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  Property name Street address Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 Mount Tabor Playhouse (former Mount Tabor United Church) 2179 County Road 17 Prince Edward Non-religious 1865 Yes Yes Yes
2 St. Paul's United Church Corner of George Street and Dibble Street West Prescott United Church 1855 Yes No No
3 Christian Education Centre (former Grace Methodist Church) 257 John Street North Arnprior United Church 1894 Yes No No
4 Pilgrim Holiness Church 2900 Princess Street Kingston Wesleyan Church 1975 Yes No No
5 Laurentian Wesleyan Church 529 McKay Avenue North Bay Wesleyan Church 1959 Yes No No
6 Wesleyan Methodist Church 78 Everett Street Belleville Wesleyan Church 1947 Yes No No
7 Highland Park Wesleyan Church 415 Kenwood Avenue Ottawa Wesleyan Church 1913 Yes No No
8 Wesleyan Community Church 507 Pitt Street Cornwall Wesleyan Church - Yes No No
9 Wesley United Church Highway 62 Prince Edward United Church 1877 Yes No No
10 Former Wesleyan Church 332 Kettleby Road King Non-religious 1873 Yes No Yes
11 Former Westbrook Wesleyan Church 3185 Princess Street Kingston Non-religious 1860 Yes No No
12 Bloomfield United Church 272 Main Street Prince Edward United Church 1881 Yes No No
13 St. Paul's United Church 3452 McBean Street Ottawa United Church 1901 Yes No No
14 Zion-Memorial United Church 37 Franklin Street Carleton Place United Church 1888 Yes No No
15 Iona Christian Fellowship Church 9075 Iona Road Dutton/Dunwich Christian and Missionary Alliance 1874 Yes No No
16 St. John's United Church 400 Prescott Street North Grenville United Church 1860 Yes No No
17 Erin United Church 115 Main Street Erin United Church 1871 Yes No No
18 Pickering Standard Church 3595 Brock Road Pickering Wesleyan Church 1890 Yes Yes No
19 Arnprior Wesleyan Church 192 Harrington Street Arnprior Wesleyan Church 1908 Yes No No
20 Wesley United Church Highway 21 United Church 1891 Yes No No
21 Standard Wesleyan Church 51 Palace Road Greater Napanee Wesleyan Church - Yes No No
22 The Wesleyan Church 18 Talbot Street Prince Edward Wesleyan Church 1970 Yes No No
23 Coldwater United Church 14 Harriet Street Severn United Church 1923 Yes No No
24 Wesley United Church 4253 Highway 21 Kincardine United Church 1876 Yes No No
25 Wesley Community Standard Church 210 Renfrew Street Pembroke Wesleyan Church - Yes No No
26 Wesleyan Church 537 Main Street North Dundas Wesleyan Church 1897 Yes No No
27 Trenton Wesleyan Church 125 Dixon Drive Quinte West Wesleyan Church 1964 Yes No No
28 Bethel Chapel 1172 Britannia Road Burlington Non-denominational Christian 1853 Yes Yes No
29 Dunrobin United Church 2701 Dunrobin Road Ottawa United Church - Yes No No
30 Canadian Red Cross (former Wesleyan Methodist Church) 262 Guelph Line Burlington Non-religious 1862 Yes Yes No
31 Ivanhoe Wesleyan Standard Church 11992 Highway 62 Centre Hastings Wesleyan Church - Yes No No
32 Harlowe Wesleyan Standard Church 4478 Henderson Road North Frontenac Wesleyan Church - Yes No No
33 Arden Wesleyan Church 1035 Queen Street Central Frontenac Wesleyan Church 1928 Yes No No
34 The Bridge – Kanata Wesleyan Church 285 Didsbury Road Ottawa Wesleyan Church 1985 Yes No No
35 Battersea United Church Wellington Street, west of Battersea Road South Frontenac United Church 1858 No No No
36 Former Ebenezer Primitive Methodist Chapel 7706 Creditview Road Brampton Non-religious - No Yes No
37 Faith Wesleyan Church 21170 Hurontario Street (Highway 10) Caledon Wesleyan Church 1980 No No No
38 Marble Church Arts Centre (former Actinolite United Church) 13 Bridgewater Road Tweed Non-religious 1864 No No No
39 Morrish Church Southern half of Lot 23, Concession 3 Elizabethtown-Kitley Non-religious 1865 No No No
40 Hastings Trinity United Church 3 Albert Street Trent Hills United Church 1863 No No No
41 12 Devil Lake Road (former Wesleyan Methodist Church) 12 Devil Lake Road South Bruce Wesleyan Church 1865 No No No
42 1 Cedar Mains Drive (former Shiloh Wesleyan Methodist Church) 1 Cedar Mains Drive Caledon Non-religious 1857 No Yes No
43 The Salem Church (former Wesleyan Methodist Church) Part Lot 6, Concession 6 Kawartha Lakes United Church 1870 No Yes No
44 Blackstock United Church 3483 Church Street Scugog United Church 1887 No No No
45 Richwood United Church 767417 Township Road 5 Blandford-Blenheim United Church 1861 No Yes No
46 Woodford United Church Highway 26 Owen Sound United Church - No No No

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