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  Property name Street address Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 Victoria Hall (former Disciples of Christ Church) 27 Mosley Street Aurora Non-religious 1883 Yes Yes No
2 Aurora Naturopathic Clinic (former New Connexion Methodist Church) 16-18 Mosley Street Aurora Non-religious 1856 Yes Yes Yes
3 Former Nazrey African Methodist Episcopal Church 277 King Street Amherstburg Non-religious 1848 Yes Yes Yes
4 Consecon Branch Library (former Holy Trinity Anglican Church) 211 Mill Street (County Road 29) Prince Edward Non-religious 1847 Yes Yes No
5 St. Francis Centre (former St. Francis de Sales Roman Catholic Church) 78 Church Street South Ajax Non-religious 1869 Yes Yes Yes
6 Masonic Temple (former Methodist chapel) 45 Port Street West Mississauga Non-religious 1845 Yes Yes No
7 Paris Plains Church (former West Dumfries Wesleyan Chapel) 705 Paris Plains Road Brant Non-religious 1845 Yes Yes Yes
8 Rockingham Church 519 Rockingham Road Brudenell, Lyndoch and Raglan Non-religious 1875 Yes Yes Yes
9 Cambridge Arts Theatre (former First Delta Baptist Church) 47 Water Street South Cambridge Non-religious 1887 Yes Yes No
10 Prince Township Museum (former Prince United Church) 3054 Second Line West Prince Non-religious 1883 No Yes No
11 St. Matthew's Anglican Cathedral 18 Harvey Street Cambridge Non-religious 1893 Yes Yes No
12 10962 Hill Road (former St. John's Anglican Church) 10962 Hill Road Chatham-Kent Non-religious 1877 Yes Yes No
13 Wesleyan Methodist Church 25 Park Street Clarington Non-religious - No Yes No
14 Oro African Methodist Episcopal Church 1615 Line 3 North Oro-Medonte Non-religious 1849 Yes No Yes
15 Sharon Temple 18063 Leslie Street East Gwillimbury Non-religious 1825 Yes Yes Yes
16 Former Free Methodist Church 26557 Civic Centre Road Georgina Non-religious 1889 No Yes No
17 Former St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Broomfield Road (Lot 11, Concession 3) Alnwick/Haldimand Non-religious 1861 No Yes No
18 King Christian Church Part Lot 6, Concession 4, King Road King Non-religious 1851 Yes Yes Yes
19 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 13456 Dufferin Street King Non-religious 1848 Yes Yes Yes
20 Wilton Women's Institute (former Wilton Wesleyan Methodist Church) 251 Simmons Road Loyalist Non-religious 1873 No Yes No
21 Ferry Office and Stella Library (former Trinity United/Wesley Methodist Church) 5555 Front Road Loyalist Non-religious 1873 Yes Yes No
22 5961 Hurontario Street (former Britannia United Church) 5961 Hurontario Street Mississauga Non-religious 1843 Yes Yes No
23 Knox Hall (former Knox Presbyterian Church) 618 St. Lawrence Street Merrickville-Wolford Non-religious 1861 Yes Yes No
24 Norwich and District Museum (former Quaker Meeting House) 89 Stover Street Norwich Non-religious 1889 Yes Yes Yes
25 Norwich Gore United Church 89 Stover Street Norwich Non-religious 1861 No Yes No
26 Zion Primitive Methodist Church 1650 Finch Avenue East Toronto Non-religious 1873 Yes Yes Yes
27 Queenston Community Centre (former Queenston Baptist Church) 32 Queenston Street Niagara-on-the-Lake Non-religious 1842 Yes Yes Yes
28 Norval Johnson Heritage Centre (former R. Nathaniel Dett Chapel) 5674 Peer Street Niagara Falls Non-religious 1836 Yes Yes Yes
29 The Spa Ottawa (former Drummond Presbyterian Church) 27 Robertson Road Ottawa Non-religious 1898 Yes Yes No
30 St. Brigid’s Centre for the Arts and Humanities (former St. Brigid's Roman Catholic Church) 314 St. Patrick Street Ottawa Non-religious 1889 Yes Yes Yes
31 Altona Mennonite Church 5475 Sideline 30 Pickering Non-religious 1852 Yes Yes Yes
32 Prince Edward County Museum (former St. Mary Magdalene) Church and Union streets Prince Edward Non-religious 1823 Yes Yes No
33 269 Killaly Street West (former Reformed Mennonite Meeting House) 269 Killaly Street West Port Colborne Non-religious 1872 Yes Yes No
34 St. Raphael's Ruins King's Road (County Road 18) South Glengarry Non-religious 1815 Yes Yes Yes
35 Mount Tabor Playhouse (former Mount Tabor United Church) 2179 County Road 17 Prince Edward Non-religious 1865 Yes Yes Yes
36 St. Andrew’s Dew Drop Inn (former St. Andrew's Church) 272 Red River Road Thunder Bay Non-religious 1881 No No No
37 Former St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church 673164 Road 67 A (Sideroad 70) Grey Highlands Non-religious 1904 Yes No No
38 United Church Downtown Mission of Windsor (former Temple Baptist Church) 664 Victoria Avenue Windsor Non-religious 1924 Yes Yes No
39 Thessalon Union Public Library 234 Main Street Thessalon Non-religious 1900 No Yes No
40 Former Cober Dunkard Meeting House 8785 Dufferin Street Vaughan Non-religious 1888 Yes Yes No
41 Jewish Cultural Centre (former Carrville United Church) 910 Rutherford Road Vaughan Non-religious 1850 Yes No No
42 555 Talbot Road East (former Lighthouse Baptist Church) 555 Talbot Road East Leamington Non-religious 1875 Yes No No
43 490 Main Street (former Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) 490 Main Street Chatham-Kent Non-religious 1916 Yes No No
44 7846 Talbot Trail (former church) 7846 Talbot Trail Chatham-Kent Non-religious - Yes No No
45 18 King Street East (formerly Forest Baptist Church) 18 King Street East Lambton Shores Non-religious 1875 Yes No No
46 40 Main Street North (formerly St. Christopher's Roman Catholic Church) 40 Main Street North Lambton Shores Non-religious 1893 No No No
47 13 Centre Street (former Arkona United Church) 13 Centre Street Lambton Shores Non-religious 1910 Yes No No
48 Former Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church 1140 Lauzon Road Windsor Non-religious - Yes No No
49 38 5th Avenue 38 5th Avenue Huron East Non-religious 1939 Yes No No
50 Former St. Christopher's Roman Catholic Church 3335 Woodward Blvd. Windsor Non-religious 1953 No No No
51 Salford United Church 333747 Plank Line South-West Oxford Non-religious 1880 Yes No Yes
52 Private residence (former Wesley United Church) 24020 Highbury Avenue Middlesex Centre Non-religious 1952 Yes No No
53 Napanee Masonic Centre 83 Bridge Street Greater Napanee Non-religious 1861 Yes Yes No
54 13 Drayton Street 13 Drayton Street Norfolk Non-religious - Yes No No
55 2434 Stevensville Road 2434 Stevensville Road Fort Erie Non-religious - Yes No No
56 443 Havelock Street 443 Havelock Street Huron-Kinloss Non-religious 1873 No No No
57 8151 Canborough Road (former Baptist church) 8151 Canborough Road (Highway 3) Haldimand Non-religious 1895 Yes No No
58 6084 Talbot Road (former church) 6084 Talbot Road Haldimand Non-religious 1880 Yes No No
59 70 High Park Avenue (former Third Church of Christ the Scientist) 70 High Park Avenue Toronto Non-religious 1928 Yes Yes No
60 Toronto Heliconian Club (former Olivet Congregational Church) 35 Hazelton Avenue Toronto Non-religious 1876 Yes Yes Yes
61 Toronto Dance Theatre (formerly St. Enoch's Presbyterian Church) 80 Winchester Street Toronto Non-religious 1891 Yes Yes Yes
62 The Berkeley Church Heritage Event Venue (former Berkeley Street Wesleyan Methodist Church) 317 Queen Street East Toronto Non-religious 1871 Yes Yes No
63 Victoria Lofts (formerly Victoria-Royce Presbyterian Church) 152 Annette Street Toronto Non-religious 1890 Yes Yes No
64 Park Lofts (formerly Czechoslovak Baptist Church and Annette Street Baptist Church) 200 Annette Street Toronto Non-religious 1888 Yes Yes No
65 Bathurst Street Theatre (former Methodist church) 730 and 736 Bathurst Street Toronto Non-religious 1888 Yes Yes No
66 Cecil Street Community Centre (formerly Disciples of Christ Church) 58 Cecil Street Toronto Non-religious 1889 Yes Yes Yes
67 University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics (former Zion Congregational Church) 88 College Street Toronto Non-religious 1882 Yes Yes No
68 506 College Street (formerly Portuguese Seventh-Day Adventist Church and College Street Baptist Church) 506 College Street Toronto Non-religious 1888 Yes Yes No
69 Studio Theatre (former St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church) 4 Glen Morris Street Toronto Non-religious 1913 Yes Yes No
70 Club l'age d'or Sacre-Cœur (formerly First Church of Christian Association) 474 Ontario Street Toronto Non-religious 1905 Yes Yes No
71 126 Scollard Street (former Olivet Congregational Chapel) 126 Scollard Street Toronto Non-religious 1890 Yes Yes No
72 Toronto Public Library, St. Clements Branch (formerly Eglinton Presbyterian Church) 14 St. Clements Avenue Toronto Non-religious 1908 No Yes No
73 The Abbey (former Emmanuel Howard Park United Church) 384 Sunnyside Avenue Toronto Non-religious 1910 Yes Yes No
74 The Swanwick Historic Loft (formerly Emmanuel Presbyterian Church) 21 Swanwick Avenue Toronto Non-religious 1893 Yes Yes No
75 40 Westmoreland Avenue (formerly Church of St. Mary the Virgin and St. Cyprian) 40 Westmoreland Avenue Toronto Non-religious 1913 Yes Yes No
76 Knox United Church at Cumberland Heritage Village Museum 2940 Old Montreal Road Ottawa Non-religious 1904 Yes No Yes
77 Fifth Line Church 7239 Concession 6 Uxbridge Non-religious 1870 No Yes Yes
78 Our Lady of the Rosary Church (Holy Rosary) 2879 Riverside Drive East Windsor Non-religious 1907 Yes Yes No
79 508 John Street West (former St. John Roman Catholic Church) 508 John Street West Whitby Non-religious 1902 Yes Yes Yes
80 300 Mary Street West (formerly Methodist Meeting House) 300 Mary Street West Whitby Non-religious 1856 Yes Yes Yes
81 3303 Diamondview Road (former Diamond Methodist Church) 3303 Diamondview Road Ottawa Non-religious 1865 Yes Yes Yes
82 Wellington Community Historical Museum (former Quaker Meeting House) 290 Main Street Prince Edward Non-religious 1885 Yes Yes Yes
83 Marshville Heritage Village Museum (former Winger Tabernacle Church) Highway 3 and Park Street Wainfleet Non-religious - Yes Yes No
84 100 Huxley Street (former St. Augustine's Church) 100 Huxley Street Ottawa Non-religious 1901 Yes Yes No
85 Turner Chapel Antiques (former Turner Chapel) 37 Lakeshore Road West Oakville Non-religious 1890 Yes Yes No
86 840 Esdras Avenue (former Riverside Presbyterian Church) 840 Esdras Avenue Windsor Non-religious 1929 Yes Yes No
87 Hogarth Hermiston Severs, Barristers and Solicitors (former First Christian Science Church) 114 Giles Blvd. West Windsor Non-religious 1920 Yes Yes No
88 Former Church of the Good Shepherd 506 1st Street East Cornwall Non-religious 1893 No Yes No
89 Sue's Art Gallery (former Cornwall Baptist Church) 130 Sydney Street Cornwall Non-religious 1884 Yes Yes No
90 Melville White Church 15962 Mississauga Road Caledon Non-religious 1837 Yes Yes No
91 Brant Avenue Apartments (former Brant Avenue United Church) 137 Brant Avenue Brantford Non-religious - Yes Yes No
92 Dalhousie Church Lofts Inc. (former Calvary Baptist Church) 260 Dalhousie Street Brantford Non-religious 1895 Yes Yes No
93 Victoria Park Lofts (formerly Brant Community Church) 65 George Street Brantford Non-religious 1881 Yes Yes Yes
94 10 Lincoln Avenue (former First Presbyterian Church) 10 Lincoln Avenue Cambridge Non-religious 1850 No Yes No
95 9606 Queen Street (former Sacred Heart Church) Lot 4, Concession 9, 9606 Queen Street Hamilton Non-religious 1884 No No No
96 Golden Horseshoe Antique Society (former St. John's Anglican Church) 3 Front Street South Haldimand Non-religious 1845 Yes Yes Yes
97 139 King Street East (former Colborne Baptist Church) 139 King Street East Cramahe Non-religious 1882 No No No
98 Masonic Lodge (former St. Andrews United Church) 619 County Road 8 Elizabethtown-Kitley Non-religious 1875 Yes No Yes
99 Rocksprings United Church Highway 7 Elizabethtown-Kitley Non-religious 1886 No No Yes
100 Greenbush United Church Highway 7 Elizabethtown-Kitley Non-religious 1827 No No Yes
101 13546 County Road 24 (former Methodist Church) 13546 County Road 24 Trent Hills Non-religious - No No No
102 Stone Church Hastings 584 Vermuilyea Road Stirling-Rawdon Non-religious 1853 No No Yes
103 Former St. Mark's Anglican Church 120 Bay Street South Hamilton Non-religious 1878 Yes Yes Yes
104 Oxford County Library (former Broadview United Church) 539 Victoria Street Zorra Non-religious 1876 Yes Yes Yes
105 Oxford Early Years Centre (former Calvary Pentecostal Church) 24 Light Street Woodstock Non-religious 1885 No Yes No
106 Former St. Thomas Anglican Church Bay Street Non-religious 1860 Yes No No
107 The Fisherville Church Black Creek Pioneer Village, 1000 Murray Ross Parkway Toronto Non-religious 1856 No No Yes
108 Pioneer Church 29251 Uncle Tom's Road Chatham-Kent Non-religious 1850 Yes Yes Yes
109 Europa Antiques (former St. John's Anglican Church) 1523 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake Non-religious - Yes No No
110 Queenston Chapel (former Queenston United Church) 29 Queenston Street Niagara-on-the-Lake Non-religious 1862 Yes No Yes
111 Twenty Plenty Clothing & Swimwear (formerly Second Unionville Congregational Church) 150 Main Street Markham Non-religious 1879 Yes Yes No
112 Knights of Columbus Hall (former St. Mary's Church) 19 John Street Brampton Non-religious - No Yes No
113 326 Red River Road (former Pentacostal Church) 326 Red River Road Thunder Bay Non-religious 1950 No Yes No
114 Freeport United Brethren in Christ Church 10 Huron Road Kitchener Non-religious 1861 No No No
115 Former British Methodist Episcopalian Church 259 Park Row Woodstock Non-religious 1888 No No No
116 Former St. Stephen's Anglican Church 5205 Fourth Avenue Niagara Falls Non-religious 1922 Yes Yes No
117 Christ Church 13740 County Road 2, at Upper Canada Village South Dundas Non-religious 1837 No No No
118 The Wellington Street Theatre and the Kingston Arts Council (former Congregational church) 126 Wellington Street Kingston Non-religious 1864 Yes Yes No
119 3702 Highway 38 3702 Highway 38 Kingston Non-religious - No Yes No
120 Renaissance Event Venue (former Catholic Apostolic Church) 285 Queen Street Kingston Non-religious 1837 Yes Yes No
121 The Glebe Lofts (former Riverdale Presbyterian Church) 662 Pape Avenue Toronto Non-religious 1912 Yes No No
122 Deer Park United Church 129 St. Clair Avenue West Toronto Non-religious 1911 Yes Yes No
123 Academy of Montessori Brantford (formerly Echo Place United Church) 714 Colborne Street Brantford Non-religious 1955 Yes No No
124 Former Church of Our Lady of Fatima 525 Elinor Street Windsor Non-religious 1950 Yes No No
125 Stamford Green Heritage Columbarium (former Old St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church) 3394 Portage Road Niagara Falls Non-religious 1825 Yes Yes Yes
126 1 Reid Street 1 Reid Street Athens Non-religious - Yes No No
127 23 Young Road (former St. Paul's Anglican Church) 23 Young Road Ottawa Non-religious - Yes No No
128 Church Key Brewery (former Zion Methodist Church) 1678 County Road 38 Trent Hills Non-religious 1878 Yes No No
129 14 Nimkiibak Miikan 14 Nimkiibak Miikan Non-religious - Yes No Yes
130 Former church 5711 Highway 2 Tyendinaga Non-religious 1882 Yes No No
131 179 Secord Street 179 Secord Street Thunder Bay Non-religious 1890 Yes No No
132 The Church Restaurant 70 Brunswick Street Stratford Non-religious 1873 Yes No No
133 Former All Saints Anglican Church 403017 Concession 20 Georgian Bluffs Non-religious 1881 Yes No No
134 Former Wesleyan Church 332 Kettleby Road King Non-religious 1873 Yes No Yes
135 Red Church Gallery (formerly St. Michael and All Angels Anglican Church) 2191 Highway 620 Wollaston Non-religious 1885 Yes No No
136 14 Spring Street (former Free Methodist church) 14 Spring Street Westport Non-religious 1890 Yes No No
137 The Bruce Mines Museum 9227 Highway 17 Bruce Mines Non-religious 1894 Yes No No
138 St. James Vintage Lighting 635613 Highway 10 Mono Non-religious - Yes No No
139 65 Sheldrake Blvd. (former Eglinton United Church) 65 Sheldrake Blvd. Toronto Non-religious 1924 Yes No No
140 2 Bellefair Avenue (former Bellefair United Church) 2 Bellefair Avenue at Queen Street East Toronto Non-religious 1922 Yes No No
141 Former St. John's Anglican Church 1513 Mountain Grove Road Central Frontenac Non-religious 1941 Yes No No
142 7 Dafoe Street 7 Dafoe Street Uxbridge Non-religious 1881 Yes Yes Yes
143 Glebe Community Centre (former St. Paul Methodist Church) 175 Third Avenue Ottawa Non-religious 1914 Yes No No
144 Green Door Bed and Breakfast (former Brockville Pentecostal Tabernacle) 61 Buell Street Brockville Non-religious 1928 Yes No No
145 Former Prestonvale Baptist Church 1890 Drummond Concession 9A Drummond/North Elmsley Non-religious 1891 Yes No No
146 Stouffville Christian School 565 Uxbridge Pickering Townline Pickering Non-religious 1875 Yes Yes No
147 Leaskdale Church (former St. Paul's Presbyterian Church) 11850 Durham Road 1 Uxbridge Non-religious 1906 Yes Yes No
148 Knox Presbyterian Church 9313 Furnival Road West Elgin Non-religious 1852 Yes No No
149 Former St. Andrew's Church 13620 Weston Road King Non-religious 1860 Yes No No
150 1150 South Russell Road 1150 South Russell Road Russell Non-religious - Yes No No
151 283 St. Rose Street (former St. Ignatius of Antioch Church) 283 St. Rose Street Windsor Non-religious 1964 Yes No No
152 Former Carman Methodist Church 1764 Lakeshore Road West Mississauga Non-religious 1875 Yes Yes No
153 354 Highway 35 (former Victoria United Church) 354 Highway 35 Kawartha Lakes Non-religious 1867 Yes No Yes
154 12050 Graham Street (former Melody Fellowship Church) 12050 Graham Street West Elgin Non-religious 1900 Yes No No
155 199 Oak Street 199 Oak Street Bonnechere Valley Non-religious 1896 Yes No No
156 Former Evangelical Church Queens Line West Elgin Non-religious 1898 Yes No No
157 St. Aiden's Anglican Church 2060 Foresters Falls Whitewater Region Non-religious 1909 Yes No No
158 175 Jones Avenue (formerly Church of St. Clement) 175 Jones Avenue Toronto Non-religious 1913 Yes Yes No
159 96 Moore Street (former Alma College Chapel) 96 Moore Street St. Thomas Non-religious 1940 Yes Yes Yes
160 Duke Centre Retirement Home 28 Duke Street Woolwich Non-religious 1910 Yes No No
161 Melissa Kelly Dance Academy 222 Cedar Street South Timmins Non-religious 1956 Yes No No
162 Brooklin Community Centre (former Baptist Church) 45 Cassels Road East Whitby Non-religious 1876 Yes No No
163 Blenheim District Freedom Library and Museum 27 George Street Chatham-Kent Non-religious 1906 Yes No No
164 Christ Church Community Museum 62 Queen Street Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield Non-religious 1853 Yes Yes Yes
165 The Church Theatre (former Evangelical Church) 1376 King Street North Woolwich Non-religious 1910 Yes No No
166 Ya Ya Gallery 25 Sherbourne Street North Bancroft Non-religious 1893 Yes No No
167 729 Devonshire Avenue (former Berean Bible Church) 729 Devonshire Avenue Woodstock Non-religious 1965 Yes No No
168 710 Concession Road 3 710 Concession Road 3 East Hawkesbury Non-religious 1904 Yes No No
169 The Brick Church Bed & Breakfast (former Bible Christian Church) 8 Church Street Brock Non-religious 1869 Yes No No
170 8 Elm Street (former United Missionary Church) 8 Elm Street Aylmer Non-religious 1955 Yes No No
171 351 Wellington Street (former St. Luke's Anglican Church) 351 Wellington Street St. Thomas Non-religious - Yes No No
172 8144 Highway 93 (former St. Andrew's Presbyterian) 8144 Highway 93 Tiny Non-religious 1889 Yes No No
173 46 Currie Road (former Wallacetown Presbyterian Church) 46 Currie Road West Elgin Non-religious 1902 Yes No No
174 St. Mary's Family Learning Centre (former Giles Blvd. United Church) 795 Giles Blvd. East Windsor Non-religious 1915 Yes No No
175 Fendley's Flowers and Fudge Factory 371 Mapleview Drive West Barrie Non-religious - Yes No No
176 Southern Ontario Affordable Housing Inc. (former All Saints' Anglican Church) 25 Winniett Street Woodstock Non-religious 1953 Yes No No
177 J.P. Thomson Associates Ltd. Architects and Engineer (formerly St. Paul's Anglican Church) 1561 Ouellette Avenue Windsor Non-religious 1948 Yes Yes No
178 40-44 Flamboro Street 40-44 Flamboro Street Hamilton Non-religious 1914 Yes Yes No
179 Former Baptist Church 2183 King Road King Non-religious 1889 Yes No No
180 Former St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 372 Merritt Street St. Catharines Non-religious 1876 Yes No No
181 15 Old Church Road (former Laskay United Church) 15 Old Church Road King Non-religious 1904 No No Yes
182 1635 Greenway Drive (former Grace Anglican Church) 1635 Greenway Drive North Middlesex Non-religious 1908 Yes No No
183 Baha'i Centre 288 Bloor Street West Toronto Baha'i - Yes No No
184 Susan's Smile Centre (former Pottageville United Church) 4775 Lloydtown-Aurora Road King Non-religious 1881 Yes No Yes
185 Dundas Valley Montessori School 108 Park Street West Hamilton Non-religious 1866 Yes Yes No
186 Rehab Plus 181 Dale Avenue Timmins Non-religious - Yes No No
187 Expressions Dance Arts 40 Alma Street St. Thomas Non-religious 1891 Yes No No
188 Elgin County Area Youth for Christ 21 Edward Street St. Thomas Non-religious - Yes No No
189 Kensington Gallery 235 Kensington Avenue Hamilton Non-religious 1912 Yes No No
190 Sanctuary Lofts (formerly H.O.P.E. Centre and Dufferin Street Presbyterian Church) 1183 Dufferin Street Toronto Non-religious 1912 Yes Yes No
191 Riverwalk Montessori School (formerly Flamborough Centre Baptist Church) 271 Sixth Concession Road East Hamilton Non-religious 1861 Yes No No
192 Crow Lake Union Church 1878 Crow Lake Road Central Frontenac Non-religious 1920 Yes No No
193 Macpherson Church Lofts (former Century Baptist Church) 12 Macpherson Avenue Toronto Non-religious 1901 Yes No No
194 Dufferin Lodge 200 Highway 8 Hamilton Non-religious 1875 Yes Yes No
195 Former Ebenezer Primitive Methodist Chapel 7706 Creditview Road Brampton Non-religious - No Yes No
196 Marble Church Arts Centre (former Actinolite United Church) 13 Bridgewater Road Tweed Non-religious 1864 No No No
197 181 County Road 28 (formerly Christ Church Anglican) 181 County Road 28 Cavan-Monaghan Non-religious 1890 Yes No No
198 Toronto Southeast Presbytery (former Wilmar Heights United Church) 963 Pharmacy Avenue Toronto Non-religious 1960 Yes No No
199 Sheffield Meditation Centre (formerly Knox Presbyterian Church) 1278 Old Highway 8 Hamilton Non-religious 1891 Yes Yes No
200 The Prince William Room (formerly Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church) 1057 Oxford Street East London Non-religious 1951 Yes No No

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