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  Property name Street address Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 St. Andrew's United Church 6425 Main Street Lakeshore United Church 1915 Yes Yes No
2 First United Church 151 Lakeshore Road West Mississauga United Church 1894 Yes Yes Yes
3 Central Westside United Church 310 10th Street West Owen Sound United Church 1910 Yes Yes Yes
4 Knox Presbyterian Church 142 Ontario Street Stratford Presbyterian 1914 Yes Yes Yes
5 United Church Downtown Mission of Windsor (former Temple Baptist Church) 664 Victoria Avenue Windsor Non-religious 1924 Yes Yes No
6 Carleton Memorial United Church 740 Melfa Crescent Ottawa United Church 1954 Yes No No
7 Fourth Line United Church 19145 Erieau Road Chatham-Kent United Church 1928 Yes No No
8 Westminster Presbyterian Church 11 Church Street West Smiths Falls Presbyterian 1926 Yes No No
9 Heartland Community Church (former Wesley-Willis United Church) 52 Victoria Street Central Huron Evangelical Missionary Church 1929 Yes No No
10 St. Andrew's-Knox Presbyterian Church 203 Highland Avenue Fort Erie Presbyterian 1929 Yes No Yes
11 Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Roman Catholic Church 63 Lansdowne Avenue Norfolk Roman Catholic 1940 Yes No No
12 First Baptist Church 114 Broad Street East Haldimand Baptist - Yes No No
13 Hare Krishna Centre (former Church of the Covenant) 243 Avenue Road Toronto Other 1899 Yes Yes No
14 Christian Reform Church 4878 Jepson Street Niagara Falls Christian Reformed Church 1914 Yes No No
15 Islington United Church 25 Burnhamthorpe Road Toronto United Church 1940 Yes Yes No
16 St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church 274 Concord Avenue Toronto Lutheran 1929 Yes Yes No
17 Glenview Presbyterian Church 1 Glenview Avenue Toronto Presbyterian 1928 Yes Yes No
18 Our Lady of Lebanon 1515 Queen Street West Toronto Roman Catholic 1910 Yes Yes No
19 Metropolitan Community Church/Simpson Avenue United Church 115 Simpson Avenue Toronto Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) 1907 Yes Yes No
20 Chalmers United Church 15 Vansittart Avenue Woodstock United Church 1925 Yes Yes No
21 Lincoln Road United Church 659 Lincoln Avenue Windsor Islam 1914 Yes Yes No
22 Knox Presbyterian Church 11 Aberdeen Avenue Brantford Presbyterian 1910 Yes Yes No
23 Church of St. Augustine of Canterbury 1847 Bayview Avenue Toronto Anglican 1955 Yes No No
24 St. John's Anglican Church 23 Dover Street Norwich Anglican 1925 Yes No No
25 Timothy Eaton Memorial Church 230 St. Clair Avenue West Toronto United Church 1909 Yes Yes No
26 Chapel at Ridley College 2 Ridley Road St. Catharines Anglican 1921 Yes No No
27 Westminster United Church 115 George Street Zorra United Church 1938 Yes Yes No
28 St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church 51 Venison Street West Tillsonburg Roman Catholic 1931 Yes Yes No
29 The Canadian Martyrs' Shrine Highway 12 West, east of Midland Midland Roman Catholic 1925 Yes No Yes
30 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 143 Main Street North Markham Presbyterian 1926 Yes Yes No
31 St. Gertrude's Roman Catholic Church 690 King Street East Oshawa Roman Catholic 1940 Yes No No
32 Christ Church Deer Park 1570 Yonge Street Toronto Anglican 1922 Yes Yes No
33 Former St. Stephen's Anglican Church 5205 Fourth Avenue Niagara Falls Non-religious 1922 Yes Yes No
34 Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church 619 Sherbourne Street Toronto Lutheran 1951 Yes No No
35 Église du Sacré-Cœur 381 Sherbourne Street Toronto Roman Catholic 1936 Yes Yes Yes
36 Christ the King Roman Catholic Church 2930 Dominion Blvd. Windsor N/A 1925 Yes No No
37 Murray Street Baptist Church 175 Murray Street Peterborough Baptist 1911 Yes No No
38 Trinity College Chapel 6 Hoskin Avenue Toronto Anglican 1952 Yes Yes No
39 Leaside United Church 822 Millwood Road Toronto United Church 1940 Yes No No
40 Grace Church-on-the-Hill 300 Lonsdale Road Toronto Anglican 1912 Yes Yes No
41 Deer Park United Church 129 St. Clair Avenue West Toronto Non-religious 1911 Yes Yes No
42 Olivet United Church 47 Onward Avenue Kitchener United Church 1935 No No No
43 Calvary Memorial United Church 91 Gruhn Street Kitchener United Church 1921 Yes No No
44 First United Church 7 Curtis Street St. Thomas United Church 1950 Yes No No
45 Meaford United Church 7 Boucher Street East Meaford United Church 1908 Yes No No
46 Forest United Church 21 James Street North Lambton Shores United Church 1927 Yes No No
47 Church of St. Timothy 100 Old Orchard Grove Toronto Anglican 1950 Yes No No
48 Holy Name of Mary Roman Catholic Church 681 McEwan Avenue Windsor Roman Catholic 1926 Yes Yes Yes
49 St. Olave's Anglican Church 360 Windermere Avenue Toronto Anglican 1920 Yes No No
50 Calvary Church 746 Pape Avenue Toronto Evangelical 1929 Yes No No
51 Renfrew Presbyterian Church 460 Raglan Street South Renfrew Presbyterian 1930 Yes No No
52 First Hungarian Presbyterian Church 439 Vaughan Road Toronto Presbyterian 1947 Yes No No
53 All Saints Kingsway Anglican Church 2850 Bloor Street West Toronto Anglican 1947 Yes No No
54 Riverside United Church 881 Glidden Avenue Windsor United Church 1929 Yes Yes No
55 Dufferin Street Baptist Church 1219 Dufferin Street Toronto Baptist 1905 Yes Yes No
56 Westminster United Church 69 William Street Toronto United Church 1952 Yes No No
57 Wychwood-Davenport Presbyterian Church 155 Wychwood Avenue Toronto Presbyterian 1937 Yes Yes No
58 Our Lady of the Assumption Roman Catholic Church 2565 Bathurst Street Toronto Roman Catholic 1951 Yes No No
59 Holy Trinity Anglican Church 150 Sixth Avenue Cochrane Anglican 1947 Yes No No
60 Calvary Baptist Church 72 Main Street Toronto Baptist 1952 Yes No No
61 St. Clair Avenue Baptist Church 152 Wychwood Avenue Toronto Baptist 1924 Yes No No
62 Weston Park Baptist Church 1871 Weston Road Toronto Baptist 1947 Yes No No
63 High Park Korean United Church 260 High Park Avenue Toronto United Church 1908 Yes Yes No
64 St. John's Presbyterian Church 415 Broadview Avenue Toronto Presbyterian 1907 Yes Yes Yes
65 Grant African Methodist Episcopal Church 2029 Gerrard Street East Toronto African Methodist Episcopal Church 1926 Yes No Yes
66 Trinity United Church 290 Muskoka Road Gravenhurst United Church 1930 Yes No No
67 Rosedale Presbyterian Church 129 Mount Pleasant Drive Toronto Presbyterian 1909 Yes Yes No
68 Stouffville Baptist Church 6273 Main Street Whitchurch-Stouffville Baptist 1925 Yes No No
69 Kingston Road United Church 975 Kingston Road Toronto United Church 1927 Yes No No
70 2 Bellefair Avenue (former Bellefair United Church) 2 Bellefair Avenue at Queen Street East Toronto Non-religious 1922 Yes No No
71 St. John's Catholic Church 786 Kingston Road Toronto Roman Catholic 1931 Yes No No
72 St. Mary Star of the Sea Roman Catholic Church 11 Peter Street South Mississauga Roman Catholic 1952 Yes No No
73 Saint George Romanian Orthodox Church 247 Rosethorn Avenue Toronto Romanian Orthodox - Yes No No
74 Bridgeport United Church 40 Bridge Street West Kitchener United Church 1933 No No No
75 York Memorial Presbyterian Church 1695 Keele Street Toronto Presbyterian 1920 Yes No No
76 Lakeview Presbyterian Church 278 Camelot Street Thunder Bay Presbyterian 1927 Yes No No
77 The Church Lofts (former Centennial Japanese Church) 701 Dovercourt Road Toronto United Church 1906 Yes Yes No
78 St. Agnes' Roman Catholic Church 15 Grace Street Toronto Roman Catholic 1915 Yes No No
79 175 Jones Avenue (formerly Church of St. Clement) 175 Jones Avenue Toronto Non-religious 1913 Yes Yes No
80 96 Moore Street (former Alma College Chapel) 96 Moore Street St. Thomas Non-religious 1940 Yes Yes Yes
81 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 211 Brodie Street South Thunder Bay Presbyterian 1908 Yes Yes Yes
82 Knox United Church 1 Shuniah Street Thunder Bay United Church 1911 Yes No No
83 Farmer Memorial Baptist Church 293 South Kingsway Toronto Baptist 1925 Yes No No
84 Celestial Church of Christ 1401 King Street East Hamilton Church of Christ 1925 Yes No No
85 Church of the Transfiguration 111 Manor Road East Toronto Anglican 1921 Yes No No
86 Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church 202 Erie Street Stratford Lutheran 1908 Yes No No
87 Mersea United Church / Wheatley United Church 59 Talbot Street West Chatham-Kent United Church - Yes No No
88 All Nations Full Gospel Church 1209 Main Street East Hamilton Full Gospel 1929 Yes No No
89 Christ Church Anglican 155 Markham Road Toronto Anglican 1937 No No No
90 Benton Street Baptist Church 90 Benton Street Kitchener Baptist 1965 Yes Yes No
91 Christ the King 3674 Lakeshore Blvd. West Toronto Roman Catholic 1939 Yes No No
92 Southern Ontario Affordable Housing Inc. (former All Saints' Anglican Church) 25 Winniett Street Woodstock Non-religious 1953 Yes No No
93 Mountjoy United Church 202 Mountjoy Street South Timmins United Church 1941 Yes No No
94 Manor Road United Church 240 Manor Road East Toronto United Church 1922 Yes No No
95 Former Memorial United Church 105 Maple Street St. Catharines N/A 1943 Yes No No
96 Eastminster United Church 310 Danforth Avenue Toronto United Church 1914 Yes No No
97 Former Glebe Presbyterian Church 124 Belsize Drive Toronto N/A 1914 Yes No No
98 Delta United Church 47 Ottawa Street South Hamilton United Church 1930 Yes No No
99 Dentonia Park United Church 107 Dawes Street Toronto United Church 1924 No No No
100 Christ Lutheran Church 140 Russell Avenue St. Catharines Lutheran 1957 Yes No No
101 Hamilton Korean Presbyterian Church 200 Sanford Avenue North Hamilton Presbyterian 1927 Yes Yes No
102 Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church 291 Cosburn Avenue Toronto Roman Catholic 1928 No No No
103 Jesus is Alive Community 457 Ottawa Street North Hamilton Non-denominational 1915 Yes No No
104 St. Anne's Roman Catholic Church 268 East Avenue Kitchener Roman Catholic 1950 Yes No No
105 Glen Rhodes United Church/All Nation Christian Fellowship 1470 Gerrard Street East Toronto United Church 1926 Yes No No
106 Danforth Baptist Church 60 Bowden Street Toronto Baptist 1911 Yes No No
107 The Church of the Resurrection 1100 Woodbine Avenue Toronto Anglican - No No No
108 St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Church 640 Glenholme Avenue Toronto Roman Catholic 1926 Yes No No
109 Eglinton St. George United Church 35 Lytton Blvd. Toronto United Church 1924 No No No
110 Sanctuary Lofts (formerly H.O.P.E. Centre and Dufferin Street Presbyterian Church) 1183 Dufferin Street Toronto Non-religious 1912 Yes Yes No
111 Our Lady of Peace Roman Catholic Church 3914 Bloor Street West Toronto Roman Catholic 1953 Yes No No
112 Queen Street East Presbyterian Church 947 Queen Street East Toronto Presbyterian 1878 Yes No No
113 First United Church 16 William Street West Waterloo United Church 1930 Yes No No
114 St. Mark and Calvary Anglican Church 21 Blackthorn Avenue Toronto Anglican - No No No
115 Runnymede Presbyterian Church 680 Annette Street Toronto Presbyterian 1945 No No No
116 Onnuri Korean United Church 63 Dunblaine Avenue Toronto United Church 1949 Yes No No
117 Metamorphosis Greek Orthodox Church 40 Donlands Avenue Toronto Greek Orthodox 1950 Yes No No
118 Mount Dennis United Church 71 Guestville Avenue Toronto United Church 1916 Yes No No
119 Riverdale United Church 1117 Gerrard Street East Toronto United Church 1927 Yes No No
120 Runnymede Community Church 60 Colbeck Street Toronto Non-denominational 1924 Yes No No
121 St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church 4 Bellwoods Avenue Toronto Ukrainian Catholic 1909 Yes No No
122 Scott Street Mennonite Brethren Church 339 Scott Street St. Catharines Mennonite 1954 Yes No No
123 Olivet United Church 40 Empress Avenue Hamilton United Church 1949 Yes No No
124 St. Boniface Church 420 Aberdeen Avenue Hamilton Roman Catholic - Yes No No
125 St. Giles United Church 85 Holton Avenue South Hamilton United Church - Yes No No
126 Westdale United Church 99 North Oval Hamilton United Church 1930 Yes No No
127 St. David's Presbyterian Church 474 Wentworth Street North Hamilton Presbyterian - Yes No No
128 St. Peter's Anglican Church 705 Main Street Hamilton Anglican - Yes No No
129 Ryerson United Church 842 Main Street East Hamilton United Church 1914 Yes No No
130 Redeemer Lutheran Church 15 Wexford Avenue South Hamilton Lutheran 1928 Yes No No
131 Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church 194 Fourth Avenue Ottawa Roman Catholic 1931 Yes No No
132 St. Paul's United Church 29 Park Street West Hamilton United Church 1933 Yes Yes No
133 Melrose United Church 86 Homewood Avenue Hamilton United Church 1928 Yes No No
134 Parkdale United Church 429 Parkdale Avenue Ottawa United Church 1916 Yes No No
135 Eastview Baptist Church 329 Olmstead Street Ottawa Baptist 1924 Yes No No
136 St. Paul's Anglican Church 1140 King Street West Hamilton Anglican 1931 Yes No No
137 MacNeill Baptist Church 1145 King Street West Hamilton Baptist 1930 Yes No No
138 First Baptist Church Tillsonburg 101 Bidwell Street Tillsonburg Baptist 1949 Yes No No
139 St. Luke's Lutheran Church 14 Glendale Drive Tillsonburg Lutheran 1956 Yes No No
140 Christ Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church 18 Victoria Avenue South Hamilton Lutheran - Yes No No
141 Belarusan Autocephalous Orthodox Church 524 St. Clarens Avenue Toronto Other 1922 Yes No No
142 New Westminster Presbyterian Church 1025 King Street East Hamilton Presbyterian 1925 Yes No No
143 St. Stephen's Anglican Church 5280 Howard Avenue North Tecumseh Anglican 1913 Yes No No
144 St. Stanislaus Roman Catholic Church 78 Balsam Street Greater Sudbury Roman Catholic - Yes No No
145 St. David's Anglican Church 369 Thorold Road West Welland Anglican 1953 Yes No No
146 First Presbyterian Church 176 Elm Street Port Colborne Presbyterian 1909 Yes No No
147 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 3256 Main Street North Stormont Presbyterian 1945 Yes No No
148 Sveti Marko Croatian Catholic Church 140 Alder Street Greater Sudbury Roman Catholic - Yes No No
149 Knox Presbyterian Church 73 Larch Street Greater Sudbury Presbyterian 1927 Yes No No
150 Copper Cliff United Church 26 Park Street Greater Sudbury United Church - No No No
151 761 Community Development Corporation/Inspirations Studio 761 Queen Street West Toronto Non-religious 1920 Yes No No
152 Southminster United Church 15 Aylmer Avenue Ottawa United Church 1931 Yes No No
153 Holy Trinity Anglican Church 68 Renfrew Street Pembroke Anglican 1925 Yes No No
154 Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church 805 Albert Street West Grey Lutheran 1950 No No No
155 Emmanuel's Church of Windsor/Dayspring Church of Windsor 130 Giles Blvd. East Windsor Non-denominational Christian 1931 Yes No No
156 914 Main Street East (formerly Trinity Baptist Church) 914 Main Street East Hamilton Orthodox Church in America 1924 Yes No No
157 St. Matthew's Anglican Church 217 First Avenue Ottawa Anglican 1929 Yes No No
158 Peace Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church 83 Main Street Ottawa Lutheran 1958 Yes No No
159 St. Paul's Presbyterian Church 136 Cathcart Street Sault Ste. Marie Presbyterian 1920 Yes No No
160 Calvary Baptist Church 107 Main Street Ottawa Baptist 1915 Yes No No
161 East Plains United Church 375 Plains Road East Burlington United Church 1907 Yes Yes No
162 St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church 2016 Blairhorn Avenue Burlington Roman Catholic 1951 Yes No No
163 Home United Church 1500 Mayfield Road Brampton United Church 1926 Yes No No
164 New Life Seventh-Day Adventist Church 33 Olive Avenue Oshawa Seventh-Day Adventist Church 1930 Yes No No
165 St. Paul's United Church 42 Tragina Avenue North Hamilton United Church 1913 Yes No No
166 Central United Church 30 Delhi Street Port Colborne United Church 1927 Yes No No
167 Knox United Church 34 Market Street Georgina United Church 1957 Yes No No
168 St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church 3428 Portage Road Niagara Falls Anglican 1957 Yes No Yes
169 Holy Trinity Anglican Church 189 Main Street Lucan Biddulph Anglican 1908 Yes No No
170 St. John Bosco Roman Catholic Church 375 Main Street West Port Colborne Roman Catholic 1957 Yes No No
171 St. Philip the Apostle Church 1314 Oxford Street Oshawa Roman Catholic 1961 Yes Yes No
172 Northminster United Church 676 Simcoe Street North Oshawa United Church 1950 Yes No No
173 Hope United Church 2550 Danforth Avenue Toronto United Church 1930 No No No
174 St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church 142 Main Street East Southgate Roman Catholic - No No No
175 St. Casimir Roman Catholic Church 613 McKenzie Street Thunder Bay Roman Catholic 1953 Yes No No
176 St. Cornelius Roman Catholic Church 16631 Kennedy Road Caledon Roman Catholic 1886 No No No
177 Trinity United Church 76 Doulton Street London United Church 1927 Yes No No
178 Wesley United Church 130 Brodie Street North Thunder Bay United Church 1905 Yes Yes No
179 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 324 Victoria Street Fort Frances Presbyterian - Yes No No
180 Walkerville Evangelical Baptist Church 815 Windermere Road Windsor Baptist 1930 Yes No No
181 First Baptist Church Leamington 3 Fox Street Leamington Baptist 1922 Yes No No
182 United Brethren in Christ 46 Main Street Wilmot United Brethren Church in Canada 1958 Yes No No
183 Warwick United Church 7023 Egremont Road Warwick United Church 1939 Yes No No
184 Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church 373 Simcoe Street South Oshawa Roman Catholic 1967 Yes No No
185 St. Peter's Lutheran Church 200 Erie Street Port Colborne Lutheran 1961 Yes No No
186 St. John's Roman Catholic Church 85 Strange Street Kitchener Roman Catholic 1936 Yes No No
187 St. John's Anglican Church 567 Queenston Road Cambridge Anglican 1952 Yes No No
188 Our Lady of the Assumption Roman Catholic Church 133 Murray Street Brantford Roman Catholic 1954 Yes Yes No
189 Knox College Chapel 59 St. George Street Toronto Presbyterian 1912 Yes Yes No
190 Dunville First Baptist Church 114 Broad Street East (Highway 3) Haldimand Baptist 1890 Yes No No
191 Shenstone Memorial Baptist Church 25 St. George Street Brantford Baptist 1922 No No No
192 Kormos and Evans Law Office (former North Haven Church of God) 120 Thorold Road Welland Non-religious - Yes No No
193 St. Paul's Anglican Church 27 Orkney Street East Haldimand Anglican 1950 Yes No Yes
194 Elmwood Avenue Presbyterian Church 111 Elmwood Avenue London Presbyterian 1926 Yes No No
195 St. Mark's Evangelical Lutheran Church 825 King Street West Kitchener Lutheran 1913 Yes No No
196 Stirling Avenue Mennonite Church 57 Stirling Avenue North Kitchener Mennonite 1925 Yes No No
197 Most Holy Name of Jesus Roman Catholic Church 284 Trafalgar Road Pembroke Roman Catholic 1921 Yes No No
198 St. Mary's Anglican Church 16 Memorial Park Drive Powassan Anglican 1937 No No No
199 St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church 176 James Street Prescott Anglican 1860 Yes No Yes
200 Emmanuel United Church 62 Fifth Avenue Englehart United Church 1929 Yes No No

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