North Sheridan Way Mississauga Community of Christ 1965 Yes No No
108 Igreja do Sao Salvador do Mundo Roman Catholic Church 1212 Melton Drive Mississauga Roman Catholic 1979 Yes No No
109 St. Mark's Presbyterian Church 7366 Darcel Avenue Mississauga Presbyterian 1974 Yes No No
110 Laurel Church Centre 685 Highpoint Avenue Waterloo Non-denominational Christian 1981 Yes No No
111 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 54 Queen Street North Kitchener Presbyterian 1906 Yes Yes No
112 Lithuanian Martyrs Church 494 Isabella Avenue Mississauga Roman Catholic 1977 Yes No No
113 Mississauga Temple Community Church 3167 Cawthra Road Mississauga Salvation Army 1973 Yes No No
114 St. Anthony Daniel Roman Catholic Church 29 Midland Drive Kitchener Roman Catholic 1967 No No No
115 Beth Tikvah Synagogue 3080 Bayview Avenue Toronto Judaism - Conservative 1964 Yes No No
116 St. Thomas à Becket Anglican Church/Glenbrook Presbyterian Church 3535 South Common Court Mississauga Non-denominational Christian 1971 Yes No No
117 Applewood United Church 2067 Stanfield Road Mississauga United Church 1953 Yes No No
118 St. Columba Presbyterian Church 520 Bridge Street East Belleville Presbyterian 1963 Yes No No
119 Sheridan United Church 2501 Truscott Drive Mississauga United Church 1976 Yes No No
120 Westminster United Church 650 River Street Thunder Bay United Church 1963 No No No
121 York Community Church 1100 Weston Road Toronto Salvation Army 1965 Yes No No
122 Glebe Road United Church 20 Glebe Road East Toronto United Church 1924 Yes No No
123 Faith Sanctuary 1901 Jane Street Toronto Pentecostal - Yes No No
124 St. Julia's Roman Catholic Church 251 Glenridge Avenue St. Catharines Roman Catholic 1967 Yes No No
125 Grace Presbyterian Church 447 Port Union Road Toronto Presbyterian - No No No
126 Resurrection Lutheran Church 400 Glenridge Avenue St. Catharines Lutheran 1969 Yes No No
127 Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church 445 Anndale Road Waterloo Lutheran - Yes No No
128 Kitchener Gospel Temple 9 Conway Drive Kitchener Pentecostal 1968 Yes No No
129 Waterloo Pentecostal Assembly 395 King Street North Waterloo Pentecostal 1974 Yes No No
130 Covenant Christian Reformed Church 278 Parnell Road St. Catharines Christian Reformed Church 1978 Yes No No
131 Grace United Church 350 Grove Street East Barrie United Church 1979 No No No
132 Humbercrest United Church 16 Baby Point Road Toronto United Church 1924 No No No
133 Divine Infant Church 6658 Bilberry Drive Ottawa Roman Catholic 1984 Yes No No
134 Toras Emes 1 Viewmount Avenue Toronto Judaism - Orthodox 1962 No No No
135 St. Alfred's Roman Catholic Church 272 Vine Street St. Catharines Roman Catholic 1966 Yes No No
136 B.V. Marie-Médiatrice de toutes-les-Grâces 344 Cyr Avenue Ottawa Roman Catholic 1960 Yes No No
137 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1139 Riverside Drive London Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) 1980 Yes No No
138 Don Valley Bible Chapel 25 Axsmith Crescent Toronto Non-denominational 1968 Yes No No
139 St. Matthew's Roman Catholic Church 706 Old Weston Road Toronto Roman Catholic 1970 Yes No No
140 St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church 321 Hotchkiss Street Gravenhurst Roman Catholic - Yes No No
141 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 95 Melbert Road Toronto Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) 1962 Yes No No
142 Cheyne Presbyterian Church 7 King Street West Hamilton Presbyterian 1960 Yes Yes No
143 St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church 2473 Thorn Lodge Drive Mississauga Roman Catholic 1973 Yes No No
144 St. John the Apostle Roman Catholic Church 2340 Baseline Road Ottawa Roman Catholic 1968 No No No
145 Clanton Park Synagogue 11 Lowesmoor Avenue Toronto Judaism - Orthodox - No No No
146 Parkwoods United Church 85 Parkwoods Village Drive Toronto United Church 1964 Yes No No
147 St. Joan of Arc Roman Catholic Church 1701 Bloor Street West Toronto Roman Catholic 1965 Yes No No
148 First United Church 16 William Street West Waterloo United Church 1930 Yes No No
149 St. Martin de Porres Roman Catholic Church 3891 Richmond Road Ottawa Roman Catholic 1963 Yes No No
150 Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church 685 Walkley Road Ottawa Roman Catholic 1969 No No No
151 St. Dunstan's Roman Catholic Church 3150 Danforth Avenue Toronto Roman Catholic 1982 No No No
152 St. Barnabas Roman Catholic Church 10 Washburn Way Toronto Roman Catholic 1976 Yes No No
153 Resurrection of Our Lord Roman Catholic Church 1940 Saunderson Drive Ottawa Roman Catholic 1958 No No No
154 Sacré-Cœur Roman Catholic Church 591 Cumberland Road Ottawa Roman Catholic 1980 No No No
155 St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church 1650 Heatherington Road Ottawa Roman Catholic 1977 No No No
156 St. Stephen's Evangelical Lutheran Church 248 Highland Road East Kitchener Lutheran 1963 Yes No No
157 Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church 96 Hucknall Road Toronto Lutheran 1964 No No No
158 Temple Har Zion Synagogue 7360 Bayview Avenue Markham Judaism - Reform 1979 Yes No No
159 Temple Sinai (Synagogue) 210 Wilson Avenue Toronto Judaism - Reform 1957 No No No
160 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Humber Heights 1579 Royal York Road Toronto Presbyterian 1960 Yes No No
161 Dovercourt Baptist Church 1140 Bloor Street West Toronto Baptist 1974 Yes No No
162 Peoples Church Toronto 374 Sheppard Avenue East Toronto Non-denominational 1962 Yes No No
163 St. Cyprian's Anglican, Iona Presbyterian and St. Christopher's Chinese Anglican Church 1080 Finch Avenue Toronto Non-denominational Christian 1968 Yes No No
164 Trinity Orthodox Reformed Church 99 Scott Street St. Catharines Christian Reformed Church 1966 Yes No No
165 St. John and St. Andrew Presbyterian Church 19 Tisdale Avenue North Hamilton Presbyterian 1977 Yes No No
166 St. Sebastian's Roman Catholic Church 10 Pauline Avenue Toronto Roman Catholic 1912 Yes No No
167 Peoples Church 510 Mohawk Road West Hamilton Pentecostal 1971 Yes No No
168 The Creek Community Church 605 Highway 8 Hamilton Christian and Missionary Alliance 1982 Yes Yes No
169 Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes Roman Catholic Church 435, chemin Montréal Ottawa Roman Catholic 1975 Yes No No
170 St. Joseph the Worker Roman Catholic Church 135 Arden Street Sault Ste. Marie Roman Catholic 1965 Yes No No
171 St. Gregory the Great Church 125 Centennial Parkway North Hamilton Roman Catholic - Yes No No
172 St. Andrew's United Church 117 Bloor Street East Toronto United Church 1982 Yes No No
173 St. Matthew's Anglican Church 1643 Wellington Street East Sault Ste. Marie Anglican 1970 Yes No No
174 South Gate Presbyterian Church 120 Clarendon Avenue Hamilton Presbyterian 1960 Yes No No
175 Sheridan Park Alliance Church 2440 Fifth Line West Mississauga Christian and Missionary Alliance - Yes No No
176 St-Dominique Roman Catholic Church 162 Bon Pasteur Road Hawkesbury Roman Catholic 1964 Yes No No
177 St. John of the Cross Roman Catholic Church 6890 Glen Erin Drive Mississauga Roman Catholic 1982 Yes No No
178 Tecumseh United Church 333 Lacasse Blvd. Tecumseh United Church 1967 Yes No No
179 Immanuel Christian Reformed Church 2264 Pitt Street Cornwall Christian Reformed Church - Yes No No
180 Central Gospel Temple/Iglesia Asembleas De Dios 240 Scott Street St. Catharines Pentecostal 1965 Yes No No
181 Toronto Full Gospel Church/Weston Road Pentecostal Church 3350 Weston Road Toronto Pentecostal 1981 Yes No No
182 Communauté de L'Ascension Roman Catholic Church 122 Lansdowne Road Hawkesbury Roman Catholic 1958 Yes No No
183 St. David and St. Patrick Anglican Church 520 Speedvale Avenue East Guelph Anglican 1967 Yes No No
184 St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church 160 Main Street Billings Anglican 1898 Yes No No
185 Erindale United Church 1444 Dundas Crescent Mississauga United Church 1963 Yes No No
186 First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa 30 Cleary Avenue Ottawa Canadian Unitarian Council 1967 Yes No No
187 City View United Church 6 Epworth Avenue Ottawa United Church 1960 Yes No No
188 Emmanuel United Church 691 Smyth Road Ottawa United Church 1984 Yes No No
189 Religious Society of Friends Meeting House Centre 214 Concession Street Kingston Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) - Yes No No
190 Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church 43 Meadowlands Drive West Ottawa Lutheran 1965 Yes No No
191 Church of the Transfiguration 316 7th Avenue Cochrane Roman Catholic - Yes No No
192 St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church 1025 Wallace Avenue North Perth Roman Catholic 1970 Yes No No
193 Temple Israel of Ottawa 1301 Prince of Wales Drive Ottawa Judaism - Reform 1975 Yes No No
194 Heart Lake United Church 85 Sandalwood Parkway East Brampton United Church 1965 No No No
195 Calvary Baptist Church 107 Main Street Ottawa Baptist 1915 Yes No No
196 Calvary Christian Reformed Church 3782 Russell Road Ottawa Christian Reformed Church 1970 No No No
197 Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Holy Cross 415 Victoria Avenue West Thunder Bay Ukrainian Catholic 1967 No No No
198 Emmanuel Baptist Church 100 McNaughton Avenue West Chatham-Kent Baptist 1960 Yes No No
199 Wellington Square United Church 2121 Caroline Street Burlington United Church 1965 Yes No No
200 St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church 196 Kenwood Avenue Burlington Roman Catholic 1974 Yes No No

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