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  Property name Street address Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 Elmwood United Church 24 Grey Road 10 (Main Street) West Grey United Church 1878 Yes No No
2 Linden Park United Church 484 East 16th Street Hamilton United Church 1954 Yes No No
3 Highlands Christian Ministries 113 West Gore Street Stratford Evangelical 1900 Yes No No
4 Northside Community Church 55 Leonard Street Kitchener Associated Gospel 1957 Yes No No
5 Pelham Community Church (former Evangelical United Brethren Church) 455 Canboro Road Pelham United Church 1865 Yes No No
6 United Brethren Church 2536 Stevensville Road Fort Erie United Brethren Church in Canada - Yes No No
7 New Hope Community Church 48 Bloem Avenue Toronto United Brethren Church in Canada 1916 Yes No No
8 Shiloh Community Church 2228 Bruce Road 20 Kincardine Unknown 1902 Yes No No
9 United Brethren in Christ 46 Main Street Wilmot United Brethren Church in Canada 1958 Yes No No
10 Cassel Mennonite Church 696556 17th Line East Zorra-Tavistock Mennonite 1901 Yes No No
11 Bloomingdale United Church 860 Sawmill Road Woolwich United Church - No No No
12 Bridgeport United Church 40 Bridge Street West Kitchener United Church 1933 No No No
13 Olivet United Church 47 Onward Avenue Kitchener United Church 1935 No No No
14 Emmanuel United Church 22 Bridgeport Road West Waterloo United Church - No No No

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